Goodbye October 2017

Goodbye October,

and hello gray November, a month nobody really needs. I already don’t like how early it get’s dark outside and nature is starting to look so naked and boring. I’m really going to miss all the beautiful fall colors but I guess that’s just how it works. At least, we can now all start looking forward to Christmas. There are only eight weeks to go and since it’s my favorite holiday, I’m excited for it. I can’t wait to put up my tree but it’s still a little early for that.

October was not the best month but also not the worst. I had an infected cyst removed from my head (yeah, gross) and I wasn’t able to wash my hair for 9 days. It was so annoying but it’s all good now. I also had to take my car to the repair shop twice and without my car, I can barely function. My car not starting on a Monday morning, twice in a row, certainly wasn’t pleasant. It sucks being so dependant on things like a car. Halloween also made me a bit sad this year because Germany just doesn’t know how to do it. Or maybe it’s just where I live but there is nothing great going on, there are hardly  decorations to be found and I couldn’t even find a pumpkin patch to visit. I normally love this holiday but I just don’t live in the right country for it.

But aside from all of this, the month also had lots of good moments. I went to the amusement park again, which is always a good idea, especially when the weather is great. I had some dates with friends like going for a walk through the animal park nearby, visiting a comedy show, having a cup of tea in a nice café, catching a movie at the cinema and lovely things like this. I also had a sleepover with my godson and I always cherish our moments together. I laughed a lot, I relaxed a lot and yes, I watched so many TV shows – it’s crazy how happy it makes me.

Currently, I still have a few days off and I’m enjoying every second of not having to go to work. I love being a journalist but I don’t really enjoy being frustrated most of the time, so this break is much needed. Today, I’m just relaxing and binge-watching Gotham, but I already did fun things and there are more planned. I wish this week would never end. But overall, I hope this will be a good month. I’m looking forward to a few things and I’m definitely excited to get into the Christmas spirit.

Start working on your Christmas lists, dance, smile, buy something that you really love, spend time with your family, find a new TV show and binge-watch it, capture every fun moment with a camera, share some blog love, let go of toxic people, make compliments, eat lots of cake, discover new music, stop caring about what other people think, give your room a good clean, cuddle up with a fluffy blanket and a cup of tea and have a great November.

Tons of love,


Lovely life
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Songs I love
The xx – I Dare You
♪  Ed Sheeran – Perfect
♪  Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?

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365 Days As An Au Pair

365 days as an au pair

At this time of year, I tend to get a bit sentimental because on September 29th, three years ago, I started my year as an au pair in America and these were the first days of a crazy adventure. I can still remember how nervous I was and how sick in my stomach I felt, even though I really wanted to go. While my mom was helping me pack my things and my best friend was there for moral support, I just sat in my room crying, unable to do anything. I felt completely overwhelmed with the whole situation, but there was no going back. It was all ok when we got to the airport, though. I was heading toward a new adventure and boy, an adventure it was.

Ever since I spent part of my childhood growing up in the US, I always wanted to go back. 20 years, I wanted nothing more and now the day was here. Me and everyone else thought that I would never come back to Germany. It went without saying that I would somehow find a way to stay and make my life-long dream come true. I definitely believed it because I went abroad with not one suitcase but two, my carry-on luggage and my mom sent me two humongous boxes with all the stuff I thought I needed to survive. I’m pretty sure that no other au pair in the entire universe has ever brought that much stuff. But I really thought that I would at least do the two possible years as an au pair and then find a job or something that would allow me to stay.

Au Pair San Francisco

I spent my year in the beautiful city of San Francisco, with a very nice family. (Look at all the beautiful pictures here and here.) I took care of a then three-month old little munchkin who gave me so much, throughout the year that I don’t even have words to describe my love for her. It was a huge responsibility and although I didn’t exactly have a ton of childcare experience, I knew that I could do this. To be honest, my maternal instincts pretty much kicked in immediately. Lucky me, she was one of the sweetest babies in the whole world. The only sad thing about her being so young at the time, is that she won’t remember me. Occasionally we still Skype but I don’t think she knows who I am. She was only 15 months old when I left and since then, she’s been with the fourth au pair, so chances are pretty slim. I hope that when I come back to visit one day, she may recognize my voice because I used to sing to her a lot. I doubt it but you never know. I just like to believe that after all this time we spent together, some memory of me is still inside of her.

Let me say this first, overall, I had a pretty good year. I’ve heard so many crazy stories about what other au pairs experienced with their families and I’m glad to say that I didn’t really have major problems. I mean sure, nothing is always perfect and sometimes things annoy you, but that is the normal way of life when you life with people. I was lucky because they did treat me like family, I was included in pretty much everything and most importantly, they trusted me 100% and that’s worth a lot when you work with other people’s kids. You spend so many hours with them and you don’t want to feel watched or mistrusted and you just hope to be respected. They did respect me and my opinion and that’s something I was really glad about. When this is the situation your kids are raised in, there has to be mutual trust, understanding and a good communication. There is nothing worse than parents who think they know everything better, even though you’re the one who spends the most time with their child and knows it inside out. It just isn’t right and nobody knows everything, so work together.

365 Days as an au pair

Of course there were moments when I just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. It’s normal to feel this way with pretty much any job, once in a while. I also struggled with a lot of personal things that frustrated me. For instance realizing that living and working in the US didn’t feel right, anymore. For 20 years I was sure about what I wanted and suddenly, I didn’t want it anymore. I remember coming home for Christmas and basically spending most of the time crying because I just didn’t know what to do. A big part of me didn’t even want to fly back to the US, but once I start something, I make sure to get it done. It was hard knowing that all of a sudden, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, which was especially terrible because I knew that at some point, I had to go back home for good and face reality. These thoughts crept up on me once in a while and definitely provided a roller coaster ride of emotions. And when you have that mixed with moments where everyone is just getting on your nerves, it’s hard to keep your cool. Sure, you can talk to your host parents but you can’t just slam a door in their face or tell them to shut the hell up. You can maybe do that with your family at home, but as much as my host parents made me feel like family, they were not my family. I still worked for them and couldn’t just do or say whatever I wanted. Which is ok because it’s part of the deal and you just have to live with it. It’s just hard sometimes.

The way to get through it, is to find some great friends who you can just talk to, preferably who work as au pairs as well because nobody else can really understand the struggle. And you just try to make the best out of it and look for great adventures. As an au pair, I was more of an outsider, which wasn’t a real surprise. I was older that most of the others, I loved my lazy weekends and didn’t feel like having to party all the time, because I’m in another country. And I just preferred to spend my hard-earned money on travelling or the Disney Store. That made me so much happier than any club night ever could. I was also very lucky to have a great support system back home in Germany. There was hardly a week where I didn’t get a letter, postcard or package in the mail. Sure, we can all send a text or an email, but my friends and family actually all sat down to write to me and it always cheered be up, a lot.

365 days as an au pair

Aside from working, I got to travel quite a bit and experienced great trips because let’s be honest, San Francisco is an amazing city. It already started when I got on the plane to the States because the first stop was training school in New York. Sure, nobody was thrilled about the whole thing, but I met some pretty awesome girls and we just made the best of it and NYC is always a fun sight to see. In San Francisco, I tried to see a lot of the city and will never forget the feeling of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge for the very first time. I also fell in love with the water front and Pier 39 definitely became my happy place. I also tried to visit places that were not very popular in the travel guides and I’m pretty sure I got an overall good city experience. I also travelled to Colorado, Boston, Montana, Los Angeles, San Diego, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park (too many to list everything) and in my travel month, which happened right after my 12 months were over, my favorite travel buddy and I were all over the map. We went to Crater Lake (Oregon), Portland (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Big Island (Hawaii), New Orleans (Louisiana), Jackson (Mississippi), Birmingham (Alabama), Atlanta (Georgia) and Portland (Maine), which you can read all about here. Even though I had some rough moments, I would’ve never experienced all of this, if I hadn’t worked as an au pair and I’m grateful for every single one of these trips, even though they may not all have been perfect.

I often look through all the photos I took in these 13 months and I look so happy in them because overall, it was an amazing experience. I think about riding the merry-go-round at Pier 39, about playdates at Golden Gate Park, I remember crossing the bridge with my bestie from Denmark, who I’m still good friends with, and I think about celebrating my birthday by swimming with dolphins. I will never forget all the times I heard my little munchkin laugh, how she took her first steps or how I taught her to give high-fives. And I will definitely never forget the moment I put her to bed for the last time ever and she said goodbye with a very loud fart. I think about the times my mother or my brother and his girlfriend came to visit me, or the fun I had at Disneyland. I remember making s’mores and watching the sun set at Ocean Beach. I smile when I think about driving down Lombard Street at night, when all the tourists were gone or about spending lots of money at Target, when I only needed like one thing and bought half the store. These memories and many more will never be forgotten because they made me so incredibly happy.

365 days as an au pair

It wasn’t the easiest year of my life but it helped me to figure things out and to learn a lot about myself. I’m glad I did it and I’m also very happy about the fact that I did it at 26 and not 19, right after school. I was ready for it and I did a good job. I can only recommend doing something like this because it will definitely teach you a lot. And really think about the decisions you make, no matter what your au pair agency or anyone else tells you. You have to feel what is right for you and what’s not. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that being an au pair is all just fun and games and that you basically just work a little with children and can travel and have fun all the time. That’s not what it’s all about. It’s part of it but it still is a real job that should be taken seriously.

This advice I can give you: Do what makes you happy, don’t let anyone treat you badly, don’t be scared, travel as much as you can, be a good role model, be prepared, find places you love and visit them, when you’re having a rough day, find real friends but don’t worry when you’re not part of the popular crowd – it’s overrated. Take a ton of pictures and not just with your phone. Take the kind that you can blow up poster size and hang on your walls. Take notes or keep a diary to make sure you don’t forget anything, fight through the hard times, be open minded, spend all your money on fun cause reality will hit you soon enough, cry when you feel like it and just enjoy the whole experience with all its ups and downs.

If you have any questions about how it’s like to work as an au pair, about travelling in the US, about San Francisco or whatever else you may want to know, always feel free to ask because a firsthand experience is definitely a good start to knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

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Goodbye September 2017

Goodbye September,

and hello wonderful October. I know that this is a month lots of people love and so do I. We’ve reached fall, which is a beautiful season and I hardly know a blogger who is not a fan. I won’t rat out the few who are not – you know who you are. ;) I pretty much always have my camera in the car with me now and you can see me stop here and there to take pictures of colorful trees and leaves. I don’t even want to know who passes by and thinks: “What the hell is she doing?!” Well, I’m a blogger, that’s what we do.

I was in a pretty good mood all month and in general, I think I’m doing very well. There were some stressful times at work but they pass and you survive. I just try to be more positive with everything and it does wonders. Sure, I have my moments where I just feel like crying but I blame that on pms because overall, everything is fine. Last month, I really tried to be more productive, which helps with the mood, as well. I did a lot more blogging than the months before and I’m very happy with that. One weekend, I bought myself a puzzle and did that instead of just laying in bed, doing absolutely nothing. I started using to-do-lists again and they really make a huge difference. I’m definitely planning on keeping it this way.

What else is absolutely great about fall are all the amazing shows back on TV. I’m an absolute junkie and easily watch 10 or more at a time. I’m gonna try not to spoiler anything but how freakin’ cool is it that Will&Grace is back? And it hasn’t changed at all, except for smartphones and Grinder. I laughed so hard. Chicago Fire gave me a heart attack within two minutes because it seemed like everyone was dead and I already had tears in my eyes (yes, I get emotionally invested). Shonda Rhimes did an amazing job with Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder as usual and I really hope that The Big Bang Theory never ever gets cancelled. And don’t even get me started on the Kardashians. Hi, I’m Hailey, and I have a problem.

I didn’t experience anything major exciting but that’s completely fine with me, since writing, watching TV shows, working on my Instagram and all these things make me really happy. I did attend two birthday parties though, which were pretty fun, and I went to McDonald’s, where they accidentally put two burgers into my bag. As you can imagine, it totally made my day, probably my whole week. If I sound like moron, I won’t apologize for it because it’s the little things that matter and which will ultimately bring you happiness. I also had a press appointment with a 90s popstar that I’ve been looking forward to for months and it was very successful and I’m a bit proud of myself for that one.

So that’s it for September. I really hope we’ll have a golden October, because us bloggers want to take a lot more pictures and it just gives the month a great overall feeling. I have a few things planned and who knows what will happen. I just hope to stay happy and have fun with whatever I’m doing.

Take lots of fall pictures, watch Hocus Pocus, get a scary costume, make time for cozy days and nights, smile, always bring your camera, do whatever makes you happy, say no if you’re not feeling it, do a fall cleaning, go to your favorite fast food place and eat yourself through the menu, do something creative like starting a scrapbook and have a great October.

Tons of love,


Lovely life
♥ lemon cake  when you get a McDonald’s menu and they accidentally bag you a second burger  dancing like maniacs to lots of oldschool music with your friends when you cook a meal that you really like  working your way through a to-do-list  rainbows  a good laugh  so many good shows are back  meeting Kathy Kelly  that weekend feeling  discovering new music  compliments  Will&Grace  lots of writing  fall cleaning  feeling happy  au pair memories  eating doner kebab with my brother  putting together a puzzle  fresh sheets 

Songs I love
Karla Anderson – What Else Can I Do?
Shakespears Sisters – Stay With Me
♪  P!nk – What About Us

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Instagram September

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German Sayings Literally Transtlated Into English

I’m pretty sure that every country has its own sayings in its own language. But what happens when you literally translate them into another language? I’m German and I thought I’d translate some of the things we say into English and I’m pretty sure everyone will think we’re crazy. My work bestie helped me put together this list and I dare you to read it and not laugh.


That makes me nobody so fast after.
I think, I spider.
There bites the mouse no yarn off.
Life is not a ponyfarm.
 With me is not good cherry eating.
How horny is that then?!
I only understand train station.
My English is under all pig.
That is not the yellow from the egg.
There becomes yes the dog in the pan crazy.
Holla, the Woodfairy!
I eat a broom.
Everything is in butter.
He has not all the cups in the cupboard.
The drop is sucked.
You have a beforepicturefunction.
That is all jacket like trousers.
And now butter by the fish.
 You have of tooting and blowing no idea.
Nothing for ungood.
There we have the salad.
I buy not the cat in the sack.
You go me animally on the cookie.
 You are on the woodway.
Now I know how the bunny runs.
Don’t play the offended liversausage.
You can me once.
It makes me foxdevilswild.
Heaven, ass and thread.
I shame me in ground and floor.
Peace, joy, eggcake.
My dear mister singing club.
Don’t go me on the ghost.
Old Swede!
Oh you green nine!
Don’t hang it on the big bell.
He makes out of a mosquito an elephant.
There stays no eye dry.
 I need to bite in the sour apple.
There lies the dog buried.
There is hop and malt lost.
That knocks the barrel the bottom out.
Leave the church in the village.

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My 101 Wishes – 76-101

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 4 and don’t laugh at me.

Make A Wish

076. Talk to animals
I bet we’ve all been at a point, where we just want to talk to our pet and be like: “What the hell do you want from me?” It would be so nice to hear all the stories they have to tell.

077. Live in London
For most of my life, I always wanted to go back to the States and live there. I went back, I changed my mind. Now, I could really see myself living in beautiful London, but with Brexit and all, who knows if it’s even possible.

078. Be a Disney Princess at Disneyland
Definitely not forever cause I’m pretty sure, I’d be annoyed pretty quickly, but maybe for a month or so. Preferably, I want to be Belle.

079. Have the soundtrack to my life playing when something happens
I love how in movies there is always the right music playing in the background of a special scene. I want that in real life.

080. Live in a different era
It would be amazing to be a flapper in the golden 20s and celebrate huge Gatsby-style parties.

081. Have the perfect blogger/Insta friend close to me
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my friends, but none of them really have a thing for social media, blogging or photography. It would be really great to have someone close by to share all of this with. Support is key.

082. Win a Pulitzer Prize
When you’re a journalist and don’t wish for this, are you even a journalist?

083. Have one of those crazy movie romances
You know, the ones that hardly ever happen in real life? Yeah, those. I want a Chuck and Blair kinda thing (I know Gossip Girl is not a movie) because I have a thing for complicated.

084. A make-up applying machine
I want something where I can just type in the look I’m going for, hold my face into and then get it painted.

085. My own comedy/late night show
I’m a funny person who loves to make people laugh and I’ve been told that I should try standup, but I just can’t do everything. And it’s a huge step. But yeah, have a show like that would be pretty cool.

086. Have a Wikipedia page
Technically, I could just make one for myself, but that would be a bit sad. Can you imagine?!

087. Complete my bucket list
At least the realistic things that I can actually influence.

088. Get a Ph.D.
I really hope that I can find the time and motivation someday.

089. Be a marine biologist
In another life, that’s what I want to be. Unfortunately, in this life, I’m a bit scared of the sea and in school, biology definitely wasn’t my strong suit. Life under water is fascinating, which brings me to my next wish.

090. Be a mermaid
If I was a mermaid, I didn’t have to study biology, so that would be a plus. I’m an Aquarius and a good swimmer, it makes perfect sense. I already got the costume at home, too.

091. Forever have a close relationship with my godson
I can’t even tell you how much I love this boy. He turns 7 in December and I love spending time with him. I’m dreading him turning into a teenager but I will do my best to keep our bond as close as it is. And I also can’t wait to become godmother a few more times. I know it’s going to happen.

092. Meet supernatural creatures
I really want to know if there are ghosts, vampires, unicorns and all those magical and supernatural creatures and of course, meet them. Who doesn’t want to have a friend like Casper the friendly ghost?!

093. Be a wedding planner
Man, I definitely need a lot more lives to work in all these jobs. I honestly thought about doing this but since being a journalist is my dream job, I went for that. However, I do hope I can plan a big one, someday. One of my friends will definitely let me do it, at some point.

094. Have a song written about me
It doesn’t have to be a love song, I just want to know that a song was written about me.

095. Some specific material things
A Tiffany necklace or bracelet, a Kate Spade Handbag, a pair of Manolos, original Uggs and things like that. I’m not super interested in big brands, but a few special pieces would be very nice.

096. Meet the British Royal Family
How I would just love to take a look behind the curtain. I want to know what a queen does all day, hang out with Kate and William and definitely party with Harry. And you know, I want to feel like a princess for a day.

097. Be a Victoria’s Secret angel
I don’t want to be a full-time model, I just want to be a VS angel. The shows are absolutely amazing and those women are some of the most beautiful in the whole world. The music, the runway, those gorgeous wings – I want that.

098. Have my own big fat wedding but without the marriage
Just because I don’t want to get married, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love a wedding. It would be completely over the top and cost a fortune but it would totally be the dream. But just a warning: I will be a huuuge bridezilla.

099. A super crazy weekend in Vegas
It can definitely happen, I just need to find the right people to go with. I really love my friends, but I don’t think they’re up for it and you can’t have the fun I’m looking for with just anyone. I really want it “Hangover” style before I get much too old for crazy things like that.

100. Pure happiness
I said it in the beginning of the year, I truly just wish for happiness. I’m not sure what exactly will bring me the kind of happiness I’m looking for, but I’ll know when I find it.

101. World peace
I know this sounds cheesy, but if you don’t wish for this, are you even human???

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My 101 Wishes – 51-75

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 3 and don’t laugh at me.

Make A Wish

051. Speak every language in the world
Being able to communicate with every person in the world would be absolutely amazing.  I find it so interesting to learn about different countries and cultures and it would make it a lot easier.

052. Win the lottery
I mean, who couldn’t use that? But I don’t even play, so that makes it very unrealistic. And when it comes to luck, I’m usually not majorly blessed with it. I just want enough to take a year off and travel the world.

053. Figure out what my ultimate dreamjob is and get it
I’m a journalist and I don’t want to be anything else, I just don’t know exactly what I want to do with it for the rest of my life. Still trying to figure that out and taking one step at a time.

054. Have an aquarium built into the wall
When I was a little girl, I had a pink Ariel aquarium and it was lovely. I had another one after that with colorful rocks and marbles but then my parents basically made it theirs and I didn’t have one, anymore. Life under the sea fascinates me and I would love to have a big aquarium built into the wall and a person to take care of it. So beautiful.

055. Meet the Obama’s
It’s not a political thing, I just admire them as people. I even wrote my Master’s thesis on Michelle Obama and I think she’s an incredible woman.

056. Have my own newspaper column
Basically, I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. Write a column, publish books and all that. I don’t want her closet, just her job.

057. The Spice Girls getting back together
I’ve always been a huge fan and still have some merchandize and a big folder full of clippings. They were the best girl group ever and I would really love to see all five of them live on stage.

058. Have motivation 24/7
We’ve probably established by now that I’m lazy but I also love the feeling of being productive. I just have lots of trouble getting myself motivated these days.

059. Be in New York during Christmas time
One day, it will happen. I want to go ice skating at Rockefeller Centre, admire the big Christmas tree and just take in the whole wonderful atmosphere.

060. Read all the books I own
I feel absolutely terrible for writing this, but I haven’t read one book this whole year. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. There are still so many lovely books waiting for me but someday, I will hopefully reach my goal.

061. Being able to beam me to any place in the world
As much as I love airplanes, just beaming myself to any place in the world within seconds is just the dream. Who knows what technology will bring us in the future.

062. Catch all the Pokémon
I don’t really play anymore because it got pretty boring, but I didn’t delete it. So there is still hope.

063. A robot who just does everything I want him to
Yup, lazy.

064. Visit Disneyland during every season
It’s just so pretty how they redecorate for every season and I want to witness it all. I’ve been to Paris during Halloween/fall which was super cool and to California in summer and spring, but I can’t remember that being super special. I liked Eurodisney a lot better.

065. A mini fridge right next to my bed
Lazy, lazy, lazy.

066. Fly 1st class to somewhere far away
I just wanna do that at least once in my life and feel like a million dollars.

067. Have enough money to never have to think about spending it
I don’t need to be filthy rich, I just don’t constantly want to do the math.

068. All the US food I love being available in Germany
There is so much I really miss over here, but when I’m in the States, I also miss German food. If I could really wish for some things in my local supermarket, I’d love Pizza Lunchables, Lucky Charms, Fruit Gushers, the original Doritos, Hot Pockets and just a lot more unhealthy food.

069. I want to be a kid again
Adulting is just not super fun and I’m over it pretty much every day. My childhood was pretty cool so I wouldn’t mind going back for a while.

070. Have Jennifer Lawrence and Adele as friends
I feel like we would get along sooo good. They’re just natural and say whatever they think and that’s definitely my kind of people. I’m pretty sure we would just die of laughter.

071. Knowing what my future is going to be like
I really want to know because I have no clue. I always thought, I would have it figured out by 30 but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And I’m really impatient and just want to know, so I can stop worrying.

072. All my favorite childhood TV shows back on TV
Because the 90s were just the absolute best and I wouldn’t need anything else on TV. Or well, all the other 3846 shows I watch, but the 90s shows would just be the most amazing thing ever.

073. Be a contestant on “Let’s Dance” ( the German”Dancing With The Stars”)
This is definitely one of my biggest wishes and every season, I always think that I could totally do it. Dancing was always a huge passion of mine, although I don’t really dance anymore, like I did when I was younger, but I wouldn’t even need a second to think about it, even for zero money. I just want to be a contestant.

074. Attend an award show
I’ve been forever obsessed with award shows. I used to stay up all night to watch them live (stupid time difference), I take notes and I just always wish I could attend. I want to do the red carpet, dance in the audience and yeah, I want an award because I’ve got my speech ready.

075. Be really good at rapping
I think it’s just one of the coolest things to do and I’m not super bad at rapping, I just think it doesn’t sound too good. However, I do think that I’m pretty good at doing “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa and “Butterfly” by Crazy Town.

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My 101 Wishes – 26-50

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 2 and don’t laugh at me.

Make a wish

026. My own Library
I bet a lot of people have this Belle-fantasy where someone just gives you a huge library. Yeah, I want that. But since probably nobody is going to do that, I will build my own. I already have a whole wall with shelves and 700-800 books in them, so that’s a good start.

027. A penthouse with an awesome New York view
I really don’t need a whole house so a penthouse with a view would just be the dream. And who doesn’t love a great NY view.

028. Go to school at Hogwarts
It’s seriously the ultimate fantasy. Sneak through the hallways, talk to ghosts, have Hermoine as my best friend. But seriously, what if it really exists and we simply don’t know about it cause we’re muggles?

029. Be the star of my own daily soap
Or maybe more of a daily reality show. Just a camera following be around, filming my breakdowns at work, my major chill sessions and just me stuffing my face with unhealthy food. Doesn’t that sound like a hit show?!

030. Have a personal assistant
I think, I would actually be a good one myself, but I’d rather have one. Calling people for me, reminding me of all the things I forget, make me some tea, collect my mail…

031. A remote for everything
Because I’m lazy like that.

032. Be an absolute it-girl
When I was a teenager, Paris Hilton was one of my biggest idols. My walls were covered with her posters, I collected every snippet I found of her in magazines, I dressed a lot like her and well, I also had to take a lot of crap for it. So Maybe I kinda was one already, minus the millions of people also loving me, although I know some did in secret.

033. Have my dream body
Well, who doesn’t want that?! Still lazy, still love junk food too much. Someday…

034. Owning everything on my Amazon wish list.
I don’t even want to know what all of it combined costs.

035. Save the world with Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon was such a cool show and although the character was kind of annoying, the whole transformation thing etc. was amazing and I think we could definitely use her in this world.

036. Celebrate graduation again for two weeks
It’s been almost 10 years since I graduated from high school and the two weeks of partying afterward were really fun. Man, some of my favorite memories are those of our graduation trip to the Netherlands. Fun times.

037. Have my own band
I’ve always loved music and I love to rock out on stage. I was in school bands and choirs but my real own band would be sweet. But who the hell has time for it?!

038. Own a lifetime gift card for H&M
That’s where I order most of my clothes and I give them sooo much money. So please, give me a gift card that lasts a lifetime.

039. Learn all standard and latin dances
Just all of them but I need a dancing partner and I don’t just want some random person.

040. Run my own company
I kinda have to because I promised my bff that when she’s 45, has kids and is going through a divorce and all, I’ll find a job for her, that doesn’t require being organized or hardly any skills.

041. Have really nice pictures of me in Playboy
I really don’t think that there is anything bad about it and you can definitely show what your mama gave ya.

042. Own every single Disney DVD
Working on it.

043. Being able to eat anything without getting fat
Said every woman in this world.

044. Spend a night with a hot guy at IKEA
Well, you know…play house and all.

045. Lot’s of Victoria’s Secret stores in Germany
Yeah, same as with the Disney Stores. Apparently, there are two or three at airports but I can’t book a flight just to go shopping at VS. Just please Germany, go with the flow and bring on the good stores.

046. Meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Because he’s such a hero, a huge inspiration and I would just love to have a good talk with him. I can only imagine all the great conversations one could have with this man.

047. Becoming editor in chief somewhere
Someday, I will run my own magazine and I’m planning on being fair and reasonable. Although, my mom does say that she wouldn’t want me as a boss. I don’t think, I’d be a monster, though. One day, I’ll get offered a position like that and it will be glorious.

048. Dance under the Eiffel Tower
Technically, I don’t need a man for that but it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

049. Go skydiving
I really want to and I’m sure this wish will come true, someday.

050. Meet one guy who is not like all the others
A girl can dream, right?

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