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Scrapbooking 101: My Essentials

Scrapbooking is one of my absolute favorite things to do and I especially love the end results. Whenever I finish a page, I am super proud of it and I truly cherish every memory that my albums contain. But in … Continue reading

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10 Dates I Would Like To Go On

I’ve been single forever and I just can’t seem to find someone I’d be interested in going on a date with. I don’t think, I’ve ever been on a real date, at all. For me, that means with someone I … Continue reading

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Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

Throughout life, you meet all kinds of different people. Some just come and go, but some leave footprints on your heart forever. The problem is that as you grow up, people change. Two people can be incredibly close, but they … Continue reading

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My Favorite Quote

There are many inspirational things people have said, which are great mantras to live by. It doesn’t matter who said them – famous or not – if it is something that touches you, make sure it stays with you. We … Continue reading

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Everything I Love About Blair Waldorf

I am currently re-watching Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf is still my absolute favorite character. Sure, she is highly flawed, but I still adore her and I do catch myself thinking “What would Blair Waldorf do?” when I’m faced with … Continue reading

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