Yes, yes, us bloggers have to deal with a lot of problems on a daily basis and although they may not seem serious to most people, I know that bloggers totally get me. I admit, none of this cannot be survived but it can be super frustrating, at times. And before you roll your eyes at us, think about all the #firstworldproblems you would put on a list because those aren’t life demolishing, either. If you have anything to add to this list, be my guest and leave a comment.


  • When you just can’t come up with the right picture to go with your post.
  • When you reached a follower goal but don’t want to say something because someone will unfollow, anyway.
  •  When you forget to schedule tweets.
  • When you’re really hungry but have to get the perfect picture of the dish first.
  •  When you’re phone or camera battery is running low.
  • When you just can’t seem to stick to your blogging schedule.
  • When you just have to check your phone, no matter who you’re hanging out with.
  • When you have to explain to your real-life friends how important it is to reach another follower milestone.
  • When you just can’t come up with something to write about.
  • When you suddenly spend a lot more money on make-up because you follow too many beauty bloggers on Snapchat.
  • When you feel bad for a just-promotion-tweets kind of day.
  • When you find inspiration but the situation doesn’t allow to write something down.
  • When you never win in a giveaway.
  • When you can’t attend fun blogger events because you live in the wrong country.
  • When you accidentally forget about your favorite blogger chats.
  • When you’re proud of a post but hardly anyone reads it.
  • When you receive spam comments like “great post …link…”
  • When you tag people in posts and they don’t even respond when you let them know on Twitter.
  • When you and somebody else have been following each other and then the person just unfollows you.
  • When you get an auto dm and ask yourself if anyone really checks out all the included links.
  • When you really have to pee but can’t go because you’re in the middle of a super fun blogger chat.
  • When you write something and technology fails before you get to save it.
  • When you need a lot more time than expected to write up a post.
  • When you don’t have a boyfriend who can take cute pictures of you.
  • When you post something on your blog, Instagram etc. outside of “prime-time” and your views and likes totally suck.
  • When your DA score goes down for no understandable reason.
  • When you have to edit 184792475 photos.
  • When you messed up the scheduling of a post.
  • When you realize that someone constantly likes your Insta photos but just doesn’t follow you back.
  • When you tell yourself that stats don’t matter but they bother you a whole lot, anyway.
  • When you read that someone wants to “be friends” on Twitter, Insta etc. but they only want followers without following back.
  • When you come across blogs that have like a million followers but they’re just poorly written.
  • When you publish a post and realize that you forgot something or have a typo.
  • When you can’t unwrap something because you have to take pictures first.
  • When you read someone’s post and it’s clear that there was no proof-reading, at all.
  • When you take 935438 pictures and they all suck.
  • When you read “could/would of” and just want to scream because it’s WRONG!
  • When you constantly forget to post on Instagram and Snapchat.
  • When you feel like nobody really cares about Facebook pages.
  • When you’re real-life friends don’t realize how much blogging means to you and they don’t really support you.
  • When you’re WI-FI just stops working.
  • When you accidentally publish an unfinished draft.
  • When you just don’t have time for blogging stuff.
  • When you took your blog photos and your place is a mess, afterward.
  • When you seem to be stuck with everything or at least feel like it.
  • When you have to keep yourself from correcting people’s grammar etc. because you don’t want to be that person.
  • When you can’t just meet up with your lovely blogger friends.
  • When you get emails from weird companies and they start spamming you.
  • When you really want to join a blogger chat but the topic just isn’t yours.
  • When you’re desperately trying to figure out how somebody would pay you to blog about travelling or Disneyland.
  • When you can’t come up with a good opening sentence.

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28 Responses to #BloggerProblems

  1. Nay says:

    Love this. I’ve only been blogging for a few months but can totally identify with lots of these!!

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  2. happywiseowl says:

    So many of these apply! Didn’t think I was a proper blogger but apparently I must be!!! Hehe!!!

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  3. They’re all so true!

    I can’t use products before I’ve taken pictures. Sometimes all the pictures I take of a certain item or my nails suck, but I settle for the least crappy one because I actually have to get on with my life.

    And I too get grammar rage when I read could of / would of (it doesn’t even make sense) or when people don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re. And no, people who speak English as a second or third language don’t make this mistake. It’s always those whose (and not who’s) first language is English. :(

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    • I knooooow. I so agree with you. It’s my 2nd language and sure, mistakes happen but would of??? That’s what happens when people start writing like they talk. It happens in my language (German), all the time. And to/too, of/off or life/live. Total pet-peeve. And it’s ok but once you see it somewhere in the correct way, you can remember. Like you gave me the who’s and whose example and I will totally remember that now and look out for it. There is always something to learn, after all. :) And the whole taking pics before using/eating something is sooo annoying but well, we just can’t help it. :D

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      • Pictures will always come first for a blogger. So you’re really, really hungry? Tough luck! :D

        Yeah, this grammar thing drives me nuts. Sure, mistakes happen, no problem at all. But if people really don’t grasp the basics of their first language, it’s sad really. The company I work for uses contractions (don’t, can’t, isn’t and the likes) for all public correspondence. I’ve been doing this for two years, and I hate it.

        I love to use contractions in my blog posts because I like the ‘sound’ of it when I proof-read my posts before publishing them. I just like to think people can read the post the way I’d tell them about a product. :) But about my workplace, I think the ‘plain English’ campaign will do more harm than good in the long run…


      • I feel like the importance of language is a worldwide dying phenomenon… :D

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      • I’m afraid you’re right. :(


  4. Lady Smee says:

    I can relate 100%!!! It’s so fun hanging out with you and talking about this stuff. I wish you all success in the world, girl, you certainly deserve it! :*

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    • You’re a doll and you know that I looove talking to you, too. We should talk on the phone or something soon. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me. You’re my rock!!! Nobody understands things like you do. :***

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  5. Rachel says:

    Have a husband but would have to ask my mum or 5 year old to take pictures of me. Because he thinks social media is stupid and a waste of time :-(

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  7. Emily says:

    I agree with all of these!

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  8. winterfox747 says:

    Pretty new to blogging but I can relate to so many of these, especially:
    When you accidentally publish an unfinished draft.

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  9. So amazing 😍✨😘💗🙈💘💖love your blog wish I was as good as you

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  11. bakhitah says:

    Totally agree to all most everything here, Infact everything. I am a new blogger and i can relate to some of issues here. I cant even leave a link here. Lol. Can you leave your email here for futher inquirey?


  12. Honey says:

    Although I’m a “light” blogger as I would say it and don’t take it too seriously, I got pretty annoyed reading some of these haha
    Editing photos is the worst thing ever! And writing promo tweets. Jesus. I’ll pay someone to do it (but I have no money haha) When you’re really proud of your post and nobody sees it/you get maybe one comment (from your friend).
    also, agreed, all blogging opportunities are in the USA or the UK haha


    • I’m pretty sure I could write a whole book about what annoys me about blogging. Two post are just not enough. But I also love it a lot of course. I recently started doing promo tweets again via Tweetdeck and it works really well. I just hate my Twitter feed now.


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