When I Match On Tinder #2

I honestly don’t know why I still have Tinder installed on my phone, since nothing good ever came out of it. However, I do think it’s a great source of entertainment, so I’m keeping it, although I expect nothing of it. I especially love seeing guys on there, whom I know in real life. You can bet that I take screenshots and send them to my friends. I mean, who wouldn’t?! I also absolutely love judging pictures – how dare you have pictures of you and your girlfriend on Tinder, you scumbags? – and I’m still a superficial brat.

My friends give me a hard time for it, but when I give them my phone to see for themselves who is out on the market, they always realize that they’re not better than me. And don’t even try to tell me that you would just hit on somebody in real life that you’re zero attracted to. Nice try, it doesn’t work like that. And I don’t care about guys swiping left on me either, because I can’t expect to be everyone’s type. Even though I’m freaking fabulous, but still.

So like three times a year, I match with someone – yeah, that’s how superficial I am – and honestly, what is wrong with these guys? Boys, if you’re on Tinder not just for a hookup, and even if you are, at least try to be someone a girl doesn’t lose interest in within two seconds. I mean, what ever happened to a simple hello?! You don’t need a stupid pick-up line, just be normal cause it will go a much longer way. We’re not teenagers anymore so don’t act like one and make an effort. In general, male or female, make an effort, be polite and stop putting up a show – it’s boring af.

Currently, I have four matches on Tinder. One of them is the guy that I wrote about a while ago, with whom I texted for quite a bit and then I don’t know what happened. Living in two different countries at the time wasn’t ideal and I don’t have his new number, but the match is still there, but doesn’t really count. There is another guy I’m chatting with but that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I mean, he opened with hello but then made fun of my name like a 10-year old. (You must know that my real name tends to be made fun of in Germany but it’s so 2001.) So, I let him know and surprisingly, he didn’t unmatch me for not laughing at his pathetic joke. Whatever. The other two matches are just sitting there with nothing happening.

So, that’s the update on that. I do want to tell you about a match I had last week though, just to show you what singles have to deal with. Seriously, people are not allowed to tell me that it can’t be that hard to find a man or that I’m just too complicated cause that’s just wrong and I’m having none of it.

Blah blah

*swipes left so many times that there is actually no point*

Oh, super cute guy.

Damnit, he only has one picture.

I don’t trust that.

But it looks like one he could’ve actually taken.

Ok, stop being paranoid.

His profile basically says he’s looking for the love of his life.

Does one really look for that on Tinder?

Maybe he’s not serious.

I’m never getting married.

Stop overthinking.

*swipes right*

And we matched.

I used to get so excited.

Now, I barely care.

Ohhh, a message.

Nice, started with a simple hello and complimented my pictures and my travels.

Every guy who doesn’t use a cheesy line get’s a chance.

Ok, normal chatter.

Blah blah, blah blah…

He’s looking for a girl that’s open, nice, sometimes girly, sometimes boring.

Ummm, ok.

Should accept him as he is.

*Asks: “And how are you?”*

“Just a normal guy. Nothing special.”


If that doesn’t make a girl want you then what does?!

I’m already over it.

I’m bored.

But I’m trying not to be a bitch.

So more blah blah…

“Well, let me be direct. Ideally, I’m looking for an open-minded girl who is interested in BDSM.”


Boy, bye.

Is this a prank?

Maybe it’s someone I know and they’re pranking me.

Stop being paranoid.

Why does he suddenly live only 3 kilometers away from me?

Stop being paranoid.


Sorry, I’m not into that.

He’s weird.

Not for being into BDSM, but for the way he sells himself.

There were NO signs.

Well, goodbye handsome.

I won’t let you tie me up and stuff.

I’m still not convinced that this is real.

I need to tell someone.

Oh Tinder….

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Photography: Barcelona

Park Güell Barcelona

Whenever I travel, I make sure to take a lot of pictures because I want to remember every moment. My latest trip was to Barcelona, where my best friend and I went for my birthday. We had an amazing time and I’m still so grateful that we did this together. To make it even better, her sister lives in the city, so we had someone who speaks perfect Spanish, knows the city and definitely the best restaurants. For some reason, I’m not as prepared for trips like I used to be. I usually have lists and know exactly what I want to see, but for some time now, I hardly have a clue. There just isn’t always enough time to prepare and being a bit more relaxed on vacation isn’t the worst thing, anyway. And I guess when you have someone who knows the way around, it’s so easy to just rely on them.

We stayed in a cute Airbnb very close to the beach and also not far from the city center. The location was perfect and we enjoyed having a place to ourselves. The weather was mixed but that’s just something you have to expect in February. We had amazing sunshine and also lots of rain, but vacation is still vacation and that’s all that matters.

Demasié Barcelona

We walked around a lot and ate tons of great food. Make sure to go to a good tapas bar and eat everything on the menu. We went to a place called Jai Ka and it was crazy delicious. For Japanese, I recommend Yoshinoya but in case you decide to dine inside a booth, don’t fall while stepping in, cause it hurts like hell. For entertainment during your meal, check out the NBA Cafe and enjoy burgers and the full American feeling. And don’t forget to eat some churros or crazy amazing cinnamon, raspberry cheesecake or Oreo rolls from Demasié. I definitely gained some of the weight back that I lost before this vacation, but it was totally worth it. Barcelona is also great for shopping, so make sure to bring some money and space in your suitcase. I especially loved the Disneystore and there is a huge H&M with a café, dressing rooms that look like a royal palace and all. You’ll definitely find lots of cute places that will force you to throw your money out the window.

There is the beach, great architecture and beautiful views and I’m definitely planning on going back to see all the things I didn’t see, like Sagrada Família. I’m a little bummed that we didn’t make it there, but there just isn’t time for everything when it’s a short trip. You can see a lot of beauty by just walking around. Of course Park Güell is a must see and I also really loved Parc de la Ciutadella. On a rainy day, we went to the aquarium because according to my travel guide, it’s supposed to be the biggest one in Europe and I just have a thing for life under the sea. But I’ve definitely seen better ones and it definitely was not that big.

So overall, it was great and I can highly recommend visiting Barcelona. Out of all the cities I’ve been to, it may not be my absolute favorite, but it’s still great and I’m sure it’s even better when the weather is warmer and attractions are not under construction. I definitely know what I want to look at, when I go back, someday. For now, I just hope you like my pictures and maybe they will inspire your next vacation.

Barcelona Park Güell BarcelonaBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona kissesBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona Park Güell BarcelonaBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona

Barcelona Barcelona BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona Barcelona BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona Barcelona BarcelonaBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona

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Goodbye February 2018

Goodbye February,

and hello March. Just like that, my birthday month is over and I didn’t even have enough time to process everything. I love my birthday and this year was a very special one. I turned 30 – something I still find weird, everytime I see it on my Tinder profile – and that’s a big deal. But I spent it in the best way I could. My best friend and I were in Barcelona and had a blast. Conveniently, her sister lives there, so we basically had a personal tour guide. And I just really love exploring new places. The weather wasn’t the best and it seemed like everyday, I had some other physical problem, but that did not keep us from having a great time. I ate so much delicious food that I just want to go back for that. Can someone please send me some patatas bravas please?!


There was also more shopping done than expected, but what else is there to do when it’s raining, all day, right?! Barcelona has a Disney Store, so naturally, I went a little nuts and I loved it. (You know, I actually do think about how much I spend on things, but 100€ or more in that store? I don’t even bat an eyelash.) We didn’t do extreme sightseeing because this was just not one of these trips. We also wanted to relax, not get up every morning at 7 and just have a good time. I definitely have to go back though and look at the rest because there is so much more to see. I enjoyed the architecture, the air, just seeing the beach, which was just right down our street, and just every single second with the best pair of sisters in the world.

On my birthday, we didn’t do anything over the top special. My bestie and I had stayed up most of the night talking, laughing our butts off, sharing our favorite memories and it was just perfect. I had cake for breakfast, took some photos on the beach and then headed into the city. For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had the brilliant idea to eat in a special booth. Now this is why I will never in my life forget this birthday: First, you had to take off your shoes and then two steps lead into the booth. Now in my stupid head, I thought you would sit on the same level as the table. You know, on the floor with a pillow. What I didn’t see was that the table was a huge step down from the bench and I basically just stepped into nothing and fell really badly. The good news: I didn’t push anything over or destroy the whole booth – walls and all. The bad news: It hurt like hell and continued doing so for quite a while. I had the biggest bruise on my upper thigh I have ever managed to achieve and sitting, sleeping, even walking did not feel all too good. But that’s just who I am, so naturally, I cried of laughter. Maybe a bit of shock, but mostly laughter. It was definitely a night to remember. And for the record, I was completely sober.


Back home, I also threw myself a birthday party. I put so much time and work into this that it almost drove me nuts. I just wanted everything to be perfect and it definitely looked the part. Unfortunately, it left me a bit disappointed. Sure, I had fun and I think my guest did too, but it just wasn’t what I had expected. I was so disappointed in a lot of people for all kinds of reasons and all of them combined did not put me into the best mood. Nobody really drank with me, nobody danced, people cancelled last minute, people showed up super late, people didn’t show up, at all. So after weeks of planning, lots of money spent and being really excited, it just totally killed my vibe. Note to myself: I’m not throwing big parties, anymore.

But all of this doesn’t mean that I’m not very grateful for the people who were there. My lovely girls really made an effort and got me amazing gifts. I got a cake with my face on it, which of course I totally loved, a super cute unicorn piñata that fortunately survived my beating and something I wanted for a really long time: a gift certificate to go skydiving. Now that there is no way back, I’m scared as hell, but I’ve wanted to do this forever and this year, I will. Thirty has got to be special, right?! I was also super happy that one of my au pair friends made it and it was just so amazing to see her. The best friendships are the ones where you can’t see each other for years and the minute you do, it’s just like always. She is one of these people and I hope to see her again, soon.

So yeah, February was mainly all about my birthday and I’m pretty sad that it’s already over. You wait for something for so long and then it’s just done. But it was fun and I made a bunch of new memories that will stick with me, forever. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is to have some great people in your life that you can count on, and the rest just isn’t important. I’m definitely looking forward to a year full of great things and I will continue working toward finding true happiness. It must be waiting somewhere.

Live in the moment, be grateful for the amazing people in your life, travel more, try to be the best version of yourself, do things that scare you, know your limits, don’t let anyone pressure you into something, start a new book, beg to the universe for spring to get here and don’t act your age cause it’s totally overrated.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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♪ Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran – River

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OMG, I’m 30!

Barcelona BeachI absolutely cannot believe that this day is really here. Today is my 30th birthday and I have no clue how to feel about this. I know that it’s nothing bad and there is nothing that you can do about getting older anyway, but I think that 30 is a big thing. Birthdays in general have always been important to me and this one is of course no exception. I think my main problem is the fact that I’m not where I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a bad place. I just had plans that haven’t fully worked out yet and it just feels a bit weird. But I do know that I’m lucky and that I have to be grateful for everything I have: A family that loves and supports me unconditionally, even when I may be a bit old for all the support I’m getting, I have amazing friends in my life with whom I share the greatest memories, I’m working hard toward my career goals and my life truly isn’t terrible. It’s not perfect but if I learned one thing, it’s that it never is and never will be but that it is ok.

I’m currently in Barcelona with my best friend because I didn’t feel like sitting at home. And just the fact that she took time off from work and spent the money to come here with me is something I am unbelievably grateful for and we’re having an awesome time. I also have a big party planned for Saturday and I really hope that it will be a great one because I put a lot of planning into it. I will never not love birthdays, no matter how old I get and the only thing that really matters is to spend special days like this with the people you love. So I’m doing everything right and it’s definitely not the end of the world, I just have to constantly tell myself.

I sure have high hopes for my 30s because my 20s were great but also in many ways not so great and I feel like now is the time where I will hopefully really find myself and live my life to the fullest, as good as possible. However, I did want to look back on my life and remind myself of all the great things that have happened to me and which ultimately made me the person that I am today. And I like that person a lot.


01. I became god mother and I love the kid so much.
02. I visited the top travel destination on my bucket list: Hawaii.
03. I was Maid of Honor in one of my besties wedding.
04. I worked as an au pair for a year in San Francisco.
05. I swam with dolphins.
06. I finished my A-levels.
07. I partied really, really hard and definitely had amazing teenage years.
08. I built friendships that will last a lifetime.
09. I became a journalist, which has been my dream job for a very long time.
10. I spent part of my childhood living in the US and I loved growing up there.
11. I learned to stand up for myself and not let anyone rain on my parade.
12. I got my Master’s degree in American Studies.
13. I went on the craziest roller coaster rides and survived.
14. I was always 100% true to myself.
15. I started blogging years ago and I’m still doing it.
16. I travelled to beautiful places.
17. I was in the newspaper many times for different reasons.
18. I managed to build a collection of 700+ books.
19. I went to Disneyland and it was magical.
20. I achieved things that most people thought I wouldn’t.
21. I love to sing and I touched people with my voice.
22. I moved around a lot and learned to appreciate different cultures and became a very open minded person.
23. I enjoyed wonderful concerts by amazing artists like Adele, Beyoncé, Rihanna or the Backstreet Boys.
24. I visited the birth home and grave of Martin Luther King Jr., one of my ultimate heroes.
25. I saw amazing sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls, Empire State Building and many more.
26. I gave speeches and wrote letters that moved other people to tears.
27. I always laughed the loudest about myself.
28. I danced barefoot in the sand.
29. I changed into a completely different person, but never my personality.
30. I lost my braces in the Pacific Ocean.

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Goodbye January 2018

Goodbye January,

and hello February. The fact that I’m putting out this post after more than a week into the month, shows that my blogging resolutions are going fantastic. I feel like I’ve been the worst with blogging and social media but I really have a lot going on. February is my birthday month and believe it or not, I’m turning 30. I tend to freak out about my special day and this one is no exception. So I’m travelling to Barcelona for a few days and I also have a big party planned and all of this costs me a lot of time. I’ve been ordering decorations, hitting up stores, writing lists, sending out invitations, trying to figure out what I want to do in Barcelona and everything else that needed to be done. And since I also work full-time, have a social life and also need a good dose of just doing nothing, I didn’t have much time or motivation for writing.

There are some resolutions though that are going great. I wanted to lose weight and I’m already down 7 kilos. Since I’m not really known as Sporty Spice, I have to really control my eating and I spend a lot of time cooking. But it’s working in a healthy way and I hope I can lose some more. I’m definitely happy with this result. I also picked up reading again and already managed three books. When I proudly told this to my friend, she was like: “I read 13.” She sure killed my vibe haha. But I also watch like 14 TV shows weekly and movies etc. so all is well and I’m looking forward to more books. The other resolutions still need some time, but I’m working on it.

I didn’t get out of the house a lot because I didn’t want to. I went to the movies once to watch Pitch Perfect 3, which definitely wasn’t as good as the first two pitches and I spent some time with my god son. We basically had a major cheat-day and ate so much junk food that we ended up feeling pretty sick. A friend of mine also hosted a swap party and I absolutely loved it. It’s a fun way to get rid of some stuff that you don’t need anymore and snatch up some other things. I’m definitely going to organize one of these parties in the near future. So this was pretty much it for the month. I can’t really remember any other special things I did. But that’s ok cause February will definitely make up for this.

Say yes to new adventures, listen to your body, make time for yourself, try not to care so much about the negative things, live in the moment, never be afraid to show your emotions, put in a cheat day, reward yourself, cherish the little things and never regret something that once made you smile.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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Goodbye December 2017

Goodbye December,

and hello January, hello new year. We have officially made it to 2018 and I truly hope that there are many good things waiting for all of us. I love how everyone is always so motivated in the beginning because it’s inspiring. I too want to better myself in many different ways, cause I would definitely love to experience and share more positivity. Therefore, I must be positive and make some changes in my life. These monthly round-ups always help me remember all the good that has happened. I think about fun moments I experienced and list all the small things that made me smile, because ultimately, they’re what matters.

So December is obviously the month of Christmas and mine was full of it. On occasion, there was also matching weather and I’m already completely over all the snow. It’s beautiful to look at, but it’s annoying when you have to leave the house. Gladly, I can work from home when it’s really bad. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of it, though. However, Christmas time was nice and stressful, as usual. I was happy to have a few days off leading up to the holiday’s and I had a lot on my to-do list. I baked cookies, bought lots of presents pretty last minute, got a tree and decorated it and all those shenanigans. Despite everything there is to do around this time of year, the festive season is just lovely. Tons of food, some family time and yeah, presents.

I also had some of my girls over for a huge Christmas breakfast. We always do a little get-together around the holiday’s at my place and it was super fun and also delicious. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it, but that’s just how it is, now that everyone has to adult. One of my friends had her baby girl with her for the first time (who by the way loooves me) and it went very well. Even though I’m not for having kids, my friends are always welcome to bring theirs. I’m actually thinking about getting a high chair for when the kids are brought along to make it a bit easier and more relaxing for the mother. We laughed, talked and ate so much that it lasted for hours. Breakfast is just the best meal of the day and tastes even better with friends.

What I really loved was the last weekend of the month. I’m not big on celebrating New Year’s and I always use this time to relax and get a lot of sleep. Three days of me-time with lots of junk food, visual entertainment and time in my bed were just what I really needed. It also gave me a chance to look back on the year and make plans for the new one. It wasn’t the best time, but it sure had great moments and who knows what 2018 will bring. I definitely made some resolutions (which you can read here) and hopefully, I will stick to all of them. I’m sure, all the things I came up with would make my life better.

And you know what else happened in December? Something at work changed and I got my requested leave for February which means, my planned birthday celebrations are actually happening. My best friend and I already booked flights to Barcelona and I’m sure this will be a great 30th birthday. I still have so much to plan for the trip and for the big party that will follow, but I’m really looking forward to having the time of my life. So there is a lot to do this month, but I’m sure it will all be worth it.

Be open to everything that’s coming, try sticking to your resolutions, but don’t beat yourself up, if you don’t, read more books, live a more healthy life, plan a fun trip, find a way to keep track of all the little things that make you happy, this year, declutter your life, give an old friend a call or send a surprise card, never feel too old to watch a Disney movie and have a great first month of the new year.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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Happy New Year and Hello 2018

As I am writing this, it is New Year’s Eve and I’m in my bed, like pretty much every year. I just never know what else to do with myself because I don’t really feel like hanging out with a bunch of couples. So I’m in my sleeping clothes, eating tons of junk food, writing and binge-watching the fabulous 90s show “Ocean Girl.” My preferred drink is tea cause I have a cold, which seems to become my personal New Year’s tradition. Last year, I was much worse, though. I was also looking forward to a long weekend of me-time, so this is perfect.

As every year, I look back and can’t help myself but think: “Where the hell did the year go?” But I can’t say I’m mad, since it wasn’t exactly fabulous. I’m sure, I don’t have to recall all the terrible things that happened in this world, although admittedly, there were also some great things. We can probably all agree that we don’t want another 2017 and it can only get better. Right? RIGHT????

Personally, it wasn’t such a brilliant year, as well. My main goal was to find happiness and I have failed, miserably. The problem ist that nobody knows what will ultimately make them happy. Sure, there were great moments, but the big picture isn’t very satisfying. I guess my living situation, my forever single status, my not always great job and some other things all impact my mood and prevent me from being happy. And I’m also a super Negative Nancy which doesn’t help very much, as well. For me, the glass is always half empty which is annoying but just who I am.

So I guess, I need to come up with new resolutions and who knows, maybe 2018 will turn out better. This year, I didn’t read one book which is pretty embarrassing, but I was so incredibly addicted to watching TV shows. I didn’t gain many social media followers and my blogging game was not good, which I constantly blamed on being tired and stressed. Overall, I hardly did any of all the things I could’ve done and I must admit that I’ve just been extremely lazy in my spare time. I really need to work harder on my goals and stop being like this. It’s just so much easier to give in to it. See, what I’m doing? Being negative – it’s ridiculous.

Therefore, I will continue with some positive things. Although there have been greater years, there have also been worse. I did stick to my “One Line A Day” book and read through it today. It sure wasn’t uplifting cause I mainly moan about how tired and stressed I am, but I was also reminded of the fun memories that this past year has given me.

One of my besties made me her maid of honor and the wedding was lovely.
Boy, that bachelorette party was amazing.
We have a new baby in our friend group.
Breakfasts, dinners, movie nights, trips to the amusement park, walks etc. with my friends were always wonderful.
I bought a new old car.
I went on a wonderful trip to Copenhagen.
I met some really great people through my job and had the chance to write great stories.
Spent time with my god son and we always had a blast.
Super fun 90s parties.
I made new friends.

My year 2017

2018 is a big deal for me because I’m turning 30 and I feel like that’s a good reason to change things. I really want to feel good about myself and my life, so I definitely have to put in some work. A proper organization would already help a lot and I shouldn’t drown myself in misery and feeling tired. Not watching TV shows every spare minute and not staying up much too late would help the cause, as well. New year, new me – I would really love to achieve this.

Read more books – I’m so embarrassed about not reading any in 2017 but I have lots of interesting ones waiting for me.
Lose weight – For the past two years, I did nothing but eat and I’m getting a little disgusted by it and I don’t feel comfortable, anymore.
Travel more – I’ve already got a trip booked to Barcelona
Get my physical problems under control – I have issues that often keep me from living my life to the fullest and I just want to change that.
Gain more followers on social media – I really have to be more active and consistent.
Have the best year for my blog – Again, I have to work a lot on consistency.
Stop being negative and find happiness – I’m sure that this is the most difficult but someday, I will make it.
Get out more – I stay inside too much and there are many things I miss out on.
My “One Line A Day” book – At least one thing I managed to stick to.
Be better at adulting – You know, water my plants, be less chaotic, cook more regularly.
Finish my Au Pair scrapbooks – I’ve been back for more than two years.

So I wish you all a happy new year and hope that 2018 will be absolutely amazing.

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