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What would a world be without media? I couldn’t survive without music, TV, movies or books. Sometimes, I like to review a movie, show or book or share some favorites. All of that can be found here.

All the Books I Want to Read

Every year, I plan on reading lots and lots of books and every year for quite a while now, I’ve failed cause I just didn’t take the time to calm down and dive into all the wonderful stories that are … Continue reading

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Yes, it was that time of year again. That time, when everyone – ok, maybe not everyone – is looking forward to cheesy music, crazy performances and lots of glitter from the crème de la crème of Europe and some … Continue reading

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Back to Books

I really don’t know how exactly it happened that I don’t read anymore. I love books. I’ve always loved books and I own around 800 of them. For the past two years, I think, I’ve read like zero, which is … Continue reading

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My Favorite Halloween Movies

Yeah, I know that a million people are writing this kind of post this month, but whatever. I really want to share my favorite Halloween movies, cause they’re great. Since I can be so basic sometimes, they probably won’t be … Continue reading

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Everything I Love About Blair Waldorf

I am currently re-watching Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf is still my absolute favorite character. Sure, she is highly flawed, but I still adore her and I do catch myself thinking “What would Blair Waldorf do?” when I’m faced with … Continue reading

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