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I consider myself to be undateable and of course I like to write about it. So, I write about love, heartbreak, experiences I’ve made in my life and more. I am very open about my non-existing love life and I can definitely laugh about it more than cry.

“So, have you met anyone lately?”

Once in a while, people ask me if I’ve met anyone lately, and it’s one of those questions that makes me want to roll my eyes. It’s mostly people I haven’t spoken to for some time, but I always have … Continue reading

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Tinder Diaries: The One That Got Away

I admit, the title sounds a little more dramatic than it actually is but now that I have your attention, here we go. The fact that this story is based on a match that happened over a year ago does … Continue reading

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My Saturday Night Tinder Swipe

I honestly can’t really tell you why the hell I’m still on Tinder, because it’s kinda pointless. However, it’s still a source of entertainment. So I did a big swiping session on Saturday night, when there was a big event … Continue reading

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10 Dates I Would Like To Go On

I’ve been single forever and I just can’t seem to find someone I’d be interested in going on a date with. I don’t think, I’ve ever been on a real date, at all. For me, that means with someone I … Continue reading

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One New Message

Quick question: Do all women have this thing, where they freak out, when they finally get this ONE text message? I mean, it’s always the same little game. Often, us women, us super independent women, feel like the guy should … Continue reading

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