Photography: Supercandy Pop-Up Museum, Cologne

In this day and age, pretty much everyone who is involved with blogging, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is always on the lookout for new content. We try to come up with new ideas for a blog post, seek out pretty locations to take some photos at, invest a lot of time into building a platform and hope that it gets us somewhere. Personally, I would love to visit pretty locations and take tons of pictures a lot more often, but it’s a bit hard when none of your friends are into the same things as you. I mean sure, if we’re out and about and I want to have my picture taken, they make an effort, but it’s just not their thing. And I still haven’t found that Insta-boyfriend, who I could maybe force. (Maybe this is why I’m single!)

Anyway, early into the year, I stumbled upon a location in Cologne that looked like so much fun. The Supercandy Pop-Up Museum was an old building that was completely painted pink and provided every Instagrammers dream on the inside. I really wanted to go and my mom was kind enough to volunteer. Which was good, cause I needed someone to take a million pictures of me, without wanting a million of themselves.

Supercandy Pop-Up Museum

So basically, you arrived during a specific time slot and had around two hours to take as many pictures as possible. There were all kinds of different sets, where you could be as creative, as you like. I did a whole lot of research beforehand and knew what I wanted to do and wear. I had a huge bag full of clothes and props with me, which was very heavy, and I changed my outfits a couple of times. Because I’m a smart girl, I chose outfits that could actually be changed without having to get naked. Cause if you only have two hours, there is no time to run to the changing rooms, all the time.

So yeah, it was heaven. And also crazy and super exhausting. I’m not sure if I had ever made such an effort before. I truly gave it my all. So did my mom. But let me tell you how it also hurt to jump face forward into a pit full of plastic balls. I also broke pretty much all of my nails and was sore for days. But it was still a fun thing to do. I especially loved everything pink and there was also free candy and ice cream. However, as much fun as it was, my mom and I were both glad when we were done.

Supercandy cologne

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the pictures, but I will show you a lot more in this post. My mom took more than 700 pictures of me and I was so glad, that I actually liked some of them. They didn’t get me a million new Instagram followers, but I still love them. Sadly, it was only a pop-up and in the meanwhile has been torn down. I would’ve loved to go again. But I was lucky to even find out about it in time and get a time slot because they sure were popular.

When we arrived at the place, there were already so many other people waiting to be let in, but my mom and I were smart and just let them all go ahead of us. Cause I definitely didn’t want others in my pictures. And you know how hard that can be sometimes.

The entry was all pink and nice. There were some make-up stations to do touch-ups and goodie bags were also waiting for everyone to take after being done. And I just get a certain kind of feeling when everything is pink. Even though I’m not as obsessed with the color, as I used to be, it still gives me lots of joy. I actually had a balloon wall at my thirtieth birthday party but didn’t really take pictures, cause I was in a bad mood for most of the night, but that’s a different story. So I was happy to take pictures with all these pink balloons now.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

Next up was the black ball pit, where I definitely spent most of my time. Pink and black just go together so well. And I jumped until I couldn’t jump anymore. I definitely took home some bruises. But as a superhero, you just can’t give up. I literally changed outfits in the middle of the pit cause there was no time. If only I had known that nobody really checks how long you’ve been inside the museum, I would have probably been a bit more relaxed. I also want a huge ball pit now.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

The next set was a big room where everything was pink. From flamingos to the little beach hut – it was every girly girl’s heaven on earth. And of course, there was another ball pit. This time in pink. But let me tell you how hard it is to get onto those floaties. And if you look at the pictures, can you tell how I’m not a professional Instagrammer? I held one floaty with all the safety instructions toward the camera and I was too lazy to photoshop it all. That whole room would have been so fun for a party, but I definitely do not have that kind of money. And it’s all gone now, anyway.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologneSupercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

And finally, there were some smaller installations which were so much fun. A whole room for coloring or my personal favorite, a pink airplane. I just had to bring my Barbie pajamas and fuzzy socks, since I always travel in pretty comfortable clothes. Not like this, but being a little over the top never hurts. There was also a room with a confetti canon, which they unfortunately only shot once, but oh well. I even brought a cute umbrella. I got into a tub full of pink balls and brought a robe, bubbles, a shower cap and whatever else I thought could come in handy.

We took all the pictures pretty quickly, cause there were lots of people waiting and I’m not one of those people, who just take ages and annoy everyone. Especially those who hog a location and then think about what to do while on the scene. Like seriously, prepare yourselves. The pictures will be better and everyone else will dislike you a lot less.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

So that was my visit to the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne. There were more sets, but I skipped them cause I don’t really work well with other colors. And there was one space, I saw in other people’s photos but unfortunately forgot about. I was upset for a bit, but you just can’t have it all. It was a super small and very well hidden corner. Overall, I think I did pretty well, though. I honestly don’t get how they couldn’t do this permanently since it was always sold out and it was just a genius idea that probably made a lot of money. I’m still happy that I made it there before closing and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

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Goodbye May 2019

Goodbye May,

and hello June. Wow, the month went by super fast, didn’t it? But I don’t mind since I was really looking forward to June. And the past month wasn’t super special, anyway.

I did something every weekend, like go to a comedy show or to the movies. Have you seen the new Aladdin movie? I thought it was pretty good, especially Princess Jasmine and her new empowering songs. And I also thought Will Smith was great as the Genie. What bothered me throughout the whole movie though was feeling like I was watching a 3D movie without the glasses. I mean sure, there were a lot of fast-moving scenes, but it had never bothered me before and in this movie, it did. It may not be my favorite live-action Disney movie, but still some good entertainment.

The highlight of the month was probably watching the Eurovision Song Contest with my best friend. I usually watch it by myself, but it was a lot nicer to share the experience. Her boyfriend was out of town, so I took the trip and we had her sofa all to ourselves. And when I’m in a city, I always make sure to pick up some food that I don’t get too often. Usually the unhealthy kind. So a pizza and Nutella breadsticks from Pizza Hut and a lemonade from Mc Donalds made me happy. Also some new MAC lipsticks. I couldn’t help myself. So that was a fun night.

Mix Instagram May

I finally got to hang with my godson, who is six months old now, which is crazy. Unfortunately, the universe often has something against us hanging out, cause over the past few months, I had a big fat cold or herpes – both things that keep me from going near a baby. But his smile is just adorable and it always makes up for lost time. And of course, hanging out with his mommy, my bestie, isn’t so bad either. Now that they’re in their new house, I’m looking forward to so much more time together.

Some family time also happened and the rest of the month, I either spent working (A LOT) or organizing things. Seriously, I make such an effort to get our house into shape, but we just all have so much stuff. I’m constantly sorting through things, donating, selling, cleaning and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and frustration at the same time. I just feel like it never ends. But at least I’m trying. And I also invested some time in scrapbooking, but put it on hold for now, cause once I start, I can’t stop and get nothing else done.

Instagram Mix May

So, that’s it for May. Nothing special, but nice. But hooray for June. I’m gonna be in London for a few days, see the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys live in concert, I will have my grandma’s doggy over for a week, there is a swap party planned and this doesn’t even cover all of the month. So who knows what else is gonna happen. I’m very excited and looking forward to a ton of fun.

Enjoy the sunshine. Eat lots of ice cream. Make plans for the summer. Spend time with the people you love. Turn up the music in your car really loud and have a party on your way to work. Stay hydrated. Screw the “perfect bikini body”  and know you are beautiful. Smile more often. Get your home organized. And have a freakin’ amazing month of June, cause I sure will.

Tons of love,

cherry blossoms

Lovely life
summer is here getting things organized Eurovision Song Contest positive feedback scrapbooking progress a day full of junk food when your work is appreciated MAC lipsticks voting Aladdin my new Disney suitcase spending time with my godson finding a bathing suit that looks ok cute dogs productive days getting into events for free bank holiday’s fun plans

Songs I loved
Billie Eilish – bad guy
Tyga feat. Offset – Taste
Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma

My May posts
Goodbye March & April 2019 // Eurovision Song Contest 2019 // Scrapbooking 101: Putting Together a Page

My May Instagrams
Instagram MAy

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Scrapbooking 101: Putting Together a Page

Lately, I have finally found time again, to get some scrapbooking done. It’s such a great hobby, but it takes a lot of hours to create pretty pages, so it doesn’t always fit into my schedule. And I also can’t just do one page. When I get started, there is hardly any stopping. I put on a good TV show on my tablet and have at it like a maniac.

Anyway, in between working on my second au pair scrapbook, I started one for my other travels and finally put together the pages from my trip to London in 2014. The good thing is that I have a pretty good memory and I simply keep everything from a trip, including shopping receipts, which helps to reconstruct a day, even five years later.


So usually, I start with sorting through all the things I’ve collected and sort them into days. And of course, I’ve already printed out my favorite photos beforehand. Then, I write down everything I can remember and finally pick out some tapes, stickers and sticky notes that I want to use. It is so easy to find material for cities like London (also Paris or New York) so I had a ton. I also have enough left for my next visit in June. And by the way, if your desk or the whole room, which is the case for me, isn’t a big creative mess, you ain’t doing it right.

Then I often start with adding washi tape to my page to give it a better frame and try positioning the material. I also fill out a notecard with everything that happened on that day and also add the date and maybe fun quotes or other memorable things. I like different layers and materials on each page and I guess my motto is “The fuller, the better”. I most certainly do not waste any space. And once I manage to figure out the position of everything, I carefully start to glue or stick everything onto the scrapbook page, until it’s done. Then some stickers for the finish and that’s basically it.

Scrapbooking LondonScrapbook London

I know that a lot of people mainly use photos and maybe tickets for their scrapbook, but I literally add everything. For my London pages, I even used a part of the rain poncho I wore and put it over some document, cause it was mostly transparent. I put in an actual British flag and also coins. All these things do make the book a lot thicker in the end, but I just love those pages that include everything. My advice: Don’t be too careful. But obviously there are no rules, so just figure out, what looks best for you.

Scrapbook LondonScrapbooking LondonSo yeah, that’s basically all I do. Sometimes, it takes forever to make everything fit and sometimes, it doesn’t. I wish, I was better at recording and editing videos, so I could maybe film the whole process, but I’m not sure, I will really get around to that. So I try to take photos that at least give you a glimpse of how my pages look like.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2019 – Theme Artwork – Dare to Dream © KAN

Yes, it was that time of year again. That time, when everyone – ok, maybe not everyone – is looking forward to cheesy music, crazy performances and lots of glitter from the crème de la crème of Europe and some other countries that somehow made it into the Eurovision Song Contest. Pure madness, but I love it.

This year, I finally didn’t watch it alone. My best friend and I did it together. She’s probably the only one out of all my friends, who loves it as much as I do. And we usually don’t really have any TV-interests in common. We also expected not to really agree on any of the performances, but we actually were mostly on the same page.

Just as last year, I didn’t know any of the songs beforehand. Not even the one from my own country. I just like being surprised and unbiased and I only watch the main show. Which was kinda boring. I loved the venue and the stage, also the logo and the motto “Dare to dream”, but most performances were not really spectacular. I feel like it’s getting less, more and more each year.

© Eurovision

But of course, I still watch it and hope that someone with a good song wins. And that happened. I’m actually happy with the Netherlands winning. And I was also rooting for Israel, Australia and Malta. But can anyone explain to me, what all the juries loved about Northern Macedonia? At least the viewers knew better. But on the other side, the people in front of the TV’s also gave zero points to Germany, which is crazy. They were not that bad. People even called for San Marino and that was like the worst thing I ever heard.

Even worse than Madonna singing “Like a Prayer” live. I mean, that was just embarrassing and sad. Yes, she’s an icon, she has done amazing things for music and fashion, but Madge is just over. Her show, the staging, and everything were great, but her singing was worse than ever. And her new music with all the autotune and young artists like Quavo just doesn’t work and diminishes all her great work. However, I agreed with her saying “Let’s never underestimate the power of music to bring people together.”

Overall, I always love watching the show and it’s so incredibly exciting when all the points roll in. I’m already looking forward to next year and I hope by then, men stop wearing all those ugly pants.

01. Malta: Michela – Chameleon
The performance was really modern and just had great visuals. Song and staging were perfect for her age, but I would’ve ditched the white stockings. They never look good on anybody. The reggaeton elements were very cool and overall it was one of my favorites.

02. Albania: Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju tokës
The outfit was pretty cool. Black and gold is always a good combination. She’s also a stunningly beautiful woman. However, I didn’t like the visual fire ring, I hardly heard her sing actual words and that whole yowling was super annoying.

03. Czech Republic: Lake Malawi – Friend Of A Friend
I kinda wanted to hug the singer. I don’t know why. The whole retro visuals were pretty cool but those three listened too much to a-ha and Daftpunk. I wasn’t really sure how to feel about the whole thing and think calling themselves “Lake Malawi” is a bit weird.

04. Germany: S!ster – Sisters
Well, this was the entry for my country and I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but not very special. And I feel like it totally showed that the two of them were chosen separately and then thrown together. Their harmonies were good, but it was all a bit too dramatic and I was disappointed.

05. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – Scream
It sounded too much like a musical and men just shouldn’t be allowed to wear white pants. And was he standing in a shower or what? I was waiting for the Titanic-hand. So dramatic. “Is that still supposed to be English?” was my best friends’ comment. Sometimes, It would just be a lot more authentic, if all the contestants would sing in their own languages.

06. Denmark: Leonora – Love Is Forever
“Cute” is pretty much the only word that came to mind. I was certainly reminded of “Lemon Tree”. Her incorporation of all the different languages was a very good idea, but I didn’t understand why she sang so much in French instead of Danish. It is one of the most beautiful languages though.

07. San Marino: Serhat – Say Na Na Na
Is it just me, or was this by far the worst performance? When it started, I thought it was all gonna be Saturday Night Fever and then he began singing and it just sounded so terrible that I can’t even find words for it. Was he kidding? Sorry, not sorry.

08. Northern Macedonia: Tamara Todevska – Proud
That dress was terrible, the performance was super boring and even though she has an amazing voice, I just expected a lot more. During the performanc,  I was waiting for something great to happen, but it didn’t. The drama alone didn’t cut it.

09, Sweden: John Lundvik – Too Late For Love
He should have been disqualified just for those terrible pants. Was he auditioning for the Chippendales? I totally wasn’t feeling it. His soul sisters should’ve had more stage time, cause they were amazing. He’s great for a gospel choir, but not for the big stage.

10. Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi
The song had a very modern sound, but I was waiting for a bit more to happen. I mean, those two were cute but also a bit creepy. I would be so uncomfortable if someone was staring at me like that for a whole song.

11. Cyprus: Tamta – Replay
Such a typical ESC-performance and girl looked pretty fierce. The beat was cool but she didn’t quite have the right swag for the song. At least it woke everyone up again, after some pretty snooze-worthy performances.

12. Netherlands: Duncan Laurence – Arcade
I always love piano music, so this was definitely for me. He has a powerful voice and I felt it. There is not much I can say, except that I liked it a lot.

13. Greece: Katerine Duska – Better Love
This was a not so good imitation of Florence and the Machine, including lots of weird stage action. I just didn’t get any of it.

14. Israel: Kobi Marimi – Home
This could have been a song from a Disney movie and I absolutely loved it. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes and I felt stupid for it. But that’s just what music can do. He has an amazing voice and it totally touched me.

15. Norway: KEiiNO – Spirit In The Sky
This was pretty typical for Eurovision. I only really liked the woman, though. The other voices were not really my thing, but somehow, they did work together.

16. Great Britain: Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us
Whoever made skinny jeans trendy for guys should really find another job. Just saying… The song was nice, the kid did a good job but there was absolutely nothing special about any of it.

17. Iceland: Hatari – Hatriđ mun sigra
Well, that’s what happens, when Rammstein meets Marilyn Manson meets Depeche Mode. Finally, there was something different on stage, even though it was definitely not my thing. But I guess a little S&M-show never hurt nobody.

18. Estonia: Victor Crone – Storm
Doesn’t anyone tell these people what would be a good stage outfit? This guy wanted to be so damn cool with a bandana hanging from his back pocket and a big heart around his neck. And that whole part with the weird lightening sky? Just NO.

19. Belarus: Zena – Like It
She sounded like she had a big fat cold. Also, white boots are never a good idea. That lovely girl could have done so much cooler things, like dance the way she did in her intro.

20. Azerbaijan: Chingiz – Truth
It wasn’t bad but everything was so random. It was overall a good performance but pretty much immediately forgotten.

21. France: Bilal Hassani – Roi
It wasn’t the strongest voice but a beautiful message and the whole performance was beautiful, as well. The two dancers were amazing and I can’t say it often enough, French is such a beautiful language.

22. Italy: Mahmood – Soldi
This was my best friends’ favorite but for me, something was just missing. And those dancers kinda ruined it. The song has a lot of potential but could have used some more cool beats.

23. Serbia: Nevena Božović – Kruna
She sure watched Frozen a few too many times. It was just a bit darker and included the never forgotten Angelina Jolie leg pose for the duration of the whole song. And dark Elsa didn’t even sing the high notes.

24. Switzerland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me
That’s a big fat NO for the outfit. And I liked the parts of the song where he didn’t sing much best, cause the beat was cool. The thing is, he won a singing competition in Germany years ago and he was so different, so I sure had a hard time taking him seriously. It just wasn’t authentic at all. And no, he is not a dirty dancer.

25. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity
The song sure was something else, but somehow it worked and she had by far the best outfit out of all the contestants. Where can I get a crown like that? I was completely fascinated by her performance. It just looked so much like real flying.

26. Spain: Miki – La venda
The staging didn’t work at all with the song. Why was there this house? The song was fun, but maybe some hot dancers in traditional outfits would have been a better fit.

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Goodbye March & April 2019

Goodbye March and April,

and hello May. It finally happened, I didn’t even manage to write a round-up post for March. That month was just absolutely terrible and I hope, it won’t repeat itself. And of course, I’m also late on April. Mostly, cause I have too many hobbies, too many friends, too many engagements, which are all wonderful things to have, so I’m not sorry for enjoying my life and not pressuring myself. But to be honest, I’m looking forward to getting more writing done now, cause I’ve been mostly scrapbooking for the past weeks and need a break. But whatever is going on and whatever I did or didn’t do, I’m all about positivity, so I will just share everything I loved, anyway. Even if it’s been a while.

Instagram March April

March was mostly work, and by that, I mean feeling close to a breakdown kind of work. I was also sick, but couldn’t take time off and had my free time packed with personal things. But at least those were true highlights. Like that time my mom volunteered to go with me to something called the Supercandy museum and take a million pictures of me. Well, she actually took around 700 and it was pure madness. I’m planning on doing a separate blog post about it, so I won’t go too much into detail. But it was basically a pop-up museum with all kinds of cool settings. It was a dream for anyone who uses Instagram. We went to grab food afterward at the Hard Rock Cafe and just had an overall exhausting but fun day.

In general, I spent a lot of time with my family. Mom and I also went to go see a movie and my uncle celebrated his fiftieth birthday, where I got to hang with family and I spent some time with my grandma, who turns 90 in July. We just have the best time together and I always love to see how happy it makes her when I show up and just make time for her and whatever she feels like doing. She can’t drive, so I take her places she doesn’t like to bother other people with. But with her, I’m really patient and we usually end up buying lots of stuff that barely fits into my car. She’s very much into gardening… She also cleaned the inside of my car, cause she’s just the best.

Instagram March April

Another fun thing I did was driving to Dortmund to attend the Creativa – Europe’s biggest creative fair. I ended up going alone, cause my friend got sick, but I actually liked that, cause I just arrived, went to all the booths I wanted to and then went home. I didn’t have to take breaks, grab food or look at things, I’m not interested in. I was done after two hours and went back home with lots of beautiful new things for scrapbooking. Pure bliss.

The last weekend of March, I visited my best friend, cause we had to plan our vacation that finally happened in April. And let me tell you, it was amazing. When the day finally came, I couldn’t quite believe that it was finally there. We flew to Porto in Portugal and just had the best time. The weather report looked absolutely terrible beforehand, but it ended up getting a lot better and we saw such pretty things, had a great blast and even a month later, I’m still sad that it’s over. Traveling, as exhausting as it can be, is just the best thing ever. But those few days were much needed, amazing and already one of the greatest highlights of this year.

Instagram March April

In total, I had like 2,5 weeks off, so after getting back from Portugal, I still had lots of time to get back on track, relax and do things I love. Like scrapbooking and of course hanging out with my friends and my cute godson. So some coffee dates, a trip to the movies (OMG, Dumbo is sooooo cute!), chilling by the lake and other super chill things with zero stress – just the way I like it. It was so sad going back to work, but at least, I didn’t come back to a huge amount of things to do.

Well, this wasn’t so bad. And I really thought, I’d write much more, but I’m sure, I’ve covered all the important details. Now, we’re already two weeks into May and it’s actually going ok. I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed again by work and just put in enough time to relax. And as stated above, I’m motivated to get more blogging done. My scrapbooks are put on hold for a little bit. I don’t really have anything super exciting planned for this month, cause June has a lot in store and I’m just enjoying me-time and spontaneously meet up with my friends. So all is actually well.

Instagram March April

Enjoy every ray of sunshine. Take life one step at a time. Spend as much time as possible with the people you love. Make new memories. Put together your summer playlist. Come back to a hobby you’ve neglected for a while. Enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass or sunscreen. Treat yourself to something pretty or yummy. Or both. And have an amazing month of May.

Tons of love,

Supercandy museum Köln

Lovely life
quality time with friends and family celebrating women Supercandy Pop-Up Museum Cologne cute pictures being a little extra relaxing on my grandma’s sofa Creativa scrapbooking a good lipstick The Body Shop products red gummy bears a nice vacation Porto having someone cook for you the smell of sunscreen when a stressful time comes to an end sunshine giving your room a deep clean Dumbo hanging out with my friends a child’s laughter a good burger red velvet cupcakes Hard Rock Cafe beautiful architecture Victoria’s Secret scents getting everything organized making more travel plans Grey’s Anatomy S15E19 finishing a to-do-list looking for easter eggs spring weather holiday’s magnolia trees

Songs I loved
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
Taylor Swift feat. Brandon Urie – ME
Pietro Lombardi – Bella Donna

Interesting articles and videos
21 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Truly Comfortable With Each Other // 30 THINGS I LEARNED BEFORE TURNING 30 by Taylor Swift // Hass auf Geräusche: Was kann man gegen Misophonie tun? //

My March and April posts
Goodbye February 2019 // Photography: Porto, Portugal // (Two posts. How amazing for two months…)

My March and April Instagrams
Instagram Mix March and April

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