How You Make Me Lose Interest In A Guy

Being single can be hard. Dating can be hard. Just finding one guy to have a decent conversation with seems like rocket science to me. I’ve been out of the dating game for many years because I chose to be. Sure, it can be fun but to me, it’s so much work and more often than not a total waste of time. Where I live, I don’t really meet any guys who want the same in life as I do and at this point, I’m definitely not ready to make any compromises. So yeah, it’s complicated.

Occasionally, I meet someone, probably more likely on Tinder than in real life, and maybe I decide to give someone an actual chance. I’ve heard friends and family tell me that my expectations are way too high, that I’m superficial, I’m super complicated and so on. Honestly, I don’t agree. Sure, when I swipe through Tinder, I want to like the face but no, it’s not on top of the list. Attraction doesn’t just have something to do with how a person looks. And believe me, I haven’t dated one David Beckham after another. I WISH!

So sometimes, I think a guy is good-looking and sounds interesting at first. He may not be perfect, not my type whatever but well, I have my moments when I actually give someone a chance. I met a guy on Tinder (you may remember from THIS post) and for once, I wasn’t bored after 10 minutes. So I thought I’d give him a chance and not rule him out at the first mistake he makes. It was also a more complicated situation because we couldn’t meet in person, since he’s not in the country until October. So plenty of time to get to know each other, beforehand. Throughout the texting, more and more things happened that made me roll my eyes and I kept thinking “give him a chance, it’s different over text than in person” but I do think that the way someone writes does tell you a bit about how he is. And man, there are just so many things that you should just not do if you want a chance with me.


01. When he doesn’t have anything interesting to say about himself
Sometimes, it starts out ok. I mean, if I don’t give up after 10 minutes there must be something interesting there. You definitely get me with travelling. I feel like people who have stepped out of their familiar surroundings to explore the world are more interesting. They’ve seen new places, met new people and are much more open-minded than others. All of these aspects I value. But there is only so much you can say about your travels. Unless you travel 365 days a year you gotta come up with more to talk about. Hobbies, TV-shows, books, your job – anything that tells me more about you. One topic isn’t enough.

02. When he doesn’t ask interesting questions
I want to feel like someone really wants to get to know me. If I repeatedly tell you to ask me whatever you want and you can’t really come up with a simple question like “What is your favorite color?” do you even want to get to know me? And it doesn’t count if you ask “And you?” after giving me a not very satisfying answer to one of my questions.

03. When he asks stupid questions
Trust me, stupid questions exist, or at least stupid moments to ask them. The thing is, I don’t really have anything to hide so you can basically ask me what you want, but when we talk about relationships and the only thing you can come up with is “When was the last time you has sex?” after me telling you it’s been a few years since I’ve been involved with someone, it’s just weird. Seriously, what the hell does it matter if it was three days or three years ago?! But I guess a guys’ brain just works differently.

04. When he obviously knows nothing about irony or sarcasm
You cannot be with me if you don’t get a simple joke, a tease, anything. It’s difficult enough to have friends that you have to explain everything to but my boyfriend? No thank you. I can’t deal with it. This may sound mean but there is some truth in the saying that irony is the humor of intelligent people. Sorry not sorry.

05. When his spelling is absolutely terrible
I know that people often text differently than they talk or write but some things are just not acceptable. I’m a journalist so basic grammar and spelling skills is something I need a man to have. Afer a while it gets obvious if someone is just lazy, has problems hitting the right keys or simply doesn’t know how to spell. The word statue is NOT that difficult. And if you’re planning on travelling to Hawaii, at least learn how to spell it.

06. When he doesn’t have the balls to admit to people that we met on Tinder
It’s the 21st century so it’s not a crime to use apps to meet people. If you can’t tell people that we’ve met on Tinder grow some balls. And also don’t give me the typical “I already deleted Tinder. I hardly used it anyway. I’m not like that.” If you downloaded the app and swiped your way through, ending up finding me, you used the app and it’s ok. I don’t care if you just wanna hook up or find true love. It’s not illegal to have a profile. So chill.

07. When he only gives you short answers
I want to get to know you so tell me something about you. I know that many guys are not huge fans of texting but if it’s the only way to communicate, make an effort. But maybe it’s just because he doesn’t have more to say.

08. When he’s just being weird
When you text him something like “I hate you a bit for not having to work tomorrow” *insert wink emoji* and he just replies with “I can gladly live with that” and just leaves it at that for like 2 days, it’s weird. I mean, are you for real? I’m definitely getting you the book “Flirting for dummies” as a Christmas present.

09. When he tells you he doesn’t read
True story: I get a travel pic from inside some building I couldn’t recognize. Turns out it’s a popular library. DUDE, I don’t care about the freaking windows, I wanna see beautiful shelves full of books, people reading etc. And then when I ask about books you tell me that you may have read one or two of the Harry Potter books and that’s it? Cause you can’t do it all? I’ve once dated someone who never read a book in his life and I swore to myself that I would never do that again.

10. When he thinks it’s enough to send a bunch of pictures
Again, travelling only covers it for so long. Oh great, pic #52 from somewhere. It’s just not enough. Send me a picture and tell me a story, otherwise I don’t care anymore after the first five pictures.

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Goodbye May 2017

Goodbye May,

and hello official summer aka June. I actually feel ridiculous for writing this post because I’ve been such a terrible blogger and this is obviously just an easy post to write. Last month, aside from the monthly round-up, I managed to write one actual post. ONE. There was so much going on and I was super busy or stressed out most of the time. And since I write so much for work, I kinda lose my motivation to do it in my spare time. I really miss it though. It’s not like I don’t have any ideas, I’m just always busy and tired. And if I do have a day with nothing important to do, I just hang around doing nothing. It has got to change. I miss blogging, I miss Twitter, I miss reading other blogs, sharing some blog-love… I uploaded like 5 pics to Instagram in a whole month. I’m surprised that I still have followers. I definitely need to figure out a plan to get back on track.

So what happened in May? One of my absolute favorite people in the world got married and I was maid of honor for the first time ever. It still makes me incredibly happy. It was a lovely day but I just had a ton of things to organize, especially for the bachelorette party I threw her. We had a super fun 90s party and I don’t know when was the last time I laughed so hard. I mean, I literally gave it my all. Blew up condoms over my head, gave her a lap dance and drank A LOT. It was hilarious and even though the whole planning was super stressful  (because GIRLS), it was worth seeing everyone have a good time. The wedding was super nice as well and I actually got all dressed up for it. I think some people were actually surprised not seeing me in black leggings and my hair in a bun for once.

I got a new car because in the middle of chaos, cars love to give up on me, so I had to find a new one. I guess you need to say a new old one cause I definitely cannot afford a brand new car. Gladly, my dad helped a lot with it and we managed to find one I really like. Despite the fact that between paying and picking it up someone scratched the door, I like it a lot. That door annoys the hell out of me though but I’ll take care of it later.

This all may not sound like there was a lot going on but trust me, there was. I mean, you still have to do things like clean, or you go out to dinner with friends, catch up on your TV-shows and sometimes, I work for 10 hours and then there is just no time or energy left. But right now, I’m enjoying the third day off in a row and I have two more to go. Little breaks like this help a lot to power up and I hope I get some blog stuff done. Five posts a month would be a good start. I should just post the stories I write for work but their all in German and not really what I blog about. I just have to work on my organization.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer. We’ve definitely already had incredibly hot days and I ate ice cream, wore sandals, got a light sunburn and I love it. Except for one weekend, June is already packed with fun and I hope that it goes on like this. As much as I love chilling and as often as I just feel completely exhausted, having fun with friends is priceless and I’m glad that I’m not too depressed to leave the house anymore, like I’ve been last year, many times. I just love complaining about adulting but it’s all #firstworldproblems so all is good.

Enjoy your life as much as you can, even when the world we’re living in makes it harder, each day. Take care of yourselves, tell others that you love them and stay safe.

Tons of love,

me looking fly

Lovely life
having extra days off cause of holiday’s  a clean room  summertime  ordering in  fresh sheets  being complimented on your work  going braless  lovely weddings  kid movies  meeting interesting people  quality time with my besties  90s parties  successful bachelorette parties  getting dolled up for special occasions  my new car  leaving work early  naps  Eurovision Song Contest  eating cake batter  crazy party nights  laughing from the bottom of your heart  organizing  breakfast  when your Topmodel girls actually win  selfmade beef and mango burritos  when you manage to fix something on your car by yourself  touching people with my writing  chill days  canola fields  Instagram follow threads 

Songs I love
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Salvador Sobral – Amor Pelos Dois
Harry Styles – Kiwi

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Song Contest

© Eurovision

Yesterday, it was that time of year again: The Eurovision Song Contest finale happened and brought to the stage Europe’s cheesiest acts. Music has always been super important to me and even though I end up rolling my eyes pretty much all the time, I just have to watch it, take notes and give out points. I must say that this year was a total snoozefest. Nothing really blew my mind and I was definitely missing the often mentioned diversity. However, I didn’t know any of the songs beforehand so I wasn’t biased at all. I’m also not one of these people who just support their own country because honestly, if it’s not good, it’s not good, and I’m all about the music.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t think there was much good on this year’s stage. I didn’t give 12 points to anyone on my spreadsheet but for once, my favorite act did win. I know that a lot of people were disappointed that Portugal won because it wasn’t a typical ESC performance. For me the music matters much more than a show and I think it was well deserved. I also loved Australia and the Netherlands because those three acts were the only ones that gave me goosebumps and were all talent and less show. But everyone has a different taste in music and it shouldn’t be anything to fight over.

So here is my opinion on each contestant. I love music and I’m always super critical so don’t hate me if I didn’t like your favorite. We just all listen to different music and I’d love to know who was your favorite.

01. Israel: Imri Ziv – I Feel Alive
He looked like a typical guy you run into at he gym – another reason not to go. Since I was a huge fan of Israel last year, I could only end up being disappointed. He managed to hit the high notes pretty well but I just felt absolutely nothing. And his pants looked weird.

02. Poland: Kasia Moś – Flashlight
I will never be a fan of these dresses that make your boobs scream for help cause they’re suffocating. The song wasn’t really good, all she did was press out the notes and she didn’t really show feelings or emotions.

03. Belarus: Naviband – Story Of My Life
I thought they looked really amazing in their folk outfits and the female singer was so incredibly beautiful. It definitely wasn’t my kind of music but I liked that they sang in their own language. I wasn’t feeling that smooch at the end of the song though.

04. Austria: Nathan Trent – Running On Air
I’m usually a fan of the quieter acts but the show was so incredibly cheesy. I wasn’t feeling  the guy at all but the song was kinda cute. From his performance, I guess he watched too much of the Dreamworks opening credits.

05. Armenia: Artsvik – Fly With Me
I really liked the oriental parts of the song but I really didn’t feel any emotions and her voice just wasn’t my thing. Also, the outfits were completely underwhelming and they really should’ve put together a better dance performance, as well.

06. Netherlands: O’G3NE – Lights And Shadows
Finally an act that gave me goosebumps. Beautiful women with amazing voices sang great harmonies. There were real feelings and emotions on that stage and the fact that they ended the show with tears in their eyes show that it came from deed inside.

07. Moldowa: SunStroke Project – Hey Mamma!
Yeah, it was kinda cool and somehow reminded me of Men In Black. It was fun, had a good beat, the running man is always a good idea but I wasn’t really convinced that they actually played the saxophone and violin. And halfway through the song, I was a bit over the whole “Hey Mamma ” part.

08. Hungary: Joci Pápai – Origo
It was definitely a more unique performance than most others and even though I couldn’t understand a word, I actually felt it. I thought it was a really good mix of everything: good female dancer, great outfits, cool rap, and he definitely knew how to convey emotions.

09. Italy: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma
I can’t believe that he’s actually super popular and lots of people loved him. I didn’t like his voice at all and his performance looked like a school show in 4th grade. Was that supposed to be dancing? And don’t even get me started on the gorilla.

10. Denmark: Anja Nissen  – Where I Am
A beautiful woman with a great voice and a good song but nothing that made me freak out. I really didn’t think it was special enough and just some typical ESC-pop.

11. Portugal: Salvador Sobral – Amor Pelos Dois
When the song started, I thought it was a song from a Disney movie and it gave me goosebumps cause it was so beautiful. A good voice, a unique way of singing and it went so good with the piano and violin. There were so many emotions on that stage. It was pure, intimate, quiet and so nontypical for ESC – probably why I liked it the most. It sounded like a beautiful lullaby and I didn’t have to understand a word to feel them.

12. Azerbaijan: Dihaj – Skeletons
I loved the song title but the song not so much. The performance was great – very unique and artsy but all the drama was just so much more than the song itself.

13. Croatia: Jacques Houdek – My Friend
He was pretty much singing a duet with himself but I only liked his opera voice, the other one not so much. The song had some great instrumental parts but the rest wasn’t much for me. The stage looked like the Wizard of Oz went all ESC – sooo cheesy.

14. Australia: Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy
I still can’t believe that Australia is a part of this. It takes me 24 hours to get there – so not Europe! But anyway, they had a really great act and it was one of my favorites. Even though he’s only 17, he has a voice that sounds like he has a story to tell. Such pure talent! It was real and didn’t need an over the top show.

15. Greece: Demy – This is Love
Same old, same old. Beautiful woman, upbeat song, good voice but nothing special or touching. At least there were some half-naked dancers.

16. Spain: Manel Navarro – Do It For Your Lover
I liked the parts where he sang in Spanish but the English chorus was just the worst. I wasn’t feeling surfer vibe at all and the whole thing was more like an average school band at prom.

17. Norway: Jowst – Grab The Moment
Well, it wasn’t terrible. The visuals were cool but the outfits irritated me a bit cause it didn’t really match with everything. I think in general, I just didn’t find it all to be very harmonic. Hard to describe – kinda good but also kinda not feeling it.

18. Great Britain: Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You
I really liked the whole golden vibe and she really has a great voice, sang very clear notes and it’s a good song. But that’s the only word I can think of – good. Not more or less. It was a good standard ESC performance.

19. Cyprus: Hovig Demirjian – Gravity
Well, I guess someone was trying to be Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. There was nothing special about it and I did not feel entertained cause he was definitely trying too hard. And men in ankle-showing pants are just a no for me.

20. Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!
He was ok but her yodeling was just super annoying, so was her voice. Sure, at least it was unique but it really just gave me a headache.

21. Germany: Levina – Perfect Life
David Guetta called, he wants his song back. This was for my country but oh boy, what a mess. I just think she wasn’t talented enough to have such a weak stage performance. I don’t know how she sang the song before the grand finale but she sounded like she had a cold and lost her voice a bit. And with only a total of 6 points, I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t feel it.

22. Ukraine: O. Torvald – Time
Honestly, I didn’t really pay much attention cause I was busy doing something else. That’s how good it was. I mean, they were definitely not bad if you’re into hard rock and it was kinda cool but far from being my favorite. I was not a fan of his voice. But one rock act has to be in the mix every year.

23. Belgium: Blanche – City Lights
Honestly, she has such a cool voice but it was totally wasted on this electropop song. And it was the most boring performance ever.

24. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On
He totally thought he’s the bomb working that treadmill. His voice is so average. Sure, his face wasn’t bad but that’s about it. I was so not impressed.

25. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess
His high notes were tough but I liked the feeling he put into the song. His lower notes were really good and he had a cool performance. I always like it when contestants do something different from the usual ESC stuff.

26. France: Alma – Requiem
And of course the show ended with a beautiful woman with a nice voice and all, but overall pretty boring. I wish more contestants would actually be brave. The visuals were cool though. However, I wasn’t really a fan of the voice or the song.

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Goodbye April 2017

Goodbye April,

and hello beautiful month of May. Although it’s currently raining outside, I have high hopes for the future weather situation and I just think it’s a great month. I’m definitely looking forward to officially becoming a maid of an honor at one of my besties wedding and I’m also throwing her a bachelorette party, which hopefully will be a ton of fun. Aside from that, I don’t think I have any major plans yet, so I’ll just see what’s coming up or just chill as much as I can.

April was a super busy but also a super fun month. I got out of the house a lot and just enjoyed spending time with lovely people. I went to Denmark for a little vacation and I had a blast exploring Copehagen. I have a good friend living there and it was so fun seeing her again. The city is beautiful, I truly enjoyed my stay and I can’t wait to share more of my trip. My camera sure klicked a lot. I ate a lot of yummy food, went nuts at the Disney Store and just enjoyed life. Now, I caught the travel bug again and I would love to be in new places, all the time. Unfortunately, I need to buy a new car this year, which absolutely sucks, but we’ll see. Maybe I can manage to squeeze in a small trip to Amsterdam or something like that.

There was Easter and I had a good time with my family, ate a lot of food and still have chocolate to keep me covered for weeks. The nice thing about holiday’s is that usually everyone comes back home, so it’s always nice to get the whole clique together and spend some quality time with each other. Those times make me miss school days, even more. It’s so hard nowadays to get everyone together because we’re all busy with our lives and aside from me, everyone is in a relationship, has or is about to have a child, is building houses and all that other grown-up stuff, so it’s even harder for them to make time. Therefore, I cherish all our little get-togethers even more.

Another highlight in April was watching Disney’s Tarzan musical, because it was really great. Sure, not as great as The Lion King, because I doubt there will ever be a better one, but I enjoyed it a lot. It’s so cool how they managed to have everyone swing across the room, the music amazing and I can only recommend it. Another fun adventure was a trip to the amusement park and honestly, every single time I ask myself why the hell I’m doing that to me cause I’m totally getting too old for it. But hey, we’re going again this year and I can get on rides again that screw up my back and make me feel super scared. I’m crazy like that.

So those were the highlights of my month and I hope the year continues to be fun. I do also need some relax time though because I’m super stressed and tired all the time, and I feel like all I do is work, eat and sleep. I mean, I couldn’t survive without catching up on all of my beloved TV-shows. But in general, having plans is good for me cause it keeps me from falling into misery, which occasionally still happens, but I’m doing well and I hope it will continue.

Tons of love,

Beautiful sky

Lovely life
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Songs I love
♪  Lord Horon – The Night We Met
Zac Brown Band – All The Best
♪  Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me

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Things To Do In Copenhagen


This month, I went on a trip to Copenhagen and had a fabulous time. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because I have a friend living there and I’m glad that I finally made it. I think the city is beautiful with a lot of fun things to do. It’s not too big so you can do most things by foot but still big enough to make me realize how badly I need to move to a city. The country side just isn’t for me. I also love how everyone speaks perfect English and even most menus are translated. I have to say though that I actually understood more Danish than expected. I’m such a genius.

I’m definitely glad that I bought myself a new camera before I went because I managed to take some beautiful photos, which of course, I will share with you on my blog. But first, I will tell you what I’ve been up to and what I consider worth doing in Copenhagen and a photography post will follow, as well. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me or if you’ve experienced something lovely in this city, leave me a comment and I will add it to my list for next time.

I’m pretty sure that a picture of the Nyhavn area is on the front of every travel guide about Copenhagen because it’s simply gorgeous. When the sun is out, you can just sit by the canal, have something to eat or a drink, listen to musicians playing all kinds of music and simply just enjoy life. All those colorful houses are so beautiful and definitely Instagram-worthy. I recommend to go on one of the boat cruises offered because you really see a lot in an hour. It takes you in different directions and through different parts of the city. You pass the futuristic opera house, the cute little mermaid statue, it takes you through the Freetown Christiania with its beautiful gold and black church top and more. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to do some exploring, especially if you’re only on a rather short visit. And in case you need to use the bathroom, the public restroom  by the canal is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

Nyhavn Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid
I admit that there are definitely more interesting things to see in Copenhagen, bust I would say it’s just a must. She’s a true icon, based on the fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, and has been a major tourist attraction since 1913. So, even though we saw the statue during our boat cruise, I insisted on walking there as well to see her up close. She’s truly not big but so adorable and very popular. She may be a little hard to find at first, but just follow the crowds and eventually you’ll find her. On your way there, depending on where you decide to walk, you pass a lovely fountain, walk through a little park where everything is beautifully in bloom in April (probably also other months), or you can just walk by the water and take in the ocean breeze.

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen

An amusement park in the middle of the city sounds fun, right? It definitely is and always beautifully decorated according to the season. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit expensive because you pay an entrance fee and for each ride. Sure, you can buy an all-in-one ticket but unless you want to spend many hours there, it’s not really worth it. I wanted to see it anyway and at least we rode the roller-coaster, which was short but fun. Just stroll around, watch the ducks, eat lots of junk food and simply enjoy. When you had enough, go and watch a movie in the theatre nearby. It’s very colorful and you definitely can’t miss it. I went and watched The Beauty and the Beast again because unlike Germany,  Denmark they don’t translate every single movie and I really wanted to watch it again in English.

Tivoli Copenhagen

Honestly, it’s something you should always do, no matter what city you visit. It doesn’t have to be expensive but just eat whatever catches your eye. In Copenhagen, I loved the hot dog carts everywhere cause I’m cheap like that and I can never say no to a good hotdog. If you’re looking for something sweet, make sure to stop by at Rajissimo. We went to the one located in Nyhavn and I had some incredibly delicious churros with chocolate. They also serve ice cream and waffles, and trust me, the place was packed for a reason. I also loved all the food options at Tivoli and decided to have a bagel. I know, it sounds super boring but it isn’t. You were able to just choose what goes between halves like you do at Subway. Cream cheese, pasta chicken salad, feta and more good stuff were sooo good. And don’t forget to get some cotton candy afterward. You’re never too old for it. If you’re looking for a good burger to eat, stop by at Cocks & Cows. My friend works there and I had a delicious dinner. They were awarded best burger in town for the past four years so it’s definitely worth a try. My absolute favorite was some good Pad Thai from WooWok. Where I live, I can’t get it anywhere close, but whenever I’m in a bigger city, I try to find some good Thai food. This was super yum and the people working there were incredibly nice. Just indulge and forget about weight or anything. You’re on vacation so please eat as much as you can.

food copenhagen

When I’m on vacation nowadays, my main focus is definitely not on shopping but I do hop into stores that I don’t have in my own country. Copenhagen has a big shopping mile with lots and lots of different stores, places to eat and there is just a lot going on. Of course I had my eyes on the Disney Store because I’m obsessed and it’s been too long since I was able to step into one. I sure went a little nuts in there. There is also a small Victoria’s Secret, a Lego Store, many clothing stores, places to buy cute souvenirs and more. I definitely managed to spend a lot of money in like an hour or two. And when you’re done with all the shopping, grab a drink at Starbucks or have a burger at the Hard Rock Cafe and definitely check out the place around city hall and take some pictures. It’s at the end or beginning, depending from which direction you’re coming from, of the main shopping street.

shopping copenhagen

This beautiful castle comes with a pretty garden and a lovely park. You can actually tour the inside but we did not feel like getting in line for tickets but I’m putting it on my list for next time. This is also the place where the guards start their daily march to Amalienborg, which I also didn’t see. Man, my planning was definitely terrible for this trip but I still saw some pretty places. I’m sure the garden is gorgeous, once everything is in bloom, especially the roses, and I loved the stroll through the park. There is a huge statue of Hans Christian Andersen and beautiful cherry blossom trees in the spring. And make sure to have a close look at the trees lining the walkway. They’re all the same and I think it’s insane cause they’re really high and I bet it’s interesting to see them get cut.

Rosenborg Copenhagen

This place is where the Danish royals live when they’re in town. You can tell by the royal flag on the roof if they’re home or not. It consists of four buildings which are exactly the same, placed kinda in a circle. There are guards watching the doors and trust me, don’t get to close or lean against the building walls because damn, I heard them shouting at tourists and they’re not messing around. When you stand in the middle of the courtyard, you can see the Marble Church to the one side and the opera to the other and the alignment of axis is also called the axis of power by some people. The architecture is really beautiful and next time, I really want to witness the change of guards here.


Even though I’m not very religious I just love churches. They’re so beautiful and I can never resist to take a pretty picture. The Marble Church is just so incredibly beautiful and I wish, I could’ve seen it from the inside. Unfortunately it was closed due to a concert. We passed Our Saviors Church in Christianshavn by boat and the top is just incredible. The black and gold spiral staircase has 400 steps and no, we didn’t do it. I’m sure reaching the top would provide you with a great view though. I don’t even know all the names of churches I saw everywhere in Copenhagen but I felt like there were a lot so pay attention if you like churches like me.

church copenhagen

Just explore the city
Honestly, just walk around when you’re exploring a new place. I love to see buildings and parks and just new surroundings of any kind. I didn’t make it to any museums but I would totally love to visit the aquarium or planetarium next time. I visited the botanical garden which was nice but I guess it’s better when more plants are in bloom. My friend took me to the Bispebjerg Cemetary which is full of cherry blossom trees, which you should definitely check out when you’re visiting in spring. Just chill near the canals with a drink and food or you can even get into floating hot tubs if you’re into that. There are statues everywhere, interesting buildings and much more, so just grab your camera and explore.


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13 Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”

As many of you have probably done as well, I’ve already binge-watched “13 Reasons Why” and I was absolutely hooked, from the very first second. If you haven’t watched it yet, I must ask you what the hell you’ve been doing that was more important? Just kidding, sometimes there is just no time but I highly recommend that you start immediately and I will give you 13 reasons why you should, without spoiling anything major.

13 Reasons Why

© Netflix

1. If you’re interested in things that actually matter, this show is for you. There is no sugar-coating of anything cruel happening in the life of people that often we don’t even know about. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture to make people wish they could live the life they see on screen. It’s the exact opposite. It’s relatable cause it’s real.

2. It shows what an impact being rude to others, talking behind their backs, gossiping etc. can have on a person. Bullying is such a major part in our society and the problem is that often, nobody helps until something really bad happens. There is no going back from doing the wrong thing and once you’ve hurt someone, it cannot be undone. I know very well how hurtful it is to be bullied for no apparent reason and it can lead you to very dark places. I feel so sorry for kids today because with all the social media options, it has to be so much worse than when I was a teenager. When I hear stories of young people who end their lives because they feel lonely and misunderstood, it breaks my heart because I know how they feel. Personally, I just decided that all these awful people were not worth destroying my life over, but it was never easy and it never will be. Eye-openers like this show need to be taken seriously because it happens all around.

3. The show clearly demonstrates what privilege can do to people. I’m not saying that all rich people are dicks, but let’s be honest, most of them live their life thinking they’re the greatest people on earth and that it gives them the right to treat others like dirt. It is not ok to walk over people because of money or skin color, sexual orientation or anything else. The problem is that our society seems to work just like that though and it can’t be shown enogh what this kind of behavior does to people. If you’re privileged, good for you, but instead of being a shitty person, how about doing something good with it.

4. High School is a mad house for pretty much every person on this planet. I always like watching shows with this kind of setting because that time of life is just so hard for most people and definitely not all sunshine and happiness. High school is rough. You have to deal with so many things at once and it can be very hard. I honestly don’t think it’s a fully healthy environment and it’s important for people to realize what kids have to go through. Growing up, dealing with school work and personal problems, figuring out your future, and everything else you go through in high school shapes your personality and it can develop into something positive of not. If you’ve always been the king or queen of high school, you may expect this to continue throughout your whole life but reality can often be a real bitch and completely destroy you. If you’ve always been bullied, you may have issues that will stick with you for the rest of your life. The person you are in school and how other treat you has a major influence on what kind of person you will be as an adult. Portraying real-life school happenings is important because I don’t think that parents or even teachers always fully grasp what goes on at a place, where basically kids are supposed to get their education, find some friends and hopefully have some fun. It’s just not that simple.

5. It is an eye-opener to rape culture – something that is often denied but is realer than ever. We’ve read about so many cases, over and over again, where it just breaks your heart how people who’ve been brutally mistreated are dealt with. It’s no surprise that victims, regardless if male or female, don’t come forward after being raped because our society still makes them feel like it’s their own fault. Don’t wear a skirt, don’t flirt, don’t do this or that. All these rules that are supposed to keep you from being attacked but were are the rules that tell people that it’s not ok to rape someone?! I don’t want to get into detail more because I’ve written posts on this before and I’m also pretty sure that most of my readers know what I’m talking about. It is important, even if it’s hard to watch, to portray these happenings as real as possible and in all kinds of different situations. Eyes have to be opened and crimes should not be swept under the table like nothing really happened.

6. The way the show is made is incredibly addictive. You just always want to know what will happen next and the whole concept is incredibly real and touching. I thought it had a Gone Girl kind of vibe and I don’t often watch psycho dramas or similar things cause I’ll end up having trouble sleeping. I even get a little scared when I watch too much Pretty Little Liars late at night but “13 Reasons Why” is just so much more real than a bunch of girls being haunted by A. It did scare me sometimes, but maybe it did because it just felt so real, like something that could happen where I live or at my old school. I couldn’t stop watching because I wanted to continue feeling what the characters feel, I wanted answers and I wanted to see justice.

7. The music was so great. It’s something I always pay attention to because especially shows often have the most incredible soundtracks. The music is beautifully melancholic and fits the story extremely well. In one of the key scenes, there is a song played called “The Night We Met” and it’s by Lord Horon. Do me a favor and just go and listen to this one song and I’m sure you will want to watch the show just because of it.

8. Diversity was a very strong factor for this show. The mostly young people were all of different ethnicity, had completely different family backgrounds, straight, gay, rich, poor, white, black, asian and I think that’s exactly how it should be. Look around and you will see so many different people and I think it should be like this on screen too. Diversity is something I support with all my heart and to see this diverse cast made me happy. We need more of this.

9. It’s highly emotional and I truly felt everything from happiness to crying my heart out and this roller coaster ride is exactly what makes a show great. I don’t want to feel the same thing, every time I watch an episode and I also want to be deeply touched. Usually this happens to me when a movie, show, song or book is actually about something real and important, as is “13 Reasons Why.”

10. It’s very graphic and I think it’s a good thing. I’m sure that lots of people understandably could have problems watching because there are lots of triggers throughout the show, so I do want you to be aware of that before you watch it. But I really think that it’s important to show things like they are. Violence, rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and more are all heart-breaking things and definitely hard to watch, but looking the other way is exactly what is wrong with this society and therefore, I applaude the writers, producers and everyone else who made decisions that they tried to portray everything as real as possible. None of this is nice to look at but to make it all seem less horrible than it actually is, is exactly the wrong way to go about the seriousness of these topics.

11. New actors are always interesting to watch. I often get so bore of seeing the same faces everywhere and some fresh talent is always a good idea. I thought the cast was put together very well and their acting was truly remarkable. A lot of the scenes were so intense that I can only imagine how hard it was to play them. Every single one of the actors made me believe everything they portrayed on screen and I just really liked the cast.

12. The combination of oldschool and modern was something I enjoyed very much because it reminds me of what I like. I thought it’s very unique that Hannah used actual tapes instead of some modern recording technique because in a way, it shows that these problems are timeless. It also underlines the seriousness of it all because using oldschool equipment shows much more work and effort. On the other hand, the show clearly shows what kind of power mobile phones, social media, apps etc. have today. One text can ruin a persons life but so can a hand-written list or a photograph, no matter it was taken with a phone or an actual camera. We should be aware that hurting other people is timeless.

13. Well, I can also just give you the quick basic reasons and I really hope you’ll give it a shot. It’s on Netflix, so super easy (please have Netflix!), it’s not too short and not too long, so a weekend will fully be enough time, it has good music, great actors and if you really love it, there is a book you can read ( why haven’t I read it yet?!) and it will just make you feel everything because it’s real.

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Photography: Atlanta

It’s been a while since I went on a great travel month back in 2015 and one of the stops on my list was Atlanta. I have to admit that I didn’t see too much of the city because my friend and I were really busy doing as much of the touristy stuff as possible, since the city really offers a lot of it, and we stayed a little outside of the city. However, we definitely had lots of fun with all the activities that are offered. Here are some pictures I took from places like the Fernbank Museum of National History, the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Headquarters, Centennial Olympic Park, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and a lot of sights connected to the great Martin Luther King Jr. which were the reason why I wanted to visit Atlanta in the first place. It was amazing to see his childhood home, to visit his grave, to see so many places connected to him and just to honor his legacy. If you ever get the chance, please go and visit. For now, I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Atlanta Atlanta Coca Cola World Atlanta AtlantaAtlanta MLKAtlantaAtlanta AtlantaAtlanta Fernbank museumAtlantaAtlantaAtlanta Coca Cola WorldAtlantaAtlantaAtlanta CNNAtlantaAtlanta MLKAtlanta MLKAtlanta Fernbank MuseumAtlantaAtlantaAtlanta MLKAtlanta AquariumAtlanta AquariumAtlanta MLKAtlantaAtlanta MLK

Atlanta Fernbank MuseumAtlantaAtlanta

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