Thoughts I Had While Watching Hocus Pocus

Yesterday, I watched my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus for the millionth time. It’s just one of those classics you can’t watch too often. The movie is just iconic, and honestly, if they’ll film a sequel, I won’t mind. There is also this Hocus Pocus online event a day before Halloween, and I already bought my ticket. Now, I’m just hoping that my wi-fi connection will actually let me be a part of it.

Anyway, sometimes, I like to watch movies and write down all my thoughts. Obviously, as an adult, we watch movies differently than as a child, but I don’t love it any less. I may be more observant though.

Hocus Pocus

    • Every time, I’m surprised to see Timothy McGee from Navy CIS in the first scene.
    • I always thought his name was Zachery. Does anyone ever hear it clearly pronounced Thackery?
    • I love Sarah’s singing, and I would’ve totally followed her voice, as well.
    • Winifred Sanders – one of the most iconic characters ever.
    • “Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” Me everyday.
    • The eye on the book is disgusting.
    • I’ve always had a thing for witches.
    • Why can’t the cat speak after being cursed, but 300 years later, it can?!
    • Sarah is so entertainingly stupid.
    • It’s just one of the movies that really makes me want to visit Salem. Especially during Halloween. I just read an article about it, and it’s insane.
    • I admire how confident Max is.
    • The Dennison house is gorgeous. I want a little tower in my room.
    • Dani is so cute, but I get it. Younger siblings can be pretty annoying.
    • I wish Halloween was as popular in Germany, as it is in the US. I love it and would never mind going trick-or-treating.
    • Didn’t Max just give the candy bag to the bullies? Why is Dani carrying it?
    • I would’ve totally lit the black flame candle. It’s just too tempting.
    • I can relate to the witches. Often not a big fan of kids myself.
    • Oh, how I would love to have magical powers.
    • A black river. :D
    • Their special walk is just one of the best things in the whole movie.
    • It’s so funny how they get to know the modern world.
    • Oh, Sarah… How boy-crazy can a woman be?!
    • Why the hell would the man in the devil costume just invite three strangers into his house, have them fawn all over him, while his wife is sitting right there? That’s just weird. Men…!
    • Those little girls stealing the brooms. Who on earth does that?
    • How the hell can three witches be scared of a little dog?
    • Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!
    • Sarah even got jiggy with her sister’s boyfriend. I’m surprised Winnie let her live.
    • Mom’s Madonna costume is so on point.
    • “I put a spell on you” is such an amazing performance.
    • Why can kids in movies and TV shows just enter their school at any hour of the day?
    • And why is there this big oven thingy?
    • Mary flying on a vacuum cleaner is the best.
    • I should check if mine can fly.
    • YAAAAS, go Billie.
    • Why can they suddenly enter the cemetery? I don’t get it.
    • The potion flying through the air without spilling a drop does not make sense.
    • That went by too fast.
    • I miss watching things as a kid. You don’t see movie flaws or question everything. It’s just the way it is.

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What I Love About Amusement Parks

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a big fan of amusement parks. I find them highly fascinating, and it’s always a great joy to visit one. I’m a big kid at heart, so it’s the perfect place for me to have some fun. There seems to be a joyful mood pretty much all around, and it’s just amazing. I can’t imagine anyone feeling low with so many fun things to explore.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo California

These parks are just a world of their own, and I always immediately get sucked in. The amount of detail that goes into designing and building these incredible sceneries is insane. Pretty much every park I’ve been to, and it’s been a few in different countries, is worth a trip. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and California, which are obviously perfection. In Germany, Phantasialand is my absolute favorite, and once, I went to Europa Park by myself and had a good time, as well. I can also recommend Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, where I also swam with dolphins. As you can probably tell, if you want to win my heart, take me to an amusement park.

I try most of the rides unless I already know I’ll get sick or something, but I’ve ridden some crazy ones. Unfortunately, I feel like the older I get, the less my body likes riding roller-coasters. The thrill is amazing though, and I’m always really proud when I pull through. But I also love the little things like merry-go-rounds, and on a hot day, I’m a big fan of water rides. Furthermore, there are usually lots of artistic shows with singing and dancing, or ice skating, which are great to watch, and maybe 3 or 4D movies. Not to forget VR-Rides. So much fun.

Amusement Parks

And because I’m actually 12 years old, I always try to get some character pics and also some with fun setups throughout the parks. When my mom took me to Disneyland in 2009, I stood in line for ages to meet the characters and get some pictures. I’m always there in between all these little children. I love it. But I also take pictures of the wonderful buildings and just the whole scenery. Around every corner, there is something new to see.

I’ve collected some fabulous memories over the years with many different people, and I always had the best time. The whole day is usually just perfection. You get up early in the morning, cause you always want to get there as soon as possible since there is always too much to do and see in one day. And lines can be super long. You eat junk food all day long – burgers, churros, cotton candy, you name it – take funny pictures all over the place, and are happily exhausted at the end of the day. I’m always glad when I’m not the one driving. I also have to buy souvenirs cause I just can’t help myself, and for me, is just part of the experience. A little something to treasure.

Tivoli Copenhagen

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It’s Time to Move Out

Today, I want to share something because I am over the moon, and I can hardly contain myself. I signed a rental agreement for my dream apartment, and I still can’t believe this is finally happening. It’s all I can think about now, and I’m just so incredibly happy.


The thing is, looking for a place to live isn’t as fun as one may think. And I’m not even talking about big cities cause that’s, as far as I know, absolutely horrible. Rent is crazy, five hundred people want it, and you basically have to go in like it’s a job interview. You have to be prepared, try to make someone like you, and convince them that there is nobody better than you. Although, I did that even in a small city with like 6000 people. It just sucks when everyone wants the same thing.

Since my parents decided to sell our house early next year, we all had to figure out where to live. I’m 32 now, and it’s about time I get my own place. It just never felt like the right moment, then things happened that postponed my plans, and living at home does have its perks. But I am so ready for my single girl apartment. Sure, it will probably be weird for a day, and then, I am absolutely certain that I will be living my best life. It’s the right time, and change can be so good.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a while, and it was frustrating from the getgo. When I found something nice, it was either already gone or too expensive. I had people not get back to me or someone showing me an apartment, although they actually already had a person they wanted to rent it to. I looked at one that I absolutely loved, carried my phone around for days – first for a time to look at the place, then again to find out, if I was the chosen one – only to not get it. The thing is, I know I’ll be a fab tenant, but the landlord has to believe it too.

I am a person that stresses out easily about these things. I like everything planned and organized, and when the clock is ticking with everyone knowing where they will live except for me, it sucks. I also like to constantly change my mind Every month, I wanted to live in a different town, which isn’t very helpful. My parents offered up some of their rooms for me to stay in, in case I wouldn’t find something, which is really sweet, but hell no. If I don’t leave now, I never will, and I really want and need this now.

Anyway, long story short: Finding my dream apartment turned out to be super easy. Not with getting to this point, but in this particular case, I got a number, I called, checked it out, and it was mine. As soon as I entered, I fell head over heels in love with it, and turning it down was just not an option. I still think it’s too good to be true because I am not one of these people who constantly get lucky. But I guess sometimes, it’s just the way it should be. I was so scared that something would happen that could take it away again, but I signed the contract, and now, I am the happiest person ever.

I shared the view from my future living room on Instagram and WhatsApp today, and what can I say: I’ve never in my life received so many heart-eye-emojis in a day. It’s just gorgeous. And it makes me so happy to see how many people are happy for me.

So now, I’m trying to figure out what to do first. Of course, I would love to start painting, decorating, and so on right away, but I still have to be patient, since the current tenant is still living there. I have to wait until December. But she’s nice, so I will call her soon and stop by to take some measurements and make a list of what I need cause furniture delivery can take months, and I want to get a headstart. In theory, I already planned most of it, but it obviously has to fit. It will be gorgeous. It’s also a very instagramable place, so maybe, I can finally up my social media game. Because that’s what matters, right?

By the length of this post, you can probably tell how excited I am. Once I’m all moved it, I’ll probably go crazy and share everything cause it’s so much fun. This is definitely not the last you’ve heard of it. Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. Yes, always the pessimist, but for now, I’ll just enjoy this flood of happiness.

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Group Chats – Blessing and Curse

I’m pretty sure that most people who own a smartphone are in some form of group chat. No matter what chat service you use, there is usually the possibility of adding multiple people to a conversation. And it totally makes sense. When you don’t want to send the same message 36 times, you just share it once and be done with it. It’s super convenient. But also, one of the most annoying things ever invented.

What's App

I’ve been in all sorts of group chats via WhatsApp and still am part of twelve. I am glad that most of them are not really active. Even though they are pretty good for organizing things, I am not a big fan. So many times, I’ve used them to plan things, like a baby shower for a friend or to invite people to my birthday party. And a lot of times, it just all ended in pure drama. At some point, someone always starts bitching, and then all hell breaks loose.

The thing is, I always try to be polite and all, but when I am trying to put something nice together for someone else and you get in the ring with me, you should be prepared to deal with a lion. I can go from the nicest person on the planet to the queen of mean in no time. Crossing me isn’t a good idea. I am also good with words, so I can destroy you if I have to. In group chats this usually leads to people taking sides, private messaging in the form of “I totally agree with you but don’t want a fight” and then staying quiet. I mean – can you not?! And then there is the ultimate move: leaving the group chat.

You have no idea how much time and nerves group chats have cost me over the years. And still, I obviously use them to communicate. Sometimes, you also don’t have a choice. There are chats for work, family, friends, etc. and some of them I just have to be a part of. I also don’t want to be left out. So I have to endure the people who think it’s funny to just send literally everything to everyone — like your uncle who thinks he found the funniest meme ever. And then, depending on who it’s from, you have to decide whether or not to respond. It’s not easy.

Then there is always that one person who decides to ignore everything. You know, like  when the gang tries to figure out when to get together. It’s always the same person reading everything but not bothering to respond. Makes my blood boil. And then they need an extra invite and have to get called out in the group and all that jazz. It’s frustrating. And in my case, that person eventually left the group because of feeling ganged up on, after not responding, ditching us at a planned date and bringing one lame excuse after another, and finally, me not being the only one telling them off. Group chats are honestly not the right place for snowflakes. When you’re the one caught in the crossfire, it can be a lot. But then also don’t act like a moron and you’ll be fine.

I also don’t like when someone puts together a group chat with people I don’t know, and then I’m in it with my number. Sometimes, you do not want certain people to have it. I mean, I’m in groups with everyone from school because reunions were planned. But no, I don’t want all of them to have my number, because some people, I couldn’t care less about. And no, I am not mean, it’s just the way it is. So here is a tip from me: Make sure to have your picture only visible for your contact list, and just try to keep everything as private as possible. But obviously, go on a stalking spree.

So yeah, technically, group chats are a good and convenient invention. It’s fun to chat with several people you like at the same time, share pics, or whatever. But depending on the group dynamic, it’s just terribly annoying.

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“So, have you met anyone lately?”

Once in a while, people ask me if I’ve met anyone lately, and it’s one of those questions that makes me want to roll my eyes. It’s mostly people I haven’t spoken to for some time, but I always have to ask myself, if they actually know me. The thing is, I’ve been single for a million years because I mostly chose to be. I mean it. I’m very good on my own and am not actively looking for love. And I think to make me change my mind, I just have to fall head over heels, without any chance of overthinking.


Yes, I am on Tinder, but it’s mostly for pure entertainment, cause men can be so dumb. I never really take any of it seriously. Except maybe once or twice, I was open to actual communications and a date, only to learn, as so many times before, that men are douchebags.

The question bothers me because where the hell do they think I would just meet someone? First of all, I never leave the house. Seriously, it’s insane. And with Corona going strong, I just live in my basement and go to physical therapy once a week. Second of all, almost all of my friends are married, have kids, and early bedtimes. And when we meet up, it’s going for walks or just hanging out sipping some tea while watching the kids. Now if that isn’t the way to meet guys, I don’t know what is. There is also most definitely nobody at work, but I wouldn’t even notice, cause I work from home.

I honestly don’t know where to actually meet someone. I’m also never sure if I want to. And yeah, you may say these things just happen, but there is a difference in your attitude, depending on whether or not you’re open to meeting someone. I mostly give off a strong leave me alone kinda vibe, and the good ones do. I’m honestly really not very approachable. But a part of me still believes in accidentally running into someone at the supermarket. And then, I would probably just leave and blow my chances. But who knows.

I’m certain that I could’ve met someone special over the past decade, with a different attitude. I did meet some guys. But to crack my shell, you just have to be one hell of a guy, and that’s not easy. I’m just so used to being alone, and I am not familiar with being in a relationship as an adult. Furthermore, I am not easy to deal with. The only thing I can tell you is that when you mean something to me, you will know because I would do anything for the people I love. I just need someone worthy of it, who can also deal with my antics. Again, not an easy person who has been alone for probably too long.

Anyway, my point: Don’t go around asking stupid questions. I get it but just don’t. Also, don’t ask people when they’ll get pregnant, married, or whatever. Of course, I have done this myself, but we should never stop learning, and I don’t do it anymore. If I do, call me out on it. Cause the thing is, you never know what someone is going through, so just mind your own business. Also, if I would actually meet someone, nobody would believe me if I told them, anyway. But eventually, I would share the news. Maybe on like Instagram and give everyone a heart attack and have my phone blow up.

We are all designers of our own lives, and there is no one right path. Not everyone wants to get married, have kids, have no kids, buy a house, be single – you name it. Let’s just say, I know what I don’t want, and the rest will happen when it happens.

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