My 101 Wishes – 1-25

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 1 and don’t laugh at me.

make a wish

001. A Disney Store in Germany
I just don’t understand why we don’t have one. Apparently, there used to be some years ago, but why the hell did they have to go? Whenever I travel to a city that has one, I go crazy. While living in San Francisco, I could just go downtown and spend my money on plush Disney animals and I miss that. At least Germany has an online store but I want to step into a building and feel the magic.

002. Spend a day at the supermarket, just eating whatever I want
I would just try anything they have and probably roll back out of the market. A small kitchen to use during my stay would be great, as well. Just imagine all the things you could stuff your face with – heaven!

003. Be the pink Power Ranger
When I was a kid, the yellow ranger was always my favorite but today, I would definitely be the pink Ranger. Yellow is just not my color.

004. Have wings
Because flying everywhere just sounds amazing. I’ve always loved being in the air, I’m excited to go on planes and the whole concept of flying just fascinates me. I don’t even have to be a fairy, I just want the wings.

005. Perfectly copy the “Dirty Dancing” dance
I guess, first I need a man who can dance. In my head, I know most of the dance, since it has always been my favorite movie and I can’t even count all the times I’ve watched it, but that final dance would just be amazing. Any male volunteers?

006. Own a huge walk-in closet
This is just the dream. Everything on hangers and perfectly in order sounds amazing. I had one when I was in the States for a year and even though it wasn’t huge, it still was great. I also put lots of personal bits and pieces in there and really miss it.

007. Travel to the moon
I don’t even know why, it just sounds amazing. I also really want to see earth from up there.

008. Live in an American teen movie
Back in highschool, my best friend used to say that I live in an American teen movie because I looked and acted exactly like I just jumped out of one. Unfortunately, life was always so different from what I saw, so I wouldn’t mind living in one for a bit.

009. Make myself invisible
I would be the biggest stalker in the world and it would be absolutely amazing. I’m such a creep.

010. Have a maid, a cook and a butler
Let’s face it, I’m super lazy and this would definitely be the dream. I hate chores and I never really know what food to make myself, so I want everything done for me.

011. Being photographed by David LaChapelle
I think he’s such a great artist and I love his work. The photos are insanely crazy and I really like provocative people who have something to say. I would love to be turned into a piece of art by him.

012. Give a concert in the middle of Times Square
I would say that I’m a pretty good singer and I can definitely entertain. And I don’t know, a concert at Times Square would just be incredible.

013. A candy factory in the basement
I mean, who doesn’t?

014. Travel the whole world
This is just the ultimate dream cause there is just so much to see. If I ever get rich enough to do it, I would totally go for it. But I’m still kinda young so who knows what will happen.

015. Hang out with the Kardashians
I just really want to get to know them in person, especially Khloe. She’s the best and they’re so much fun on TV.

016. Have a chimpanzee as a pet
Yeah, yeah, I know that monkey’s are not supposed to be kept as pets and I wouldn’t do it but if it was actually ok, I’d love it. There used to be a German TV show with a chimpanzee named Charly living with a family and I wanted one, ever since.

017. Knowing what happens after I die
I just really want to know if there are such things as heaven and hell and if I can actually meet dead people or be reunited with people I’ve lost. It would just be so great to know.

018. Write a bestseller
Still on the list, still doable. I just have to stop being lazy and have to come up with the one brilliant idea. Someday…

019. Fly around with Bibi Blocksberg on her broom
For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a little witch. I always listened to her tapes as a kid and I still fall asleep so much better when I listen to her stories. I wanna have a fun witch-friend.

020. Have a paparazzi shot of me in a magazine
Obviously a flattering one.

021. Being able to read minds
Especially those of guys because I really don’t get them. They don’t make sense and I’m very much over playing stupid mind games so this skill would really help.

022. Own every Disney Princess dress
I have a Belle costume but not the original long dress and I do have a mermaid costume and one Jasmine-type but they’re both not close to the Princesses when it comes to colors etc.

023. Record an episode of MTV Cribs
That show was one of my absolute favorites and some pictures will forever stay in my mind. As a matter of fact, Hailey Jade Ryan, which is not my real name, derived from the idea of having to sound cool for when I say “Hey, I’m Hailey Jade Ryan, welcome to my crib.”

024. Have a treehouse
I always wanted one but I never got one. Mom, dad, why??? I mean, I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type of girl but in my mind, it’s lovely. There was a TV show years ago, where a girl sits on her platform or something and reads or writes. I can’t exactly remember but that’s where this comes from.

025. Get married at Sanssouci castle
Marriage is certainly not on the top of my list, but if I ever change my mind, that’s the only place I want to get married at. The garden of Sanssouci castle in Potdam, near Berlin. I’ve known since I was 16 and if I ever get to the point, I better be rich to be able to afford it.

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“It can’t be that hard to find a guy!”


“It can’t be that hard to find a guy!” – I’m sure that every longtime single has heard this at some point. It’s often followed by something like “Maybe you’re standards are just too high. There is no such thing as the perfect guy.” Man, this makes me roll my eyes really hard. Why? Because it usually comes from people who have been in relationships forever, family members who just don’t have a clue or people who simply can’t be alone and just jump from one person to another, obviously not holding any standards. People just don’t get it and simply assume that you are the problem. But you know what? I’m not having any of it because there is nothing wrong with me or the way I make decisions for my life. And I’m not letting anyone make me feel bad for not just taking any random guy.

I’m turning 30 in February and it got me thinking that it’s kinda sad that I’ve never really had a happy relationship before. I mean, I dealt with such idiots that in my early 20s, I just decided that I was over it and didn’t need a guy to make me happy. And I was right. I know how to make myself happy, I do the things I want to do and plan my life however I want to and that’s great. Gladly, I was never big on getting married and having kids but the more I think about it, it doesn’t actually sound absolutely terrible to at least meet someone. The feeling of being in love is just one of the best and it probably couldn’t hurt to feel that again. Although I’m scared as hell of the downfall, since I always expect the worse, but I could probably deal with it, since my life isn’t totally out of control right now. But where the hell do I start?The thing is, people are always big on telling me that it can’t be that hard and I just have to put myself out there, but when I actually ask them what to do, nobody really has an answer. I mean, most of my friends have been in relationships for a million years so yeah, what do they know about dating?! What options do I have? Online dating, going out all the time and meeting people, someone’s friends and that’s about it. But here are my problems with all of these options.

If any of my friends knew someone, I would’ve most definitely met them in the last few years. And I’d totally kick their butts if they knew someone and didn’t tell me. I don’t think that online dating is a bad thing, I just don’t really see myself doing it and I can’t even explain why. I think, I’m afraid that guys my age, who do serious online dating, are really looking for the one. In my head, they all want to get married and have kids in the next few years and I really don’t see that happening. I mean, I do have Tinder. I’m not sure why but I think it’s hilarious to just swipe, swipe and swipe. I’m not really a one night stand kind of girl and in general, I just never know what I want. But I’m sure that would go away if I met someone great.

So occasionally, I swipe right and match but that never got me anywhere. It’s either stupid fuckboys, I don’t hear from them (yes, I text first too!) or something else happens like I meet a really nice guy and we can’t get together because he has to go back to the States, over 5000 miles away, and won’t be back home until like eight months later. Yup, that’s my kind of luck. And then it’s just so hard to really stick with someone you don’t know and who starts to bore you after two weeks of texting cause he doesn’t really have anything interesting to say or ask. Sure, he may be a nice guy in person but some things just become clear very quickly, even over text. I mean, I could never be with someone who has no sense for irony or sarcasm. We wouldn’t get along for even a minute. And I kind of promised myself never to date someone again who just never reads a book. He’ll be back in October though and still has my number, so whatever. Surprise me!The whole going out thing is a bit difficult. It doesn’t happen often and when it does, I feel like I know half the room. That’s just a part of smalltown-living and I’m talking real small. The last time I went out with my friends, I had a blast, was really drunk and wanted to find out if I still got game. I do. I picked a guy that in my drunken state of mind was cute and definitely got his attention. Long story short, are all guys at parties still just slobs? I mean, we’re not 20 anymore and I’m not just a piece of meat. At least buy me drink first. So yeah, I still got game but picking up guys at a party just isn’t for me, anymore. And the worst thing about it? He lives like two streets away. That’s how small this smalltown-life actually is. And I don’t see the point in going out in larger cities because I don’t have the time or motivation to date someone who lives like two hours or more away. And what’s the point anyway? I can’t even remember the last time I had a decent conversation with a guy. I’m starting to think that great guys don’t exist anymore, at least not for me.

And let me just tell you about that final nail in the coffin to make you see how hard it actually is to meet someone, even when you’re open to it. There was this guy I saw on Tinder months ago that I really liked for various reasons but we never matched. A few weeks ago, the same guy actually pokes me on Facebook. Just out of nowhere and I don’t have any idea why. Usually, this whole poking thing is something I really don’t like at all but after some thinking, I was willing to make an exception. I poked back and felt ridiculous for doing it but what made it even worse was him poking me AGAIN. Who the hell does that? By the way, we’re talking about a 32-year-old grown-ass man. So for a minute, I was over it because if you go around Facebook poking random girls, I expect some balls to go with that. But on paper, he looked so great that I was willing to look passed it. But before running chances of making a fool of myself, I asked a friend who knows him, what kind of a guy he is. She gave me the all clear and I messaged him. Yeah well, I’m now kicking my butt for it. This was the conversation:

Hi :)
Hi :)
You poked me, do we know each other from somewhere? :)
No, not really. ;)
Ok, and who are you? :)

After this, NOTHING!!! So I make an even bigger fool of myself and try AGAIN. That makes three chances. That’s how much I liked him on paper.

Did I scare you away? *monkey closing his eyes*
No, why? *monkey closing his eyes*
Cause I never heard back?!

And that was it, never heard a peep again. I mean, what the hell is his problem? And then I have to listen to people telling me that it can’t be that hard? That’s just not right because it’s not me. I know, not every guy can handle a strong and confident women, but then don’t even try in the first place. I mean, my friend described him as this really great guy who may be a little on the shy side but I’m sorry, grow some damn balls and don’t act like a total idiot. I have better things to do than waste my time. I better not run into him somewhere, cause I will tell him just that. The worst part is that I’m still upset over it cause for a split second, it all seemed too good to be true. But there you see how difficult it actually is to find someone I could be happy with, at least for a little bit. So don’t tell me it’s easy and that I’m this big problem because I’m not. But who knows, maybe I’ll find Mr. Right at the super market, cause that’s what they teach us in movies, right?!

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Mixtape #21 – Grab A Tissue


You know what I will never get? How when you’re feeling really bad, you make it even worse by listening to music that will make you cry your heart out. And then you always have these bad memories connected to a song that’s already bad in the first place. Man, there are songs that can make me tear up within seconds. The music alone does it, I don’t even need the lyrics. But these musical masterpieces are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard and there is also some beauty in sadness, right? So grab a tissue and be prepared to cry your heart out. Man, if I ever get my heart broken again, which will most definitely happen, I have some fabulous songs that will help me through eating ice cream and hiding under the covers. Nothing wrong with a good portion of drowning in misery.

01. Sarah McLachlan – In The Arms Of An Angel
02. Damien Rice – 9 Crimes
03. Adele – Someone Like You
04. A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera – Say Something
05. Calum Scott – Dancing On My Own
06. Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
07. The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine
08. U2 – With Or Without You
09. Eva Cassidy – Fields Of Gold
10. Sia – Helium
11. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
12. James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover
13. Evanescence – My Immortal
14. Sam Smith – Stay With Me
15. Birdy – Skinny Love
16. Shakespears Sisters – Stay With Me
17. Carla Anderson – What Else Could I do?
18. Madonna – Power Of Goodbye
19. Amy Lee – Sally’s Song
20. Alessia Cara – River Of Tears
21. Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
22. Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman – Time To Say Goodbye
23. Enya – Only Time
24. Christina Perri – Human
25. Rihanna feat. Mikky Ecko – Stay
26. Chris Isaak – Wicked Games
27. Rihanna and Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Part II
28. Leona Lewis – Run
29. Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart
30. Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

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What I Love About The Seasons

The seasons

Whenever somebody asks me what my favorite season is, I never have an answer because there are things I truly love about each of them. Spring, summer, fall and winter are all so different and yet, they all combine the feeling of a new beginning. I find it fascinating how just everything changes and looks different all of a sudden. I feel like every season has music that matches, the weather always changes, you have different wardrobes and even the TV program adjusts.

So I thought about all the things I love about each of them and also tried to figure out which one is my favorite. I just don’t know if I can do it. But if I really, really had to, I would probably pick fall because I can wear the clothes I’m most comfortable in, it has the most beautiful colors and it just matches with my favorite things to do like reading, writing and taking pictures. It truly is the most popular season for bloggers, so I guess, it’s just a given.

I’m also glad that I live in a country were all the seasons really exist. I admit that when it’s winter, I want summer, when it’s summer, I want fall cause let’s be honest, especially when it comes to weather, it can never be right. I love when it’s really hot but after a while, I get over it. It takes me a few weeks and then I absolutely hate winter, as well. Especially cause the snow here can get super annoying,  you end up getting stuck on the road, there are lots of accidents and sometimes, I can’t even get to work. But overall, I like seeing every season with its different characteristics and here comes a list with what I love about each one of them.


flowers and plants blooming everywhere – cherry blossoms or canola fields are so pretty
 the first rays of sunshine
getting rid of the winter coats
the smell of freshly mowed grass
lots of holiday’s like Easter and other days where you don’t have to go to work
when nature slowly comes back to life
sleeping with open windows
when the chirping of birds comes back
colors are back
great months to go on vacation
the good feeling of a good spring cleaning
new motivation
everyone seems to be happier again


walking around in flip-flops or bare-foot
long days and nights
barbeques, picnics, sitting outside in cafés
summer music playlists
driving with the windows down and blasting music
eating ice cream and watermelon
drinking ice cold water on a really hot day
beautiful sunsets
bonfires and S’mores
sun-kissed skin
looong vacations
fun activities to do
star gazing
wearing sun glasses


all the beautiful colors
the crunching sound while walking through leaves
wearing hats and boots again – UGGs for life, baby!
fall fashion is my favorite
so many TV shows back on TV
it gets colder but there are super beautiful days
it’s finally socially acceptable again to stay in
the best Instagram pictures
cozy socks
reading season
plaid shirts, comfy knitwear, leggings
fun things to do like carving pumpkins, fall mazes, apple picking and more


cozy days and nights
the beauty of nature covered in snow
my birthday
those really cold days when the sun comes out and makes ice and snow glisten
New Year’s
listening to Christmas music all the time
drinking tea or hot chocolate
 all things Christmas like baking cookies or putting up decorations
the smell of tangerines
the stillness of snow-covered landscapes
you can perfectly hide your never-been-there-in-the-first-place summer bod
no annoying insects
not having to shave my legs

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Goodbye August 2017

Goodbye August,

and hello September. It’s already the 9th – that’s how bad of a blogger I’ve become. I think, I really need to better myself when it comes to time management and not let my laziness get in the way of it. I mean, I have the right stationery to plan out my weeks, so I should try that and make sure to put in time for non-work-related writing. But I’ve been saying that since January soooo… Maybe a 2018 goal? I don’t want to quit blogging though cause I love it, I just need to actually write the posts that I take notes for in my notebook. But enough with the bla bla.

Fall is definitely around the corner now and I’m excited for it. The only problem with the changing seasons is that I always end up with a cold. Seriously, one little blow of air and I’m already coughing and my floor is covered in used tissues. (It’s not as disgusting as it sounds.) But still, fall is just incredibly beautiful and I love watching the trees change their color. From my office window, I can see a castle surrounded by lots of trees and I can’t wait for them to ditch the green. Soon, Instagram will be flooded with videos of crunchy leaves, pictures of nature and probably pumpkin spice lattes, which I personally don’t drink – sorry not sorry. Now I just need to find a boyfriend to take cute photos of me. But what I’m most excited for are all the great shows that will be back. I mean Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, How To Get Away With Murder, Modern Family, Chicago Fire & PD, Riverdale, Fuller House, Supergirl and OMG Will&Grace. The next months are gonna be amazing.

My highlight of August was honestly spending time with my godson on three different occasions. I took him to an amusement park and we had a blast. I loved hearing “This is the best day ever.” We’re just super close and I hope it will be like this forever. We also had a fun sleepover and I can’t believe it but he had his first day of school. Of course I took a day off from work to be there and be all proud and take pictures. We have such great times together and he better not turn into one of those teenagers who is embarrassed of me. He turns seven in December so I guess we still have a few years, but time just flies. Why can’t they stay little forever?!

The rest of the month was actually pretty lame cause there weren’t many fun things going on, so I was home a lot. But let’s be honest, I didn’t mind. There was some meeting-new-babies-action and all cause everyone is having kids  these days or building houses, getting married and I’m still a single girl living with her parents. At least I have a job now. Haha! It’s fine though, since I don’t want what they have. I just need an Insta-boyfriend for fall.

So August wasn’t super exciting but that’s ok. It doesn’t always have to be, especially when you’re as lazy as I am. Doing a whole lot of nothing is just my cup of tea. But maybe fall will bring some new fun activities to do or at least some great views to take pictures of. And I should definitely start planning some fun trips and vacations because if you have something to look forward to, it makes everything a lot better.

Listen to the crunching of leaves, also take pictures of them, drink hot chocolate, buy Halloween stuff, spend a rainy Sunday in bed, play old video games, plan a fun trip, update your wardrobe, start digging out your onesies, do something nice for a stranger, put together a fall playlist, buy new books to get you through the colder season, try to say “yes” more often and enjoy September.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
♥  90s TV shows  that feeling of sensation when plans get cancelled  spending lots of time with my godson  vacation days  amusement parks  reaching 600 followers on Instagram  garlic  successful Primark runs  Beauty and the Beast merch backpacks  getting home early  Trash TV  Taylor Swift being pretty boss  cute babies  the feeling of starting a new notebook  VMAs  “Pretty Woman”  my godson had his first day of school Taylor and Zayn winning a VMA for “I don’t want to live forever” (I know, unpopular opinion)  laughing from the bottom of your heart  the sound of rain  funny memes  putting a smile on my godson’s face  waffles  when you write an article about someone and they tell you how much they love it  “The Intern” ♥ when you’re really good at a game  compliments  cute key chains  breakfast  Beef & Egg burgers from McDonalds  finally getting a new windshield  lazy days  new clothes  special late-night snacks  pretty flowers and landscapes 

Songs I love
Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
David Guetta feat. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj – Light My Body Up
♪  Little Mix feat. Machine Gun Kelly – No More Sad Songs

Interesting articles and videos
26 Times Disney Fans Were The Gift The Internet Didn’t Deserve // Manterruption: Kann ich mal ausreden? // 23 Tweets That Will Make Any Binge-Watcher Laugh And Say “Same” // The Kardashian Decade: How a Sex Tape Led to a Billion-Dollar Brand // Here Are All The Details You Missed In Taylor Swift’s New Video // There Are Way More Hidden Meanings In The New Taylor Swift Video Than We First Thought // 50 Shocking Celebrity Scandals From the Past 20 Years // Mainz wird Deutschlands „Disney-Hauptstadt“ // Helicoptereltern – Einmal ordentlich auf die Schnauze fallen, bitte

My August posts
Goodbye July // Liebster Award // Thoughts I had while watching the 2017 MTV VMAs

My August InstagramInstagram

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Thoughts I had while watching the 2017 MTV VMAs

Yeah, yeah, I’m late to the party but I wasn’t able to watch the show live due to annoying time zones. I would’ve had to stay up until like 5 in the morning and that would’ve been a terrible day at work. Monday’s are already annoying enough. So I raced home after, had dinner, jumped into the shower and now I’m hooked on my tablet, super excited for the show cause I managed not to read or look at too much on social media. So here we go, these are my thoughts throughout the show and please feel free to share your opinions with me.


  • That “red carpet” looks LIT!
  •  I didn’t even know until yesterday that Katy Perry was hosting. I don’t know, I’m not a huge fan anymore. I find her annoying and tacky. Sorry not sorry!
  • Sean Mendes is so cute and polite. A very well-mannered young man.
  • OMG – Pink’s daughter is sooo cute and just the whole family is adorable.
  • Nicki Minaj is wearing my favorite color: Barbie pink! I will probably never look like that in latex though. She’s fierce!
  • Out of everyone on the carpet, Demi Lovato looked the best.
  • There are some people that just can’t disappoint with their performances. Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Sean Mendes, Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato sure know what they’re doing.
  • I love how Katy Perry enters the stage, talks a whole bunch of crap and all the celebs try very hard not to roll their eyes.
  • YASSSSS, Paris Jackson. You go girl!
  • Man, how I would’ve loved to see all the faces during Taylor’s video premiere. I think it’s truly a piece of art.
  • Ummm, don’t tell me that Lorde actually got paid for that performance?! No singing, bad dancing and a terrible outfit, seriously?!
  • Wow, Fifth Harmony throwing  a fake Camilla off stage… Well, the split was good.
  • I’m so happy that Taylor Swift and Zayn got an award for “I don’t want to live forever” because unlike many other people, I absolutely adore this song. It’s one of my absolute favorites.
  • R.I.P. Chester. Your voice will truly never be forgotten.
  • I’m so glad that Miley is back to showing off her incredible voice instead of dry-humping Robin Thicke.
  •  Pink has always been one of the most talented artist out there and never got enough  recognition. Even now, her performance was waaaay too short. I mean, Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé gave a whole concert and she gets like what, 5 minutes??? No comment! But her speech was beautiful, as is her daughter.
  • 0800-273-8255 brought me to tears. Seeing all those beautiful people on stage who at some point wanted to take their own lives is just heartbreaking.
  • That 30 Seconds to Mars performance was kinda creepy but also kinda cool.
  • And then Heather Heyer’s mom enters the stage and suddenly everything else seems so unimportant…
  • How cool of Rod Stewart to join DNCE. That looked like so much fun.
  • Kendrick Lamar is just such an incredible artist. He deserves it all!!!
  • And for the grand finale, Katy Perry gives a terribly lame performance of her awful song.

Well, that was the show. I admit, I’ve seen worse VMA shows in the last few years but honestly, Katy Perry wasn’t entertaining at all. Maybe go back to no host at all? Or someone who is actually funny and doesn’t have to try so hard. But I’ve always been a fan of award shows and great artists deserve proper recognition, so I will continue to watch them.

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Goodbye July 2017

Goodbye July,

and hello August. I bet in a few weeks, the stores will be filled with Christmas stuff. Crazy! But you know what? Since the weather is really getting on my nerves, it may as well be fall soon. I’m still off work until Wednesday and I’m just chilling. Madness and stress will be back soon enough, so I’m enjoying these last few days. Between us, I really don’t want to go back to work. If only I found a way to get rich without having to do anything, or at least nothing I have to leave my bed for – that would be amazing.

But Anyway, July is over and I definitely spent some great time with my friends. One of them got married and had her baby, and even though it’s all not for me, I am always really happy for my girls. There was a super fun party night that I will remember for a long time. It was just perfect. Everyone was in a great mood, there was lots of singing, dancing, drinking and it’s just great when everybody gets along perfectly and gives it their all. Unfortunately, these nights don’t happen often anymore, but the more special are those rare occasions. We also went to the movies, out for dinner, had breakfast, just chilled and stuffed our faces with yummy food and all those lovely things you do with friends.

I also reconnected with my brother a bit which is nice and I managed to visit all my grandparents. It’s nice to see how happy it makes them when I stop by. I got a new phone, after killing mine for good – yes, I wanted to punch myself in the face for it – so all is good. I honestly can’t survive without a proper one, which is not great but what can I say, we’re just inseparable. And I know this is weird to mention, but I went to McDonals, something I hardly do, and tried part of their new menu and OMG, it was fantastic. Yup, it’s the little things that matter and make me happy. Seriously, you just have to taste their Lemon Kiss lemonade cause it’s sooo good.

So overall, I did a lot of eating and chilling, binge-watched a lot of shows as usual and enjoyed every second I spend with the people I love. So I guess it wasn’t a bad month and vacation made it even better. I really needed a break and I’m sure everyone who works can relate. Although I must say that having my favorite co-worker in my office for a couple of days made it a lot less terrible. We had fun and I wish, she wasn’t in a different office. (Heyyyy girl, I know you’re reading. ;* ) But I know how bad it is not to have a job, so I should probably stop complaining. All is good.

Enjoy the rest of summer, get prepared for beautiful fall, eat without regrets, go on a shopping spree, put together a fun playlist, spend a whole day in bed, play some oldschool games, buy some flowers for your room, inhale the smell of fresh sheets, make yourself some microwave popcorn, make someone smile, call an old friend and have a great August.

Tons of love,

Portland Oregon

Lovely life
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