About Hailey

San Francisco

I am a 35 year old undateable girl who is trying her hardest to figure out the world. And herself. And men. This blog is my personal therapy session. I’m a very honest and personal writer because I have nothing to hide and I like to share my thoughts and stories with other people. When I’m not writing, I love to obsess over everything Disney, binge-watch whatever the market has to offer and create new memories with lovely people. Also, my head is stuck in the 90s.

Lots of love,
Hailey Jade Ryan

undateable. snapshot. lover. princess. pink. wonderland. charming. chaotic. little miss sunshine. one of a kind. dreamy. out of her mind. always busy. Master of Arts. bubbly. creative. spoiled. doll. exciting. killer. bookworm. fantasy. a rollercoaster ride. fabulous. textbook definition of a rebel. notorious. singstar. tempted. little miss vixen. passionate. proud. devious. adored. the girl with the worst attention span. irresistible. your sweetest dream or your worst nightmare. dreamcatcher. #singlegirlproblems. rawr. compulsive lister. narcissistic. ambitious. confident. open-minded. fashion victim. bold. shopaholic. talkative. traveller. fun. I don’t do mornings. dancing queen. Disney fanatic. bibliophile. writer. loyal. godmother. real. model. curious. addicted to stationery. emotional. fighter. music lover. 90s babe. collector. friend. always myself. ocd. sarcastic. loyal. crazy. adventurous. bold. ironic. hated. TV junkie. educated. picky. #bosslady. feminist. sweet tooth. hot. explosive. me.

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4 Responses to About Hailey

  1. undateable? impossible. you’re too remarkable.


  2. Semiha :) says:

    Der süßeste blog den ich je gelesen habe. So lovely and hardwarming ❤️❤️❤️


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