Goodbye January 2019

Goodbye January,

and hello February – the month I turn 31. Man, I never cared less about my birthday than this year. But I will have a week off, so that’s good. I intend to have a great time, which is what I’m overall hoping for in 2019. Therefore, I’m trying to make plans for every weekend and so far, it’s actually going really well. There are certainly easier things than to motivate myself, but usually, it’s worth it. There was only one weekend I skipped, cause I had a nasty cold and didn’t feel very well.

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I started the month with finally going to the movies again. It’s been ages. I watched Mary Poppins with one of my girls and went for some drinks (it’s weird calling it that, since all I drink is water) afterward to catch up on life. Even though it’s pretty much a sequel, I really enjoyed it. That woman is just a fantastic character. I really need to get back to doing this more often, cause there are always great movies I would like to watch.

I guess the highlight of the month was visiting my best friend for a weekend. The thing is, we could do a million things, cause she lives in a city, but we prefer not to. I literally drive 1,5 hours to do the exact same things I would do at home. But it’s nicer to do it together. It includes a lot of relaxing, hanging around on the sofa and talking, laughing, watching TV and gossiping about the people on the shows, while of course looking our absolute worst. I love it. And we always pick up my favorite food, because no restaurant has pad thai where I live. The plan now is to see each other once a month, which is totally doable, if we make an effort. But I’m sure the next few months are pretty safe. We also finally managed to book flights to Portugal, which I am super excited for. We’re going in April and I can’t wait.

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And finally, it was time for another swap party. I totally live for those. Everyone just brings a ton of stuff they don’t need and whomever wants it, get’s it. It’s just a fun way to get rid of things and also find new stuff. Ideally, you don’t bring home more than you gave away. In order to bring as many things as possible, I went through so many boxes and found really cool things I totally forgot about. I managed to declutter a bit and I’m constantly working on getting more and more organized. I still have a million things, but I can’t just throw everything away, so I’m always hoping to find people, who find use in what I don’t need anymore. Swap parties are also perfect for getting rid of weird Christmas or birthday presents.

I know that this doesn’t sound like much, but for me, it actually was. Of course, I also visited my bestie and my god son, but unfortunately only once, cause I was busy and also sick. That doesn’t work too well with a baby. But this month, we’re going to spend more time together. They just grow up too fast and I don’t want to miss anything. My week off will be good for us. I hope that the weather doesn’t go all crazy again. I’m 100% over winter. It brings me into a bad mood and too much snow always leads to problems. Go away!

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And that was my January. Aside from being sick for a week, it was good and I’m looking forward to more. More fun, more laughs, more quality time with my favorite people.

Declutter your life. Laugh more often. Find a new tea you love and get absolutely addicted to it. Motivate yourself to make plans on a regular basis. Stay in and get cozy on a snowy day. Cuddle an animal. Watch old 90s shows, cause they’re better than anything. Plan something that you can look forward to, like a fun trip or a concert. Enjoy February.

Tons of love,

Verschneites Montabaur

Lovely life
Taylor Swift’s Netflix special when people guess I’m a lot younger than I am Mary Poppins trash TV YOU getting some American food delivered that I really missed working from home a lot catching up with friends swap parties when your body warms up after being cold planning trips booked flights to Portugal a good pad thai waffles surprise mail red velvet cupcakes spending time with my besties cute pajamas Chinese food Lucky Charms organizing your stuff

Songs I loved
Little Mix – Think About Us
Backstreet Boys – No Place
Ariana Grande – 7 Rings

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Scrapbooking 101: Things to Collect

I would like to begin with stating that I’m not an obsessive collector. I may have slight tendencies, but it’s fine. It actually makes me the perfect scrapbooker, because I just bring everything home that could possibly be needed. Ok, maybe I am a bit obsessive with that, but whatever. Gladly, the people I do things with understand and don’t even try to throw things away without consulting me first.

There are just so many great things you can take home and convert into beautiful pages full of memories. I mean, if you take only photos, it’s a photo album, but an actual scrapbook does need a bit more. Obviously you don’t need to save absolutely everything from a special occasion, but it also doesn’t hurt. So here comes a list with everything I take home. I recommend bringing something that holds everything.

Souvenirs from Copenhagen

Souvenirs from Copenhagen

Tickets: So I guess the obvious thing to keep are tickets. And I keep all of them. Therefore, I hate when places don’t give you proper tickets or you have to print them out yourself. Also, those places that rip them? Absolutely horrible. Like, what even is the point of this? But the worst places are the ones that want to keep your ticket. I mean, what the hell do they do with them? Probably collect them and then throw them out, anyway. So I’m always the person asking to keep them and not having a care in the world, how they’re gonna make that happen. I’m usually successful. I keep plane tickets, concert tickets, entry tickets to museums or any other place I visit, ride tickets, transportation tickets, movie tickets etc. You get the point.

Cards: All the cards you can find, take them home. I definitely like collecting business cards from people I meet or places I visit. I also keep old ID’s or insurance cards, membership cards and whatever else there is. And I’ve always had a thing for postcards. I have a big box full of them and they’re all so pretty. Some, I also add to my scrapbooks because sometimes, they’re just prettier than a photo, when you just didn’t get the best shot.

Maps: In most cities, you will find a tourist information that will give out free maps of the city. If they cost a bit, I usually still go for it, because I think it’s a really pretty background for a scrapbook page. Or I just cut out the places I went to. Same goes for amusement parks or other venues that provide you with maps.

Stickers: I’ve mentioned before that I always try to buy matching stickers of the places I visit. No matter if it’s a country or a concert – if there are stickers, I will buy them. But it goes further than that. A lot of stores – ok, I admit, mostly those who sell toys for kids – have stickers next to the cash registers. You should definitely pay attention to that. And then I just ask for one and usually, they will gladly give you a handful. I’m always successful at the Disney Store, but I usually spend so much money that they just give me everything they can give out for free. But also museums etc. sometimes work with stickers. If I see a person with a sticker and I didn’t get one, I definitely hunt one down. Always. And then there are sometimes stickers on packaging or on your passport. I keep them all.

Souvenirs from London

Souvenirs from London

Special Photos: I definitely print out a lot of pictures for my scrapbook pages, but I also try to get special ones. For example, if I see a photo booth, you can bet I will drag whomever is with me into it. Then some places take photos of you and try to sell them for a million dollars. The thing is, I only buy them, if they’re truly amazing. If you’re sneaky like me and you somehow find the photo code, take a quick photo and find them online – a lot of places work with that. Unfortunately, I’ve also been given wrong codes by accident, which is annoying, but oh well. Just keep an eye out. You can also take some photos with an instant camera, if you have one. I just like when there are a whole lot of different layers, materials etc. on one of my pages.

Money: If I’m in a country that has a different currency than where I am from, I try to keep some of the money to add to the book. Usually a few coins or so. Another thing I do pretty much everywhere is getting pennies pressed. For that, I always try to have some shiny ones in my wallet and just in general enough change. I don’t always manage, but you can bet I will find someone who will trade coins for a bill. It’s just a super cute keepsake that doesn’t cost a fortune. Another thing you can sometimes find is some sort of fake money or just specially printed coins. I think they’re mostly popular in amusement parks, zoos or similar places, though. Yes, I go and buy them.

Shopping Remnants: No matter what and where I shop, I just keep everything that comes with the product. I keep the tag, the receipt, the bag, if it’s pretty and sometimes, even the packaging. I mean, it sure has to look somehow special, but before I determine that, I take it all home and actually use a lot of it. Also if something is wrapped in some kind of paper, I’m keeping that as well.

Souvenirs from Barcelona

Souvenirs from Barcelona

Documents: Yes, sometimes, you have documents. For travelling, information from the hotel or maybe air bnb. You could have a timetable of some sort, booking confirmations etc. Especially with bigger trips, there could be a lot of documents. I’m sure you can figure out something to do with them.

Other: Well, I’m just gonna put everything else into one category because otherwise, this is getting out of hand. Some other things I like to use for scrapbooking are stamps, wristbands that confirmed your entry to something, napkins (yes, you read that right), luggage tags, notes and maybe even dried flowers or something like that. Flyers, some pages from those note pads they often have at hotels and if there is confetti coming down at a concert, you can definitely see me scraping it off the floor and putting it in my pocket. Also take home a menu from places you ate and cut out the dish you had.

Please don’t judge me. But I really do feel like the more stuff you collect, the prettier the page will be. And don’t feel weird about it. All these things are memories. And the best thing is that they actually don’t cost a lot, but the happiness they will bring you when you see them nicely put together, makes the feeling of awkwardness disappear.

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Happy Martin Luther King Day – Inspiring Quotes by Dr. King

Today, we celebrate the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man, who was a central figure in ther Civil Rights Movement and a leading advocate of non-violence. In 1964, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as the youngest man and first black person to ever receive this honor.

Martin Luther Kink Jr. Statue Birmingham

He is also one of my personal heroes. When I get asked who I would like to have dinner with, no matter if the person is alive or dead, he is always one of my answers. I imagine having a talk with him would be truly inspiring. I’ve travelled to the South just to learn more about him and to visit important places of the Civil Rights Movement. I’ve even been to the his birth home, which was an amazing experience.

So I thought, I’d put together a list with some of my favorite MLK quotes, which sadly are still absolutely relevant in today’s day and age. I’m pretty sure he’d be absolutely disappointed, if he was still with us, because let’s face it, a lot of the things he peacefully fought for, are developing backwards and getting worse, every day.

So listen to his words, because he was truly a wise man. Let them inspire you to be greater and to evaluate, how you treat other human beings. Treat them with the same respect as you want to be treated.

Martin Luther King Jr. birth home Atlanta

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, out class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.

A riot is the language of the unheard.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

A lie cannot live.

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King Jr. Grave Atlanta

The time is always right to do what is right.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

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Goodbye December 2018

Goodbye December,

and hello January. Obviously, I’m starting the year exactly like I ended last year: with being late. I usually post my monthly round-up at the beginning of each month, but I just didn’t write it. To my defense, I want to be more active this year and get out of the house more, so I’m busy doing that and when I’m not, I’m tired and lazy. Same procedure as every year.

However, I do want to tell you a bit about what I was up to in December, the wonderful month of Christmas. Which definitely wasn’t much. I was desperately trying to get into the spirit, but it just didn’t work. No matter how many movies I watched, I just didn’t feel it. I decorated everything pretty much last-minute, more or less only out of habit. I didn’t listen to Christmas music, I didn’t go shopping for presents and I didn’t bake cookies. Maybe that was the problem, but it just didn’t really work out. Christmas itself was pretty nice, though. Stressful as usual, but nice. Good food, some family time and presents. I don’t mind.

Instagram December

Christmas time also brings people home, who live a bit further away, like my best friend. We got to spend time with each other, three days in a row and it was amazing. I laughed so hard and I wish, we would still be in school and could see each other, everyday. I hung out with her and her family, we went out and even brought ourselves to attend a little school reunion with people we graduated like 15 years ago. I really didn’t want to go, but you know what? It was actually nice. I mean, I didn’t give away much information about myself or ask many questions, cause I have my reasons, but I laughed a lot, so that’s good.

I also spent time with my other bestie and my god son, who is cute as a button. I adore him and just can’t wait for him to grow, cause there are a million things I want to do with him. But he already looks at me, so that’s good. I love helping with giving him a bath or brushing his hair. It’s those little things that create a special bond. He’s just adorable.

Instagram December

And speaking of having some quality time with loved ones, I finally watched the Dirty Dancing musical with my mom. We’ve been wanting to do it forever and finally had the chance. It was good, but didn’t really blow me away. I didn’t like how some things were changed, since the movie is my absolute favorite and well, good things just shouldn’t be messed with. I did have a good time, though. And my mom had a good time too, which was important to me, since it was her birthday present.

But the craziest thing this month? My first god son turned EIGHT. I still can’t believe it and it makes me a bit sad, that they grow up sooo fast. I mean sure, I can do things with him, but he’s reaching an age, where he’s not so much interested in hanging out. Or when we do, he just wants to play video games. Therefore, it made me even more happy, when, after everyone left after a little celebrating, he asked me, if I would stay a bit longer and we played with Lego and shared some cuddles. Those little moments always make me happy.

Instagram December

So much for December. I’m definitely not mad that 2018 is over and I hope that the new year brings a lot of great things. I’m positive that I will make positive changes and just have a lot more fun.

Make great plans for a whole new year. Cozy up when the winter weather is giving it it’s all. Get in contact with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Don’t beat yourself up over resolutions. Put together a box full of great memories. Plan a vacation. Find a new favorite TV show to binge-watch. Cherish the little things and enjoy January.

Tons of love,

Pink Christmas decorations

Lovely life
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Songs I loved
Billie Eilish – Come Out and Play
Dua Lipa & Blackpink – Kiss and Make Up
Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

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Back to Books

I really don’t know how exactly it happened that I don’t read anymore. I love books. I’ve always loved books and I own around 800 of them. For the past two years, I think, I’ve read like zero, which is truly embarrassing. I just watch so many TV shows and movies and have other hobbies that don’t leave much time and I also constantly feel like doing two things at once. And reading is the only thing that keeps me from doing anything else.But yeah, I just have to make time. Maybe put my phone down more often.

So I put together a list with all the books I want to read. I definitely have a lot more that are waiting to be read, but if I even get close to reading all of those listed below, I’d be thrilled. But I’m confident, cause if there is a list, there is definitely a bigger chance to succeed. At least for me. I already started with Michelle Obama’s book and I’m determined to finish it.

Books to read

Michelle Obama – Becoming
Amy Odell – Tales From The Back Row
Beth Reekles – The Kissing Booth
Jenny Han – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Jenny Han – P.S. I Still Love You
Jenny Han – Always and forever Lara Jean
Laura Jane Williams – Ice Cream For Breakfast
Sarah Knight – The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k
Nicola Moon – Everything, Everything
Jennifer Byrne – The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Life
Arden Rose – Almost Adulting
John Green – Paper Towns
Emma Donoghue – Room
Tove Jansson – The Moomins
Gala Darling – Radical Self-Love

It would be amazing, if I actually read all of these. I also have a couple of books about the 90s waiting and two German books about the madness of helicopter parents. Two journalists have gathered the most insane stories and I can’t wait to laugh really hard and also get angry at the same time. If you have any good book recommendations, please leave me a comment.

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