Filofax Update

I know, I know… I haven’t blogged a lot, lately. There is just so much going on in my life. Right now, I should be studying for my final oral exam next week but I just can’t get myself motivated. But how could I, regarding the fact that after almost 11 weeks, I still didn’t receive the grade for my MA thesis. It’s pretty ridiculous but there is nothing I can do about it. I can only wait and get more and more frustrated, everyday. So to not fully lose my mind, I do things that are fun, like filofaxing. Many of you know that I am a huge fan of stationery and since I bought my first Filofax in January, I’m buying another one, every month. And yes, I stuck to that. When you are a close reader of what I write, you know that I haven’t introduced you to my May and June finds, but I will get to that soon. And yes, I still find topics to use them for. So here is a little update on my collection. I constantly change and rearrange things to make them fit perfectly into my planning-life.

Filofax collection

1. Original A5 fluoro pink: This was my first baby and I use it as a colorful organizer for appointments, life happenings etc. At some point, I will show you some pages with all their decorations.

2. Temperley Ikat pink compact: This was my treat for finishing my MA thesis. I use it as a wallet and calendar for on the go. It’s a little bigger than normal wallets, but I love standing in line to pay for something, while holding it in my hand. And I always have dates, shopping lists etc. with me.

3. Domino personal deep pink: I have to admit, this one is my favorite. I love it a little more than the others, but don’t tell them. I haven’t introduced it yet, but I will catch up on that. I use it as my USA/Au pair organizer, since I’m heading to the States in September and there is A LOT that has to be planned.

4. Mode personal mint/pink: This is my June Filofax and I found it on Ebay. I have to admit, I was very disappointed when it arrived, because it was not in good condition and the seller did not post pictures of the damage. It had stains everywhere, which gladly, were removable for the most part. Now, I like it and I’m using it for coordinating my blog. (Or blogs, since I’m planning a second one)

5. Back to School compact red: I don’t know why they called it red but oh well. I use it for lists, although I have to reorganize them, since I moved some into their own themed Filofaxes.

6. Domino patent pocket hot pink: This little cutie holds all addresses, phone numbers etc.

So, about my updates. My main changes concern my A5 Filofax. In the beginning, I had included some motivational pages, consisting of a lot of quotes that I love. At some point, I decided to add monthly dividers to my organizer and therefore, I crafted some more of these. It was a lot of work, since I printed out tons of pictures that I found on Pinterest, glued them onto A5 pages; both sides of course. It was a long way, until I was done with all 12, but I love them and it was worth it. I’d love to have a wall like those pages in my room because I personally find them inspiring. Now, my Filofax is pretty full and I can’t fit much more into it. I also added some cards that came with an erasable pen. I use it for gifts I have to buy etc. I guess you always find stuff you can include. Journaling cards, postcards, pictures etc. You can find all the quotes I used on my Pinterest board:



Filofax tabs

Filofax Tabs


Furthermore, I added some charms to my organizers because I think it’s a lovely way to decorate them and make them even more unique. It’s what I love most about Filofaxes. You can do whatever you want and completely personalize them. I added an Alice in Wonderland charm + matching dashboard to my A5 (You can get both from Linkys: I added an owl to my Mode (also Linkys) because the dividers inside have owls on them, as well, which I will present to you in another post. Domino deep pink has an owl as well and domino patent has a little cupcake hanging on it.

Filofax Charm

Filofax Charm

Filofax Charm

Filofax Charms

So much for my updates. I will post a closer look at my new organizers soon and I will also get back to more blogging soon, as well. When I finally finish my masters degree, I’m finally free any until I’m leaving, I have a little more time. Until then, keep calm and decorate your Filofax.

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  1. wonderful…where do you buy these wonderful charms for your filofax? i neve found so nice! thanks so much :)

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