Blogtober – That’s A Wrap

OMG, I can’t believe that Blogtober is over and I actually managed to pull through. If I ever get an idea like this again, please stop me. It was one of the most exhausting months, ever. I really wanted to quit several times, but if I commit to something, I just can’t fail, no matter what it takes. I honestly don’t know how some people do this, all the time.


This is post number 31 and I feel really good about myself. I pretty much always had enough topics, but I was just often not motivated to write them. So there were some days, when I came up with something new, within minutes and went for it. I also recycled some that I deleted, ages ago, and I also went through my computer to find things I’ve written sometime. Throughout the whole month, I never really managed to get a few posts done in advance, which lead to me having to write almost every day. I posted pretty late on mosts days, but since there are many different time zones, it was actually not bad. And I only cheated twice, meaning that I posted past midnight (my time) and changed it, afterward.

What disappointed me a bit though, is the fact that I can’t say the views have rapidly increased. My posts were read 1077 times, which may sound small for bigger bloggers, but I’m kind of ok with it. But in the past years of blogging, I’ve had that happen before, with only posting a few times and it’s not like only ten people usually stop by, each month, either. I must admit, that I didn’t promote every single post a million times, but I still expected a few more views.

However, the engagement was much better. I received a lot more likes and comments than usual, gained some new followers and I highly appreciate all of it. I guess, I just have to post regularly and engage, but not hit that publish button, every single day. It’s definitely something I learned from this. And I honestly couldn’t go on, even if I wanted to. I just hope that I won’t go from 31 to 2 in November, but the fact that I pulled this off definitely motivates me to get my shit together and publish a few posts, each week.

In case you want to read everything I wrote for Blogtober, here you go:

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10 Responses to Blogtober – That’s A Wrap

  1. cerazey says:

    Hi Hailey,

    (I wrote such a nice comment the first time I tried this then something had a shit fit and so this is #taketwo)….

    Anyway… I stumbled across your blog on this interwebs a couple days ago and I must be honest, I thought „eh, this looks different to what I usually read, lemme give it a lil look-see“.. and ye NAILED it! I love reading what you have written because you’re a real person and you write to real people.

    The one about your favourite quote made me feel like you were writing to me personally. Loved it! I also like that your posts popped up often in my inbox, although I get it, writing everyday must be quite the mission (Don’t hurt yourself).

    So here’s some ramblings from a crazy person: Keep up the good work!….

    I hope this made your day a little better 😀


    • OH MY GOD, WOW. I don’t even have words for how happy your comment makes me. This is seriously the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time and it motivates me so much. The biggest compliment is honestly if someone calls you real, cause it’s something that is super important to me. I could never pretend to be someone I’m not.

      I will definitely try to be as consistent as possible with the blog, but daily is just too much. It was so hard to pull through. But I definitely don’t want to slack off again.

      Is there any way, we can connect more? Do you write? Are you on social media or something? I always love getting to know new and friendly people.

      Thanks again so much! xx :)

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      • cerazey says:

        That’s sweet of you to reach out. I’m thinking of jumping on the blog ban-wagon.. Wanna talk me out of it? Hahaha…I’ll drop you an email :)


      • Haha, nope. But I will totally encourage you to go for it! :)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Cerazey says:

        I sent the email.. I don’t wanna sound needy/clingy… but didya gettit?


      • OMG, you don’t sound like that all. I should’ve warned you that I may fall off the wagon a bit after Blogtober. I’m replying to all the November comments just now. I’m terrible. Expecially with emails. But I did get it and loved it and put it on my to-do-list to just write back. It’s just been a terrible month. Work crushed me and I felt so low, most days, my mom is in physical reahab again and my new god son was born, which is lovely, but I try to be involved as much as possible.

        In case you’re on Twitter, that’s definitely what I use the most and communicate most through. Did you think more about starting a blog? Gonna check your profile rigth now and see, if you did. You should, it’s so much fun. :)

        Again, sorry for being super anti-social for a month. It happens, from time to time! xx


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  3. Honey says:

    I’m so proud of you for doing this! I wrote 3 times a week last Blogmas and it really was exhausting even though it’s just 1 more than what I usually write. This seems SO time consuming and stressful too… I’m honestly so impressed (where’s the heart eyes emoji when you need it??)
    It sucks though that your views haven’t gone up when you put so much time into this, but I’m glad readers engaged more, you had great topics!
    p.s. 1000 views in a month or? that still sounds a lot to me! high five small bloggers :D


    • Thanks, babe. (Wait, what was the word you hated? Was it Bae? I forgot. Damnit! :D) But look what happened? I pretty much fell off the radar after I did Blogtober. That shit was exhausting. :D

      1000 views are definitely amazing, but when you write 31 posts, I did expect a bit more. But I also suck at promotion and now, I’m totally slacking off in all areas again. :D I always aim for like 3 a week, but I don’t know. My motivation is somewhere on the beach, drinking cocktails. I do want to keep going with the new scrapbooking series though. :)


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