10 Dates I Would Like To Go On

I’ve been single forever and I just can’t seem to find someone I’d be interested in going on a date with. I don’t think, I’ve ever been on a real date, at all. For me, that means with someone I don’t really know yet and where it is perfectly clear that it’s an actual date and not just two friends, who may or may not have something going on. I’m sure, it will happen, someday. But it’s just super hard to impress me, cause I get bored, really fast.

So don’t even think about taking me out to a movie or dinner. I want to get to know you and not sit awkwardly next to you for two hours, without talking or not knowing what to do with my hands. And I don’t really like to go out eating. I do it occasionally because my friends like to, but if I can somehow avoid it, I do. And it’s just the least creative thing, ever.

Therefore, I thought of some dates, I would absolutely love to go on. If I meet you and anything from this list would be your suggestion, you would have already done something very right. Too bad, my Tinder profile doesn’t include my blog, but I need to know how creative and dedicated the boys are on their own, anyway. And in case you think these are a bit over the top and maybe too expensive, I really don’t think that guys have to pay. I just want to see some effort.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

01. Amusement Park
This is literally my absolute dream date. I mean, while we’re discussing this idea, it might as well be Disneyland. Could you imagine? This would just be the best thing ever. And he would get to know me with all my craziness, right away. He can either handle it or not. But I guess any amusement park will do. It’s just fun, you have time to talk, but it probably won’t be awkward, cause you go on rides, hopefully laugh a lot and it would just be great.

02. Ice Skating
Let’s just go and be clumsy together. We can hold hands and it would just come naturally. Just use each other as the training penguins. It’s a nice way to let go and just have fun. Anything that make you feel a bit like kids, is good. I’m sure of it.

03. Zoo or Aquarium
I just really want to go somewhere, where you move around, look at things and if you have a moment, where you don’t have anything to say, just talk about what’s in front of you. And since these places are usually crowded, just find a bench and do some people watching. If we can properly gossip together, about people we don’t know shit about (don’t judge me, we all do it), it’s a good sign.

04. A spontaneous trip to another country
Honestly, why not?! Maybe on like the third date, after making sure he’s not a serial killer. But what better way to get to know each other, than on holiday?! I know so many couples, who were all good, but couldn’t get through a holiday without constant fighting and eventually breaking up. It’s just a whole different situation from your everyday life, so it does make sense to find out, if you’re compatible on vacation or not. I always want to do and see a lot of things, so if you’re not culturally interested one bit, it’s not gonna go anywhere.

05, Game Night
I love playing board games, but I hardly ever have someone to play with. Or how about some old-school video games? I mean, If he would want to play FIFA all night, I’d be gone in a second, but some good old-fashioned Super Mario or something similar would be amazing. I definitely see myself with someone, who appreciates the 90s.

06. Sing karaoke
If he would whip out an old PlayStation with SingStar, I’d be over the moon. A karaoke bar would also be fun, but maybe with some more people. Let’s just merge cliques, right away.

07. Take a dance class
I’ve been wanting to do this forever, but I don’t want to get paired up with just some random person. Imagine, if he actually had some moves. I’d truly be over the moon. And yes, I know that I’m probably asking too much here, but a girl can dream, right?

08. Bowling, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Paintball etc.
These are all activities that would be absolute fun on a first date. You can have a friendly competition – no, I will not let you win to stoke your ego – laugh about being terrible at it and I assume that these are good ideas to prevent awkwardness. And he could see right away what a clumsy goofball I can be, who just doesn’t take herself too seriously. He’ll either like it, or not.

09. A night beneath the stars
I’m thinking about a beautiful clear sky night, where you do some star gazing and just talk until the sun comes up. No moves or anything, just being with each other, without it immediately having to be about sex. And you know, cozy blankets, some tea and all.

10. Go to a fair or a boardwalk
Fairs and boardwalks are great fun. Just walking around together, have a ride on the ferris wheel, get some cotton candy or other unhealthy snacks, try and shoot some plastic flowers or win a stuffed animal.

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14 Responses to 10 Dates I Would Like To Go On

  1. Aww the 10 date ideas are so cute! I know for sure you’d have fun going to an amusement park together😍 boardwalks are also fun because you get to have more quality time talking getting to know each other💜


  2. Honey says:

    shit, and I wanted to take you out to dinner.. >.<

    23-year-old here, still single, still haven't had one date. to my future boyfriend-read Hailey's list please. First 3 and last 2 are what I want exactly!

    xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram


  3. shalycee says:

    I’m hoping that you finally get the date you’re looking for. I do however think it should be more about the person than what’s going on at the actual date. I LOVE zoo dates too. That was a great one!


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  5. Love these! Not too complicated and all fun. The food options are definitely my favourite!!

    Jade | http://www.missjadew.co.uk


    • Thank you! But, what food options? Sorry, I’m confused, cause I’m sure, I listed none and I specifically wrote that going out for dinner is absolutely not my thing?! But thanks for stopping by. xx


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  7. Okay, yes to all of these! If I ever meet someone I am interested can I just link them back to this post?! haha! Also, I would be 100% keen for going on a friend date to Disneyland! I mean any amusement park would be fine but like Disneyland would be at the top of the list haha!


    • Haha, please do. Kristina said the same thing. :) I should just post the link in my Tinder bio, but I don’t want guys creeping on my blog. :D Yeah, I definitely go on friend dates to the amusement park etc. but it would me nice to go with a special someone, once in a while. :)


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