✓ Bucket List

publish a book
get my own apartment ✔
see the Backstreet Boys live in concert ✔
have someone write a song about me
become a god mother ✔
own every Disney movie on DVD
find one guy who isn’t a complete douchebag
reach my weight goal
swim with Dolphins ✔
visit every continent
find a real job ✔
see Beyoncé live in concert ✔
cross the Golden Gate Bridge ✔
plan a wedding (not for myself)
visit every state in the US
live in London
get a Master’s degree ✔
experience Christmastime in New York
 visit Disneyland California ✔
have my dream office/library ✔
get a tattoo ✔
visit Thailand
attend an award show
 see Rihanna live in concert ✔
go on a cruise
buy a Kate Spade or Moschino handbag ✔
have a treehouse
get a Ph.D.
visit Hawaii ✔
go skydiving
hang out with the Kardashians
party in Vegas
learn Dutch or Spanish
take a ride on a helicopter ✔
visit the home of Martin Luther King Jr. ✔
see Adele live in concert ✔
find my friendship soulmate ✔
learn to work a stripper pole
perform on a stage ✔
go snorkeling ✔
receive rainbow roses
live a happy life
visit Disneyland Paris ✔
see Taylor Swift live in concert
buy jewelery at Tiffany’s
go bunjee jumping
own a typewriter ✔
be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars
visit Disneyworld Florida
spend one day and night in a supermarket
live in the States ✔
read all the books I own
have my own paparazzi shot in a magazine
meet Jennifer Lawrence
own a pair of designer shoes
play hide and seek at IKEA
walk a red carpet
go to a drive-in movie
be the maid of honor in a wedding ✔
dance under the Eiffel Tower
kiss underwater
be photographed by a popular photographer
have a personal assistant
reach 1k Twitter followers ✔