Goodbye to the last four months

Goodbye, to the last four months,

and hello to the new year. I can’t believe we have made it to 2023. I would say 2022 wasn’t the best year but also not the worst. Can’t believe I, once again, went through a whole season and more without working on my blog. Do people still even read blogs? And will the new year finally be the year I go back to writing regularly? Who knows…

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The last time I wrote, I was looking forward to going on vacation, and what can I say: It didn’t exactly go as planned. We went, the weather wasn’t great, and on top of that, we caught Covid. I managed to dodge it for 2,5 years – I did a lot for that – only to end up catching it while being on vacation from the person I was traveling with, who was also more on the careful side. I still can’t believe it but don’t want to get into much detail and be upset all over again. I hope I’ll get the chance to go again this year and make it my happy place again.

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Anyway, I can honestly say I didn’t just sit around doing nothing these past few months, even though I often struggle with socializing. Especially December was super busy. Overall, I attended six birthday gatherings, two work seminars, and a super fun swap party. I also did lots and lots of Christmas stuff: baking, decorating, enjoying advent calendars – so did my dog – shopping for presents, writing, and sending out cards. I spent time with my family, my co-workers, my friends. I crashed my brother’s class reunion and had a great time, even voluntarily attended some dinners.

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A highlight was driving to Holland to visit my best friend. I always miss her so much, and I just had to go for a second time this year. We had so much fun and did lots of laughing and shopping. I especially enjoyed the big second-hand store around the corner from her. We just roamed around for hours, and it also had a little café, where we had tea and cake. Hopefully, I’m going to visit again in February. We always have the best time together. I’m glad we saw each other several times after Christmas as well when she was visiting her family.

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The past three days, I enjoyed some time to myself after the busy holidays, rewatching Harry Potter, reading – my TBR pile is absolutely insane – getting a lot of sleep, eating all the Christmas chocolate, and writing a bit. Shout out to pre-Christmas-me for getting all my household things done beforehand so I could have a good time. And I really hope my motivation will last a bit and I get to experience lots of fun adventures this year. I did buy a planner, and I intend to fill it.

And what we see beyond the discomfort zone is in fact a deeper comfort. The comfort of being the best possible version of you. – Matt Haig, The Comfort Book

Tons of love,


Books I loved
Taylor Jenkins Reed – Carrie Soto is Back
Jenny Colgan – The Christmas Bookshop
Gabrielle Zevin – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

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