Goodbye April and May 2020

Goodbye, April and May,

and hello June. Yup, skipped a month again, but let’s be honest, it’s not like a lot happened. Or was able to happen. What a shitty year 2020 has been so far. But despite everything that is going on – which is definitely a lot – I’m doing good. Which feels weird to write, cause I know that a lot of people are not. It’s just all really crazy, but who am I telling this. I guess we’ve all realized that by now.

So obviously I didn’t really have a lot going on with lockdown and all. Although it didn’t feel like a full lockdown in Germany since we were always allowed to leave the house, go for walks and lots of shops were open. So at least in the countryside, I didn’t find it so bad. I’m not so much out and about anyway and was already used to working from home. And since I still live with my family, I wasn’t alone either. Although the situation has of course brought some problems on, I do feel privileged in this unusual situation.

Even though things have eased up, I’m still social distancing as much as possible, don’t hang out with people indoors and all that jazz. I take this very seriously and get upset over everyone that doesn’t. Occasionally, I go grocery shopping, I went into a clothing store like twice but that wasn’t super fun. In general, I find going to stores a bit stressful now, so I don’t go often. I go to physical therapy once a week and grab the occasional Starbucks drink and some Chinese takeout. That’s about it.

I had some fun video calls with friends and I absolutely loved it. Totally looking forward to more of them. Honestly, I had so much fun during every single one of them and I didn’t even have to get ready or leave the house for it. I call that a win. And I met up with my bestie here and there to go for walks with the dogs or some ice cream but that’s pretty much it for my social life.

But with all this time, I can at least focus more on all my hobbies. I’ve done a lot of scrapbooking and definitely made a little progress with reading. Unfortunately, blogging just never seems to fit in which is a shame, but I still have hope. I just have to catch the writing fever again. I also worked on a little project, meaning I repainted an old desk I inherited from my grandparents and that turned out beautifully.

I also went absolutely crazy with online shopping. Oh, the things you think you need… But you know what? I had to cancel my trips for this year and well, why not buy some pretty things with some of the money. I now have a ton of new clothes and no place to wear them, so expect me to look amazing while strolling through the aisles at the grocery store.

So that’s it. I honestly don’t have anything exciting to say but that’s ok. Life can’t always be filled with fireworks. Maybe June will bring a bit more action, since I will have 2,5 weeks off and not fly to the US, and I’m not planning on just sleeping through the days. I’ll think of some things to do, mainly outside things probably, and of course, go about my hobbies. As sad as I am about not going on a trip I wanted to go on for 23 years, it will be ok and I’m looking forward to lots more me-time. Cause I like being around myself.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the craziness that is 2020. Spend a day watching Disney movies. Educate yourselves on important topics. Have an open mind and an open heart. Reach out to people you haven’t seen in a long time. Be kinder to one another. And please, stay safe.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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Photography: London #2

Last year, I went to London again and I really have to say that it’s such a great city with so much to offer. The main reason for going was the Spice Girls concert at Wembley Stadium which was a dream come true and to do the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. But of course, there were also a few other places I wanted to visit. I admit that my plans were pretty touristy, so the photos you will see may or may not show you something you haven’t seen before. They are also not my best work, but I still think they’re pretty and the memories are great.

I mostly went to places I hadn’t been to during my first visit in 2014 and honestly, there are so many more I want to see, but I only had a few days and tried to see as many as possible. My poor brother had no choice than to just tag along and of course, take photos of me. But I bought him everything he wanted at Taco Bell, so he was happy.

I always love pretty architecture and did a little research beforehand to know where some colorful buildings, especially pinks ones, were located. So Notting Hill was obviously a nice place to walk around. Basically, I had a few addresses, and we just hopped on and off the tube and took some pictures. Sure, we could’ve walked, but we just got more done by using public transformation. And yeah, we’re not always the biggest walkers.

In case you want to get an insight into the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, check out this post.

Natural History Museum LondonLondon Notting HillLondon Notting Hill Piccadilly Circus London London Notting Hill Moomin Store London Covent Garden Sherlock Holmes London Natural History Museum LondonLondon Notting Hill London Notting Hill Travel Book Shop London Notting Hill London Peggy Porschen LondonLondon Moomin Shop LondonBaker Street London Natural History Museum LondonLondon Notting HillPaddington Bear LondonLondon Notting Hill London Notting HillLondonLondon Notting Hill London Notting Hill

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All the Books I Want to Read

Every year, I plan on reading lots and lots of books and every year for quite a while now, I’ve failed cause I just didn’t take the time to calm down and dive into all the wonderful stories that are out there. I’m happy to say that this year is going better. At least, I’ve read five books so far. It doesn’t seem like much but I’m still happy about it cause I enjoyed them all and it’s a good start.

I have so many wonderful reading adventures waiting for me, I just have to continue making time for them. The thing is, reading is the only activity where I can’t do anything else while doing it and that doesn’t often work for me. But still, this year, I’m doing better and since I currently have some extra time on my hands, I’m planning on working myself through my TBR-pile.

In case you need some inspiration, here are some of the books I would love to read. If you have some suggestions for me, please leave a comment, cause even though I don’t read ten books per week, I’m really good at buying new ones.


The Kissing Booth 2 – Beth Reekles
You – Caroline Kepnes
Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes
Bad Feminist – Roxane Gay
The Friendship Cure – Kate Leaver
Tales From the Back Row – Amy Odell
Almost Adulting – Arden Rose
Ice Cream for Breakfast – Laura Jane Williams
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k – Sarah Knight
Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty
It’s Not OK to Feel Blue and other lies – Scarlett Curtis
The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han
It’s Not Summer Without You – Jenny Han
We’ll Always Have Summer – Jenny Han
A Song of Ice and Fire – George R.R. Martin
The Babysitters Club 1-6 – Ann M. Martin

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World, meet Charlie

Growing up, we always had a dog up until I was a teenager. Then we had some cats but, to be honest, I’ve always been more of a dog person. We decided not to get one, cause they are a lot of work. You always have to plan around them, take them outside, no matter how bad the weather it, and with everybody working and all, it just didn’t seem fair to get a dog. I often thought about getting one but didn’t feel like taking on this kind of responsibility.

Anyway, last September, sadly, my grandmother passed away and she had a dog. And what can I say, we adopted him. He had been with us for little vacations here and there, so he knew his way around and out of all the families, ours was the best for him. Since I can work from home or even take him to the office if I have to, we always manage to take care of him and we can share the work as a family, which does make it easier. In this case, we didn’t really have a choice but never had to think twice about giving him a new home.

So now we have a little furball named Charlie living with us and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love him so much – we all do – and it’s crazy how much joy a pet can bring you. I feel like ever since we gave him a new home, I’ve been better mentally and even though he can also be annoying here and there, I just have to smile when I see him. He always sleeps in my room and when I sleep somewhere else, I miss him a lot. I love listening to him snore and all the weird other noises he makes. Oh, how I would love to know what his dreams are about. And yes, he’s allowed to sleep in my bed and I love our cuddles more than anything, especially on weekends after waking up.

He’s usually super chill, I can take him pretty much anywhere and I feel like in a way, we’re much alike. He needs a lot of sleep. Usually, he sleeps all through the night and even longer than I do, so that’s good. He can be pretty lazy so he doesn’t really want to go for long walks all the time, he’s always hungry and poops a lot. He’s me as a dog.

Considering he wasn’t really ever properly trained or anything, his manners are good and he doesn’t misbehave often. He could listen better in our garden but anywhere away from the house he is just the best, cause when he’s not in his territory, he trusts us to know what is right and wrong and doesn’t go off on his own, barks at other people or dogs, etc. But yeah, once he learned that this is his home now, he acted like it. But not in a super bad way. And a few little things we’re still working on.

We do everything we can for him – within reason of course – and he is one happy little dog. When we come home, he always greets us at the door, mostly with a toy in his mouth and wiggling his tail. He loves to cuddle all day long and I’m certain that he also feels when we’re feeling low, cause last month when I couldn’t sleep cause of a bad toothache, he crawled into bed with me and stayed really close, even though he sleeps in his doggy bed most of the time. And that just meant the world to me.

The cutie gets me out of the house more which is very good. He looks absolutely adorable, especially with his bed hair. That always cracks me up. I love how he rolls around on the floor or bed like he’s crazy. I cherish our morning cuddles more than he will ever know. We go on walking dates with my bestie and her dog and I always enjoy that very much. I give him baths, he gives me kisses and my camera roll is full of pictures of him. He is an absolute doll and I absolutely love having him.

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Goodbye March 2020

Goodbye March,

and hello April. Ummm, I don’t really know how to start because the current situation is just crazy and terrible. We can probably agree on that. I don’t feel like talking or writing about it much though because we all know what is going on and there seems to be no other topic. So I feel like for our own sanity, definitely for my own, we should also talk about other things. And when we do, it doesn’t mean we are oblivious to what’s going on.

But personally, I don’t want to constantly bring myself down, which would absolutely happen, so I’m staying hopeful and positive. I am grateful for every day that my loved ones and I are healthy and yes, I stay home unless I have to run errands, I see my current work situation as a chance to breathe and have more time to myself and am actually happier than usual, even though that seems stupid. But it’s the little things that bring me joy and I decided to focus on that.

insta march

So, enough about that. This monthly round-up is about March, which wasn’t super eventful. Social distancing and all. Before all of that started, I at least went out for a nice breakfast with my bestie, with whom I also went for a nice walk with my godson and the doggies on another day. And that was is. The other times I was outside, I went into the woods with my doggy or to the grocery store. What an eventful life I’m living.

The highlight of the month was probably getting a tooth removed…NOT. I was in so much pain for days, cause idiot me thought work was more important than seeing a doctor and I had to take so many pain killers. It was not fun and the remaining hole was incredibly disgusting. I’m glad it has healed a bit, but I still find it a bit disgusting. So one tooth down and hopefully no more pain for a long time.

Insta march

Actually, the real highlight was finally getting Disney+. There was no better moment and I’m still over the moon. Not that I don’t already watch enough other things on TV, Netflix, etc. I have a serious problem but I always try to do something else during my screen time. The first movie I watched was the live-action Lady and the Tramp and it was adorable. And after a few more movies, I’m currently watching Boy meets World in between everything else.

So that’s not a lot but completely ok. I’m spending lots of time with my mom now, and we’re doing fun things together. I’m working on all my indoor hobbies more (haha, like I have any outdoor hobbies) and just making the best of a crappy situation. I have no idea where all this positivity is coming from but it’s there and I like it.

Insta March

Write a letter to someone you currently can’t visit. Start a new project. Stare at the beautiful blue sky and get your daydreaming on. Give your house a good spring clean. Find happiness in the little things. Talk to someone when you’re not feeling good. Stick to the social distancing rules. And please, stay safe!

Tons of love,

Cherry Blossoms

Lovely life
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