50 Thoughts On “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Obviously, if you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now, because I will probably spoil it all for you. If you have, welcome to my thoughts on the beautiful movie that is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. I was probably a week late to the hype, cause I didn’t have the time to really focus on it, but when I finally did, I absolutely fell in love with the story, the characters and Peter Kavinsky. But more of that later. I usually don’t often watch movies again, except for my favorites and this became one of them, pretty quickly. So I decided to watch it again and take notes of my thoughts and feelings and I will share them with you. I’ll leave them chronologically and I won’t organize them in groups or something. It’s pretty much my line of thought throughout watching the movie.

To all the boys I've loved before

01. Is this a Disney movie? The opening music sure sounds like it.
02. Lara Jean is sooo pretty.
03. How cool does her room look?! I’d love a wall covered in cherry blossoms.
04. Josh isn’t even that cute, but that’s just my opinion.
05. I still love this idea of growing up in the same place, with your friends basically living next door and just having this special connection.
06. Writing down your feelings just helps so much.
07. I do feel a little bad for her never expressing her feelings to the people around her, though. But yeah, admitting you have a crush on someone is super scary. We’ve all been there.
08. I can relate to her messy room 100%.
09. Having an older sister is an idea I’ve always loved, but I will be forever stuck with a little brother.
10. Everytime I see airports in real-life or in a movie, I get jealous cause I love them and I also could use a trip.
11. Her color combo of turquoise and pink in her room is really beautiful.
12. My dream will forever be to live in an American teenie movie.

to all the boys I've loved before
13. OH MY PETER! ♥
14. He doesn’t seem to be into Jen, at all.
15. I’m surprised they’re allowed to eat in the library.
16. Can Peter walk by behind my car, please?
17. Well, the Covey sisters watch Golden Girls, so you must love them.
18. Hey Kitty, stop “shaming” your sister for staying home on a Saturday. That’s perfectly ok.
19. Why the hell would she put the address on each of the letters?
20. It’s hilarious that she faints.
21. It’s so cute how Peter doesn’t try to make her feel even more embarrassed.
22. As a matter of fact, all the guys reacted pretty cool. Like that would actually happen in real-life. Never. Those letters would be all over social media.
23. How can she not figure out that her sister took the letter box?
24. OMG, how she rolls off the roof…
25. I love how a pretty popular guy has no problem with her not being popular.
26. His idea of writing notes was so cute, at least for the moment, since in the beginning, they should only make Jen jealous.

to all the boys I've loved before
27. Did anyone know that Yakult was Korean?
28. I love the dad!
29. “So, what’s your background?” “Girl, come on. You know I already got it!” ♥
30. “H on V, H on C…” What the hell does this mean??? I feel old.
31. They are the cutest fake couple ever.
32. I hate that he lets Jen take the scrunchie away.
33. Lara definitely has a million times better style than Jen.
34. Their “no secrets” deal is sweet to see, cause they open up so much to each other.
35. He’s talking about Jen all the time, but gets offended when she reminds him that things are only pretend. Ummm hello?!
36. Lara and Peter can talk about serious things, which is so nice and important.
37. “You don’t even post about us on Instagram!” Welcome to relationships in the 21st century.
38. She wears 90s chokers. She’s my girl.
39. Oh when she rejects the seat next to him…
40. People who always carry a book are cool.

to all the boys I've loved before
41. Why didn’t she bring a bikini?
42. “There is no one like you, Covey.” *swoon*
43. Yeah right, like that night gown dried in like two seconds.
44. OMG, I would’ve ripped that scrunchie out of her hand.
45. I love over the top Christmas decorations.
46. I can sooo relate to her fear of losing people.
47. Aren’t his notes just the absolute cutest?
48. OMG, how she overcomes her fear of driving, just to tell Peter how she feels. So romantic.
49. Man, I wanna have to stand on my tippy toes and kiss someone, too.
50. I need to read the book like NOW!

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Goodbye August 2018

Goodbye August,

and hello September, which means that fall is super close. (Yeah, I know I’m super late with this.) And since it’s my favorite season, I’m very much looking forward to it. My wardrobe works so much better, when it’s not a million degrees outside. And don’t even get me started on the beautiful colors.

So about this month. I was pretty much stressed out most of the time. Work was really crazy, cause there was a birthday edition of our newspaper in the making and since we ended up with 64 pages, you can imagine what a job that was. So I was the happiest person ever, when it finally hit the printer and everyone is really happy with it. It’s a nice feeling when a big project turns out great. There are more good things that revolve around work, but unfortunately, I can’t talk about them. Just know, your girl is doing pretty good.

Instagram Mix

I was really frustrated with my blogging and social media skills, though. I was doing so great in July and then I started August off with a lot of promotional tweets and then, it just stopped. I got so caught up in work and when I didn’t work, I was too tired for anything. This project took away so much of my energy and also time, cause I did have to get some work done on weekends. So I just stopped scheduling tweets, posting on Instagram and with all the writing for work, I didn’t write for the blog. It was just one of these months, where I absolutely sucked at this. But I guess it happens to all of us. I also have wayyy too many hobbies and also friends and a family.  So who cares about numbers, right? (Me…a bit.)

My grandma celebrated her 80th birthday in the middle of the week, which was not ideal but it’s a big thing that she’s still around, so we all tried to manage and it was nice. I got to hang out with my cousins, my god son and my future sister in law and we had a pretty good time together. We went for a little walk through the woods and I ate wild berries, which sounds so stupid, but I kind of felt like a kid again on summer vacation, where you’re just out all day with your friends, riding bikes or camping in the backyard. I really miss those days a lot, since being a grown up can really be annoying.

Instagram Mix

I spent a little time with my friends, which is always a must, no matter how stressed out I am. My highlight was definitely a day in Frankfurt though, where I met up with a great friend I went to uni with. We had such an amazing time shopping, eating, doing some sightseeing etc. I spent so much money on things I don’t need, but I felt like rewarding myself for working my butt off.

So that was my month. It had its ups and downs but all is well. I’m really hoping for a great September though. I will have two weeks off starting on the 20th and I’m gonna make sure to have a lot of relax time. I really want to get back into scrapbooking, so that’s pretty high on my ist. In general, I have fun things planned and I can’t wait to share everything with you.

Stop and smell the fresh air. Appreciate everything you have. Get your fall wardrobe in order. Reward yourself. Make somebody smile. Put together your fall TV schedule. Surround yourself with people, who don’t take themselves too seriously. When you feel like the whole world is crushing down, try and hang in there a little longer. Have a great September.

Tons of love,

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Songs I loved
Selena Gomez – Back To You
Armin van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah
Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman

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Goodbye July 2018 // Which Moomin Character Are You?

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Which Moomin Character Are You?

This is a little post about the adorable Moomins and a quiz you can do online to find out which character you are. Do you remember this cute kids show? I know there were books and comics way before it, but that’s how I know them. And I’m always up for a little online quiz that tells me so much about my personality. How else could I ever know who I really am, right?

So this is truly one of my favorites because the Moomins are the cutest, the website is pretty fun to browse and it really makes me want to visit Moominworld in Finland, more and more. Also, the result is one that really surprised me for being super accurate. Isn’t it super scary when this happens? I know that the quizzes are just for fun, but often enough, they’re actually true, which blows my mind.

Which Moomin Are You

So apparently I’m Moomintroll, the main character of the show and he is just too cute to be true. And the result said:

You always enjoy the company of your dear friends and you totally trust them and they trust you. You often get excited about things you see and you believe that there are many super exciting things in the world to explore!

Even if you find your home and its surrounding to be the most interesting and safest in the world, you are still curious and daring enough to embark on new adventures!

This describes me so terribly well. My friends mean the world to me and I couldn’t imagine a life without them, even though I really have to motivate myself to meet up. Because as this quiz point out, my home is my safe place and I love being here. My room is everything to me and I hate leaving it, every single day. Once I get out though and do fun things, I of course love it. So I force myself to go on new adventures, every once in a while, because I know how deeply happy they make me. I’m always open for something new and even if it’s scary, I just need to push myself a bit, cause the world has so many amazing things to offer.

Moomin character

So if you want to find out which Moomin character you are, go to www.moomin.com and let them tell you all about yourself.

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Goodbye July 2018

Goodbye July,

and hello august. Wow, another month just flew by. Christmas is pretty much around the corner. I definitely feel it though, since I was pretty relaxed at the beginning of the month, after having some time off from work at the end of June, and now I’m not. I definitely wouldn’t say no to another vacation, but it’s just not going to happen.

The heat isn’t helping, either. Seriously, if I hear anyone complaining about not having a proper summer this year, I may lose it. How crazy is this weather? For my taste, it could be a bit cooler, though. It makes work so much harder. I have a million things to do, but it’s a bit hard to focus. But we always complain about the weather anyway, no matter what. I’m looking forward to fall though. It’s just my favorite season and I definitely have less trouble getting dressed. And don’t get be started on all the freaking bugs.

Instagram Mix July

So usually, I now tell you what I did all month. I can’t even remember doing anything besides work and sleep. And of course watch lots of TV shows and believe it or not, I did a lot more blogging than usual. I’m really trying to get better at it again, also with social media. I even started scheduling promo tweets again. It’s a miracle. And I definitely have a lot more things I want to write about, which is good. I just really have to keep kicking myself a bit, but I feel good about it. Sometimes, I just have a hard time writing, because I also write a lot for work and there is just so much writing I can do.

I think I had one date this month with my bestie and we went for waffles and I also hat a bratwurst. That’s pretty much all it takes to make me happy. There was also my grandma’s birthday and my brother’s, as well. Both were really nice and of course cake made it all even better. My absolute highlight were my parents being on vacation for ten days, though. I love them, but I’m too old to still be living at home and I get over it, from time to time. So it was nice to have some peace and quiet. It also made my brother and me be closer again. I can’t even explain why. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to be more relaxed and not get upset over every little thing.

So that’s that. It was hot, boring and also stressful. But I’m really needing all the chill time I can get. Whenever I get home, I can barely keep my eyes open, but by the end of August, it will be better and I’m looking forward to that. There are a lot of people I want to hang out with, and by the end of the month, I will be all motivated for that again.

Enjoy summer as long as it lasts. Blast your favorite summer tune on your way to work – it will make your day so much better. Stop letting every little thing get to you.  Eat lots of ice cream. Make time for yourself. Be open to new opportunities. Know your worth. Sit outside at night and listen to the chirping. Look up and count the stars. Have a lovely month.

Tons of love,

Mainz Germany Schillerplatz

Lovely life
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Songs I loved
Anne-Marie – 2002
Pietro Lombardi – Phänomenal
♥ Freya Ridings – Lost Without You

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A Love Letter To My Friends

Dear friends,

today is international friendship day, so I thought this is a good opportunity to tell you how much I love you. I’m writing this to thank you girls from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. You have no idea what it means to me to have such lovely people in my life.

I was never the most popular kid on the block, but I was always lucky enough to have some great friends in my corner. Thank you for sticking up for me, when others try to bring me down. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everyone who never gives a damn about what others have to say about me. When the whole world seems to be against you, you realize who you’re real friends are. The people who are willing to go to war for and with you are the ones you should keep around. And I’m grateful to have warriors by my side.

Some of my greatest memories in life are moments I shared with you. I will forever remember all those nights when we danced until the break of dawn. All the inside jokes we still share and laugh about. All the boys we talked about, chased down – ok, let’s call it minor stalking – and helped each other with. All those times we got drunk and just had the best time ever. The sleepovers, the movie nights, the trips, the festivals, the shopping sprees and all those years some of us went to school together. So many firsts we shared and I’m sure there are a lot more to come.

Love Letter

I want to thank you for every smile you put on my face, for every tear you dry, for every hug we share. Thank you for being there to fix me, after being left with a broken heart. Thank you for making your home always feel like home to me. Thank you for being more than friends – for being sisters at heart. Thank you for holding my hair when I get sick after partying too hard. Thank you for picking up the tab, when I’m broke. Thank you for always having a place for me to sleep. Thank you for always lending me an ear to moan about all my first world problems. Thank you for taking pictures of me over and over again, until I’m satisfied. I know you hate it.

I am grateful that you trust me with your kids and pets because I know that isn’t always an easy thing to do. It means the world to me. And I also thank you for telling me when I’m in the wrong, without judging me. You make me a better person. Thank you for letting me know how much I mean to you, because knowing that I’m an important person in your life fills my heart with joy. You know that I would do anything for you, no matter what time of day it is, and your appreciation is very special to me.

You make my world go round and you’re always the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I know that no matter what happens to me or what I do, you will be there. And I know that some people come and go and that is ok, but I’m sure that I have found some soulmates that will be by my side until we’re gray and old. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and I’m looking forward to every single moment we will share.

I love you and I’m grateful that I’m on this earth the same time as you are.

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Tik Tok – Your Clock Is Ticking

Tick Tock you're clock is ticking

This year, I turned 30. For many people, this is a signal to give me pitiful looks and worry about my ticking clock. Especially, because I’ve been single for a million years. But the thing is, I never wanted kids. I still don’t and I don’t care, if a million people tell me to “just wait” and “you’ll change your mind”. I mean sure, there is always a slight chance of changing your mind, but I doubt it. And I don’t get why it’s so hard for others to just accept the fact that a proper adult deliberately makes a decision like this. Last time I checked, I wasn’t some teenager, anymore.

The problem is that even in 2018, society still expects women to want and to have children. It still hasn’t settled in that women may have different plans than what is considered “traditional.” I also don’t want to get married. Sue me! I’m just tired to defend myself for something, that I shouldn’t have to defend myself for. I even have friends that cannot accept it. I mean, if you’re whole life evolves around your children and there is literally nothing else going on anymore, that’s fine for you, but to me, that just sounds horrible. And I’m not saying that it’s the way it has to be and that you still get to have a life as a parent, but all the changes that come with it – I just can’t see myself making them.

To be honest, I’m happy that I don’t feel the urge to start a family because considering the situation I’m in, I would be absolutely devastated with time actually running. And no, I don’t think you’re too old to get kids when you’re over thirty (my personal limit is like forty), but having a child with someone should be a well thought out decision. And I’ve been single for eight years now, so finding a father for my baby seems to be a mission impossible. I’m just not into the daddy type of guy.

Baby holding hands

You don’t want children? But you’re so good with them.

So here’s the deal. I’m really great with kids. I honestly think that I’d be a fabulous mom, but I’m just always really glad to give back the kids people throw at me. I’ve taken care of a baby for a year as an au pair, I have a god son who is turning eight in December and I’m sure he’s not going to be the only god child in my life. Friends fully trust me with their little ones and I just always end up with the kids at parties. They truly love me. Probably cause I’m still a big kid myself and am just up for anything. You’ll find me on a playground in a fancy dress because I just couldn’t care less. If it makes a kid happy, I’ll do it. That doesn’t mean, I let them get away with everything, though. I’m actually pretty strict, but it doesn’t make the kids love you any less.

Anyway, I really don’t want to sound awful, but kids can be such assholes. There, I said it. I love them, but I also don’t. When they reach a certain age, I really have a hard time being patient. I mean babies don’t understand things and that’s fine. I don’t mind teaching them. When they’re old enough though to know exactly what you want from them and they still ignore you? That’s just not for me. I recently had my god son over for the weekend. And as much as I love the kid, I also wanted to throw him out the window. He just knows everything and is always right. I find it especially annoying, since I know where it comes from and I just don’t think that it’s healthy to make children always feel that they’re kings and queens. A child should get used to failing, once in a while. It will probably make them feel a little less disappointment along the way. But as a non-parent, you mostly don’t get to have an opinion. Because how could an objective outsider with no kids possibly know anything, right?

Not wanting kids doesn’t make me a monster or any less of a woman!

So yeah, I have my reasons. I want to see the world, I want to work on my career, I want to hang out with my friends, I want to eventually date again, I want to make rash decisions that impact nobody, but myself, I want to sleep all weekend, if I feel like it, I definitely never want to be forced to get up early (aside from work, of course) and I just don’t want to take that kind of responsibility. And yes, having a child doesn’t mean that I can’t do things, I just don’t want to feel guilty because I know I would. But all of this doesn’t make me a monster or any less of a woman. It is my personal decision to not have kids. So you can all calm down and stop worrying about my ticking clock.

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12 Awesome Chick Flicks You Have To Watch – Part 2

Chick Flicks

I already gave you the first part of my list, and I could write a lot more posts about so-called chick flicks cause I truly live for them, but these are six more that are really high on my list. Maybe I’ll continue with suggestions but a total of 12 will just have to do for now.

07. The Sweetest Thing
Who would ever say no to a Cameron Diaz comedy? She’s hilarious! I mean sure, the story is a bit weird and some moments are just like WTF?! but it makes me laugh, every time. Let’s all sing the penis song together. Or the Pina Colada song? Trust me, it’s fun. And it’s set in San Francisco, which has a special place in my heart. It’s just a super fun and crazy comedy that guarantees lot’s of laughs. And in case you need inspo for your next costume party, pay close attention to the store scene.

Chick flicks

08. Uptown Girls
The movie is really beautiful. A touching story about love and loss, friendship, trust, growing up but never forgetting your inner child and so much more. The two main characters are incredibly loveable and it’s just the sweetest. They’re played by the beautiful Brittany Murphy, may she rest in peace, and Dakota Fanning, who is an absolute queen. I’m not sure how popular the movie is, but please give it a try.

chick flicks

09. Pretty Woman
This is the most classic movie on the planet and I’m an absolute sucker for it. Whenever it’s on TV, I have to watch it. Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful women on earth and Pretty Woman is just full of iconic scenes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her give it to those snobby ladies at the store, who didn’t want to serve her. And of course it gives us the happy end we all hoped for. It may be one of the most unrealistic stories ever, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful.

Chick flick

10. Legally Blonde
If Elle Woods isn’t the best role model on the planet, then who is?! This blond Barbie doll showing everyone what she’s capable of is just the best thing, because it just shows you that appearance doesn’t say s*it about you. As a teenager, I was more like her than anyone else. I adored her so much and she always reminded me that I can be whatever I want to be, no matter what people say. And trust me, they said horrible things. Becoming a lawyer wasn’t my goal, but I’m great at what I do and I killed at university and when I got my Master’s degree, I definitely had an Elle Woods moment. And OMG – they’re gonna make a third movie. Best news ever! Also, how does Selma Blair always seem to get the, how do I put this, most “interesteing” roles?!

chick flicks

11. Coyote Ugly
Remember watching that movie and thinking just how cool it would be to work at a bar and dance on the counter, while getting soaking wet or playing with fire? These ladies made it look like absolute goals. I love that the movie teaches you how you can achieve your goals, when you put in hard work. And that it’s perfectly ok to start somewhere, you didn’t see yourself at. We all need to survive and whatever helps you get there, do it. Unless it’s illegal. Not a fan of that. And if you live for serving people at a bar and dancing for them, then go for it. Nothing wrong with this.

chick flicks

12. The Clique
Honestly, I’m not sure if anyone besides me actually know this movie. It’s based on a book series for young adults, written by Lisi Harrison. I actually came across it in my 20s and I enjoyed it so much. Finding out that there is a movie had me go nuts. It’s your average teenage brats story, with a group of rich and snobby girly girls and an outsider trying to fit in. Classic. I never really get tired of them. If you’re a fan, absolutely give it a go. I don’t think it’s on Netflix or anything though, so you may have to buy the DVD, in case people still do that. Or read the books, cause they’re fun.

Chick flicks

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