New year, new me? The thing about resolutions…

Well, here we are. It’s the last day of 2022, at least as I am writing this. But I guess, once this post is online, the new year will already be here. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Right now is probably a good time to reflect on the last 12 months, and to figure out what you want to achieve in the new year. Then again, isn’t anytime a good time for that? But there is just something about starting new and fresh. Although I have to admit that the first day of a new year usually looks nothing like a new me, and honestly, I don’t want a completely new me – just some minor adjustments.

I did come up with some resolutions and the important thing is to set realistic goals. Sure, losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt but I know that I won’t start dragging myself to the gym anytime soon or eating healthy. And I also don’t really care, so that’s definitely not going on the list. I have a yoga mat and a hula hoop – I’ve never used either of them. That’s how it usually goes. Working on my terrible sleeping schedule will probably also never happen. I go to bed too late, and just sleep through half the day if I can.

So I thought about what I want to achieve, what I already started but could optimize, and what would really make me happy. I made a list that I would like to share. And feel free to let me know what your plans are for this year. I hope 2023 is filled with lots of laughter, fun, and adventures for all of us.

Hello 2023

    • Work myself through the Home Edit books in hopes of creating more space – especially for more books. I’m pretty organized but one can always do better.
    • Get rid of everything I don’t want to have anymore. Which would help with the first thing on my list.
    • Less online shopping, more money saving.
    • Trying to socialize more actively and getting my new planner filled with fun dates.
    • Taking care of mental and physical health issues. And also calling in sick when feeling really terrible.
    • Read more books. I have so many fabulous ones waiting for me. Managed 24 this year, and am now aiming for 30-40.
    • Taking more pictures and maybe also improving on Instagram. I guess I really have to try figuring out reels. Man, how cool would reaching 1000 followers be?!
    • Going back to writing regularly – not just for work.
    • Working on my scrapbooks. I still have so much material from years and years of activities, and I want it all in place.
    • Relearn to properly ride a bike and even manage to take the dog with me in a basket. I did buy myself a bike in 2022 and never took it for a spin. So that finally has to happen.
    • Not letting any of my plants die.
    • Look through some cookbooks and maybe eat something other than pasta once in a while.
    • Try harder to accept the things I cannot change and not get all worked up about it.

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6 Responses to New year, new me? The thing about resolutions…

  1. marlagro says:

    I love all your goals! You are down to earth! Thank you for sharing your great tips about exercise and diet throughout the year. P.S. I love to read too and would much prefer to stay in my sunroof, with a book, over anything else in the world. 😄❤😄


  2. marlagro says:

    Are you an introvert? If so, the best book I’ve found is called “Quiet Girl in a Noisy World” by Debbie Tung. I relate to every page.


    • That is a good question. I used to be an absolute extrovert but I’ve changed. But I think my personality is still more extrovert but the things I love and do are more introvert if that makes any sense?! But that book sounds very interesting. Putting that on my Amazon list right now. :) xx


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