Goodbye April 2021

Goodbye, April,

and hello, May. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there. Thank you for everything you do. You’re amazing! Also, hi mom, I love you.

Mix April 2021 1

How can it be May already?! And 2021 is still pretty shit. Seriously, I hardly have anything fun to report cause we’re still in lockdown. Nobody really understands anything anymore, and it all mostly doesn’t seem to make much sense, but at least, numbers are finally starting to go down, and I hope it will continue. It would be nice to be able to have a little fun this summer. I don’t want the whole world, just some little adventures here and there. I am also finally registered for a vaccine appointment, and it would be lovely to get this show on the road. It will most likely still be a while, but I never thought I’d even be eligible to register at this point – Germany is pretty slow – so I am happy with that.

Enough with the whole covid dilemma. I’m trying to think of fun things, which sure is better for my mental health. I’ve definitely had some low days, which is normal, and I’m sure, especially right now, many people have those days when everything sucks. Isolation just does things to you. I’m not someone who is usually out and about all the time but being mostly alone can get a bit depressing. I’m glad to have the doggy. Without him, I would be lost. I also see my mom every week, but that’s pretty much it. And with the weather mostly not being great – even the snow came back – meeting my friends is not really possible cause we don’t want to hang out indoors. Better safe than sorry.

Mix April 2021 2

However, I did have one absolutely amazing day. Which I still can’t believe actually happened. It wasn’t planned, but sometimes everything turns out to be fab. Just like that. The weather was supposed to be great for one day, and I planned on actually leaving the house – which I don’t do much except for walks with the dog and the occasional grocery shop – to meet with my brother and go for a walk. But then I got a call from my best friend, who had moved to another country this year, telling me that she was in town, had some time and would stop by in like ten minutes. My feelings were all over the place. I miss her so much all the time, and then she was just there, we hung out a bit, and it was wonderful. We actually saw each other twice that day. Long story, but it happened, and we laughed, talked, exchanged birthday gifts, and I am still high on endorphins.

But, even though that was the best part of that day, it wasn’t the only fun I had. I did go for a walk with my brother, and the local place we went to is just beautiful, and I enjoyed it very much. Then I stopped by at my other besties place to hang out with her and my godson. We played in the sandbox, and at the end of the day, I had sand in my shoes, my jacket, and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. When you have sand everywhere, you know it’s been a good day. And when I was back home, my mom came by, cause we had to take care of some things and as mentioned above, my best friend came over again. It was just perfect: sunshine, lots of people I love dearly, fun, laughter, and all the good things. By the end of the day, I was exhausted but endlessly happy. I’m not used to seeing so many people anymore, being out all day, enjoying life. It was perfection.

Mix April 2021 3

It’s honestly the little things that matter so much. And just one good day is better than none. I’m trying to focus on the good things, and staying busy with things I love doing. I made myself a long to-do list that keeps me active and prevents my mental health from spiraling. I try and do something every day, do my work, take care of household stuff, talk to friends and family over the phone or do video calls, listen to 90s music, read, sleep a lot, eat everything I love, watch all my TV shows, engage in too much online shopping, and just try and make the best of it. I have a week off from work this month, and I’m planning on not sitting at home all day long.

Focus on the little things that make you happy. Try to keep busy. If you’re allowed to enjoy a bit more freedom in your country again, just go for it. Stay safe, but go for it. But also don’t feel the need to force yourself. You’re ready when you’re ready. Try thinking good thoughts. I know it’s hard, I’m struggling a lot with it, but I try, and it does make a difference. And if you’re feeling low, know that it’s ok. Talk about it, cry, try to let it all out. You’re feelings are valid. Never forget that.

Tons of love,

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Lovely life
reading wonderful books doggy cuddles beautiful spring days late birthday presents scenic walks strawberries holiday’s homemade pizza Criminal Minds children’s laughter playing in the sand spending time with your best friends cute stickers online shopping new clothes a good burrito making plans ticking things off of your to-do-list cake funny memes candy boxes gourmet food visiting the local market free books days that make you smile for weeks

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Goodbye February and March

Goodbye, February and March,

and hello, April and SPRING!!! Surprise, surprise, the world is still a shitshow, but at least the weather is nice. Sometimes at least. It just can’t make up its mind. But sunshine does make everything a lot better. And I really don’t want to see snow anymore. We had enough of that. Or ice. Do you know what happens when suddenly everything is frozen? Yup, idiot me forgets about it and falls on her balcony. I sure as hell got lucky. But it’s been almost two months, and there is still a small wound left. But I survived. Although I have to say, it’s scary realizing that if something happens to me, I’m living by myself now. Oh well, clumsy me just has to be a bit more careful.

Feb-Mar 2021 1

Well, I’m again at a point where I want to tell you about my interesting life, but there is just nothing going on. The only people I mostly see are my parents. Occasionally a friend to go for a walk or something. Which, when the sun is out, and you can actually talk face to face, feels so good. I still miss hugging them. Overall, I guess it’s still the little things. Like a trip to a shop. One that is NOT a supermarket. But with the lockdown rules constantly changing, I honestly have no idea where I’m allowed to go, which shops are open, what is forbidden – it’s all very confusing. But yeah, I managed a trip to a shopping mall and was allowed to enter some stores, which was just lovely. And when you have the store pretty much to yourself, it’s weird but also nice. Just roaming through a bookshop, taking in the smells at Rituals, looking for some more bits and pieces for my apartment, and not having to order online was simply wonderful.

My birthday was in February. I am usually a total fan. And yeah, it was nice but also nothing special. It’s just the way life is now. I had my parents over, ate yummy cake, got lots of fab presents. I also didn’t cry. I tend to get into a weird mood on the actual day, and I can never really explain why. It just happens. But this year was ok. My expectations are always too high, and every year, I feel like like I have to do something special. Well, not an option this year. So everything was chill, I was on some fun calls with my girls and shared cuddles with my doggy.

Feb-Mar 2021 2

In general, I try to practice more self-care. It’s so important. And since I’m finally done with the apartment – pictures are on the walls, plants have found their place, everything is where it belongs – I have so much time for all the things I love. Lots of binge-watching TV shows – currently watching Scandal and YASSS, Olivia Pope, you go, girl! – reading lovely books, skincare, good food, much sleep, nice walks, sitting in the sun, and so on. I definitely have my down days here and there, but I get up again and focus on what is good for me. Not always easy. But we all have our moments. Overall, I’m doing ok. As long as my loved ones and I are healthy, it’s all fine. More or less.

I also took a covid test for the first time. Still not sure if I now have a hole in my brain or not. Anyway – it was negative. In Germany, you can now get tested once a week for free, even without symptoms. And I like being on the safe side, so I will do that regularly. I also learned that you can remove fresh ink stains from your sofa with hairspray. And I’m thinking about paying someone to clean my apartment cause I hate it, and it’s just too freakin’ big. Not actually gonna happen, but the thought is nice.

Feb-Mar 2021 3

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m now gonna continue enjoying this long Easter weekend. Sleep a lot, eat a lot, read a lot. Spend some time with my parents and the rest is all quality me-time. Unfortunately, it has gotten pretty cold again, but I’ll survive. I’m still having a good time, and hopefully, so will you.

Continue staying safe. Make sure you are doing ok. If not, that is ok too. Struggling is nothing to be ashamed of. Find the little things that put a smile on your face. Enjoy every ray of sunshine. Read good books. Eat plenty of ice cream. Hang in there. It must get better at some point.

Tons of love,

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Lovely life
cute presents Scandal sunny days running errands by foot selling things you don’t need anymore Tiegerente cherry blossom scent little trips a negative covid test ice cream visiting some of my favorite shops Rituals a good Döner quality time with the doggy when mom cooks for me reading good books that ticktock pasta recipe seeing my grandma a good fast food meal rainbow colors spending a little time with friends finishing my apartment Disney Store deliveries my wonderful bed lake views Chinese food buying whatever the hell I want bookstores my birthday cake Joey + Pacey puzzles a good perfume big plants spring apple pancakes self-care the little things Disney castle collection chill days

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Goodbye to the last four months of my life

Goodbye to the last four months of my life,

and hello February, aka my birthday month. And also a belated happy new year. This is just sooo me – always late. Things have just been crazy for weeks and months, and I couldn’t really focus on any of the things I love. And I pretty much knew that once I made it through Blogtober, I would fall off the face of the earth. Because that was exhausting and I needed a break. Which has obviously lasted too long.

Insta monthsSo, what has happened in the past four months? Not many fun things, that’s for sure. By now, this pandemic is taking a toll on pretty much everyone I know – including myself. It’s just so frustrating to feel like there is no end in sight, and we’re just living from lockdown to lockdown, and it’s pretty much all shit. But I guess we all know that, so I’ll think of something else to write about.

The main thing happening was me finding an apartment in October, and by now, I’ve finally moved in. Our family home was sold, and four people had to move into three different households. WORST IDEA EVER! It has been one of the most stressful times of my life. And Covid made it even worse. We weren’t able to just have all the people we know help us, I had to get as many things as possible before shops had to close, my online ordering habits have become absolutely insane, and yeah, nothing was actually fun.

We did everything with family only. And even that turned out difficult, especially when someone close to me actually got tested positive for Covid, and quarantine guidelines, and so on. I will not go into detail, but it was not fun, but also not with a terrible outcome – which is all that matters. Anyway, it’s been packing, carrying, unpacking, buying, assembling, decorating, ordering, cleaning, etc. forever, and I just can’t take it anymore. So glad that I’m almost done because my body and soul are over it, and I just want to go back to doing fun things. And yes, I’ve been moaning forever and that must stop, as well.

Insta monthsWhat else. Christmas was nice. We canceled all plans and it was pleasantly relaxing. Good food and no stress – I could get used to it. But it will also be nice to be able to have family gatherings again at some point. Same for New Year’s. Which I’m usually not a fan of anyway. Except for this time, I was actually quite happy and looking forward to 2021 and moving into my new apartment.

Obviously, I didn’t have many encounters with friends. Some in October and November, but then it pretty much had to stop. Man, I miss my friends. Now I have this fabulous place and can’t entertain people. I used to see my bestie and my godson somewhat regularly but that stopped as well. It’s just all so difficult. So it’s mostly video chats, which are better than nothing, but we’re all over it. I’m just so glad that I have the doggy living with me. Otherwise, it would definitely be pretty lonely. And he adapted so well, I’m so proud of him.

Insta monthsAnyway, I guess this is more of a moaning post than anything else. There are just not many fun things to write about. Even the US election – although with an outcome I so hoped for – was so stressful and had me emotionally occupied for days. I guess we all hoped for a better start to 2021, but it’s just not happening any time soon. As much as I thought my country was handling things rather well in the spring, after the summer, everything just went downhill, and now it’s just a shitshow. Awesome. However, as mentioned above, after all the stress is more or less over now, I will try going back to things I actually enjoy and hope for spring to get here and maybe bring some form of relief. At least better weather would be nice, cause I absolutely hate winter. Enough moaning. Over and out.

At this point, I usually put down some positive words but honestly, just stay safe, everyone. Be careful and thoughtful. Stick to the rules. And know that there will always be people who have it better or worse than you. But no matter how big or small your problemd are, your feelings are always valid. We should not compare the severity of each others problems and support each other instead. All this has to be over at some point. It just has to.

Tons of love,

Winter wonderland

Songs I loved
Charlotte OC – Where It Stays
Dagny – Somebody
Little Mix – Sweet Melody

Lovely life
my new apartment Biden/Harris making an advent calendar for my godson rosegold relaxing holiday’s my doggy a nice view my new bed re-watching Dawson’s Creek galaxy lights plants American junk food being able to buy whatever the hell I want new books labeling fondue my Disney office pancakes Bridgerton Amanda Gorman movie night having everything to myself live-action Mulan Holiday movies cheese Virgin River progress ♡  presents when the snow melts away an organized pantry sunshine Christmas lights  

Insta months

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Blogtober 2020 – That’s a Wrap

Oh my God, I can’t believe the last day of Blogtober is here, and I’m so happy about it. It has been a ride. I’m exhausted but also proud of pulling through, even though I felt like quitting several times. I mean, I work full time, I currently have so much going on cause my family and I are moving into three different households within the next few months, and it’s just a lot. And then sitting down everyday to write something, because I’m always poorly prepared, was a challenge.


But I feel like I put together a good mix of posts. Short and easy on lazy days, long and emotional on others. However, I feel like my photo game wasn’t the best. I’m not a fan of stock photos and always want to use my own, but was definitely lacking ideas. So using comic me was often the way to go. But I’m definitely planning on upping my photography game. If only the weather was better…

My views were ok, although I must say that I almost had the same views in April when I only published four posts. But I guess by now, people have found ways to manage quarantine/lockdown and just stay busy at home. I also suck at promoting my work. But, I really love the fact that I’ve met new bloggers, and I definitely connected a lot more. I also really want to post regularly again, just not everyday. I can’t handle that kind of stress right now.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading, leaving sweet comments, likes, etc. It always means a lot to me. And I now know that blogging is still something I love deeply, and I can’t give up, even when it’s stressful. I just have to regularly commit a bit more time.

xx Hailey ♡

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Halloween Fun In Times Of Covid-19 – Blogger Style

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m pretty sure it will be completely different this year. However, not for me personally. It’s not really that big of a deal in Germany anyway. And it’s always my besties birthday, so I usually hang out with her. I wouldn’t mind a fab Halloween party though, like in the movies. Or some proper trick-or-treating.

Anyway, the lovely Helen from Crispy Confessions tagged me in her post, and you know what? A day before Blogtober ends, it’s just what I needed. My motivation is pretty much out the window, but I can manage to answer a few questions.



  • Thank the blogger who tagged you and link their post
  • Put the rules after an introduction, then answer the 13 questions
  • Tag 13 more bloggers to participate in the game
  • Use these same Halloween questions, or create new ones of your own


1. What’s your favorite thing about October or Halloween?
Fall is my favorite season, so pretty much everything. Especially nature. Trees in all those different colors are always a great sight to see. And I love cozy evenings and watching fun Halloween movies. I’m also a big fan of costumes,

2. How much do you spend on Halloween?
Pretty much nothing. It’s never really a big thing here, and I don’t feel the need to buy lots of Halloween stuff. Maybe that will change when I have my own apartment. This year I spent 10 Dollars on a ticket for an online-screening of the Hocus Pocus special. That’s it.

3. What do you think the average person spends on Halloween goodies & does it match what you spend?
I have no idea, and I don’t think it really matters.

4. Does social media influence how much you decorate for Halloween, causing you to spend more?
Not really. The thing with Halloween is, I love it, but it’s not really my color palette. I hate the color orange, and in no scenario ever would it match my room setup. But again, maybe I’ll give it a go when I have my own place. Still have some things from a Halloween party I threw a million years ago.

Bitmoji Halloween

5. Do you buy or create your Halloween costumes, and what was your favorite costume so far?
In Germany, we mostly celebrate “Karneval”, which is more colorful and cheery. I have a whole closet full of costumes, and I’m more of a buyer. But I’ll throw together a vampire costume in a sec. Always a classic go-to for me. However, I once dressed up as a mermaid, which was my favorite.

6. Share a trick you have played on someone on Halloween.
I think when I was a teenager, some girls and I did some doorbell pranks. But we also did those on random days, as well.

7. Do you have a favorite Halloween treat?
Nope. I just love candy in general.

8. What is something you can do with a pumpkin once Halloween is over?
I have no clue. It always landed in the bin. Maybe ask Cinderella for advice.

9. Do you consider pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

10. What is the scariest food you’ve ever eaten?
Not sure. I don’t really experiment a lot. If I don’t feel like eating something, I just don’t.

Bitmoji Halloween

11. Do you have a favorite Halloween drink?
Is that a thing? I mostly drink water every day of the year. But I like a nice cup of tea when I cozy up.

12. People usually spend money on Halloween, but have you ever made money related to this holiday?
Like how? Turn my house into a haunted mansion for the public? So, no.

13. Have you ever read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley or another frightening book?
I’ve read it at university but don’t recall it being that frightening. Overall, I’m not really one for thrillers.

My Nominees

Well, since Halloween is tomorrow, I think it’s a bit too late, and I usually like to leave tags open for anyone to do. Also, I found the questions a bit weird, and I don’t really know what this has to do with a Covid-19 Halloween. Also, I like being a little rulebreaker. Sorry, not sorry.

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