30 Writing Prompts For Lifestyle Bloggers #3

Probably any writer in the world finds themselves at a point, where they just don’t have a clue what to write about. We’ve all been there, and it’s always nice to come across some inspiration. Therefore, I like putting together lists with ideas for bloggers once in a while that may help. Since I am currently doing Blogtober, lists like these can come in pretty handy. I hope this helps. I would love for you to let me know if you used one, so I can see what you’ve done with it and give the post some love.

30 Writing Prompts for Lifestyle Bloggers

01. Write a review of a book or movie.
02. Introduce your pet to the world.
03. Write about a specific project and share your journey.
04. Share what job you would like to have in another life.
05. If anything was possible, what would you wish for?
06. Share your blogging experiences. What have you learned? What gadgets or apps do you use? What does it mean to you?
07. Put together a list with good books, songs, movies, etc.
08. Pick any item you like and write about what it means to you.
09. Share a dating story.
10. 2020 – what a shitshow. What do you miss most? How do you spend your days? How has your life changed?
11. Share some tips about a topic you know very well.
12. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
13. Make a pros and cons list of something. For example, working from home.
14. Describe your perfect weekend.
15. Share what you’re currently feeling.
16. Where do you find inspiration?
17. Make a list of things that make you feel amazing.
18. Write a little series about a topic of your choice.
19. How do you relax?
20. Share a quote that stayed with you.
21. What do you love about a specific movie/TV/book character?
22. Time for some self-love: Share your best features.
23. Share something you struggled with.
24. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
25. What is the best concert you’ve ever gone to?
26. Share your travel bucket list.
27. What do you love most about this time of year?
28. Goodbye negative Nancy: Things that make you feel better on a bad day.
29. Share some facts about yourself.
30. Review a post and write a follow-up.

For more inspiration, see also 30 Writing Prompts For Lifestyle Bloggers #1 and 30 Writing Prompts For Lifestyle Bloggers #2.

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My Mid-Blogtober Struggle

Well, here we are. It’s mid-Blogtober, and I am struggling. Maybe it’s just this week with more going on than usual and also not always feeling great. I knew it would be a challenge, especially cause I wasn’t very well prepared. But there is no going back now. Giving up is just not an option. So I thought, I’d just share my current feelings with you.

Crater Lake Oregon

I’m definitely enjoying the writing, and I’ve already come across new fun blogs, just because of being more active with the blog and on social media. It’s always nice to communicate with others, find inspiration on each other’s blogs, and just having a good time with all of it. I also have plenty of ideas, but even though they’re there, sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing the post. Which sounds weird, but I just have to feel it.

So yesterday, and also today, I’m just not feeling any of it. Too many things going on in my head that I’m stressing out about, I guess. But I’m sure I’ll get back into it. Planning on having a nice and chill Saturday night today with movies and junk food, and I’m sure, I’ll come up with something.

This time around, I’m mostly struggling with taking photos. I prefer taking my own but just can’t come up with good ideas. And the weather outside is just terrible, the light sucks, etc. So I’m mostly using lots of comic-me pictures from an app and whatever I got on my computer. I think that went better the last time I did Blogtober. Although, I remember struggling then as well, but more with writing. It’s just a lot.

Anyway, I’m going to continue trying my best. I’m grateful for everyone who has already stopped by for a read, left a nice comment, or shared my work on social media. It means a lot, and as long as people read my outpourings, I’m happy.

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Listen and Write

Back in 2015, when I was living in San Francisco – yes, I just love casually throwing that info around – I took a creative writing class at a community center. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped for, but the tutor came up with a few helpful ideas, after all. One of the prompts was to listen and write. I don’t really know why, but I chose a yoga or meditation class (it was something like that) for this. It’s usually pretty quiet, but you hear more than you think.

I want to share this because it’s interesting what sounds can actually make you feel. Even when they’re not loud. Especially then. So here is what I wrote.

Ocean Beach San Francisco

I enter the room, and I am immediately overwhelmed by silence. I am already calmer than I was five seconds ago. I find my spot, careful not to disturb anyone. Every little sound can be heard in this room of silence. I let my body come to rest. I let my mind come to rest. I focus on my breathing. I inhale and exhale without making a sound.

I notice heavy breathing by others. Some people fell asleep. Interestingly, you never hear yourself while sleeping. I wonder how I sound in my sleep.

Inside the room everything is silent. From somewhere in the building, I hear children having fun. They are loud and cheerful. I repeatedly catch my thoughts wandering, so I focus on my breathing again. I inhale and exhale.

Bells. I hear bells. They remind me of glitter. The more I hear the bells, the more I see everything sparkle behind my closed eyes. I hear the sound and think of glistening snow. A wide landscape covered in white and not a soul to be seen. It feels peaceful and I relax more and more.

I hear a gong and I see the sound waves behind my closed eyes. It reminds me of a glass of water. A drop, it hits, and there are ripples. I imagine that sound waves look like that. Again, I hear the gong. I’m in Japan, and everywhere, I see cherry blossoms. Everything is covered in pink. I feel the warmth of my surrounding.

Bells. Gong. I imagine myself sitting on my grandma’s porch with the wind chimes making beautiful sounds. It makes me miss home. I focus on my breathing. I inhale and exhale.

I don’t hear the children anymore. I don’t hear the busy street anymore. I don’t hear the people on treadmills anymore. Everything melted into a hum, which sounds like waves. Ocean. I’m on the beach. The sun is shining over my head and floods me with warmth. I feel golden. I feel warm. I am at peace with myself.

We all come together and celebrate the release of tension with a collective “Ooommm”, and I feel the vibration of this sound surrounding me. I feel it deep down in my body. I am at peace with myself.

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Building My Own Biosphere

I honestly don’t know if this was triggered by Corona and being stuck at home most of the time. Back in spring, when I was bombarded with ads everywhere and felt like doing major online shopping, I came across a kit that helps you build your own biosphere. It’s supposed to be for 8-year-olds, but since I’m a big kid at heart, I don’t care about these things at all. I was never really great at biology, so I thought I could learn something from this little project.

Building a Biosphere

I made such an effort. Layered rocks, sand, etc. properly and put it all together.

So one Saturday night, I sat down and assembled it, cause that’s what you do on a Saturday night when you’re 32. I was very excited and had high hopes. I unpacked everything, carefully read the instructions, grabbed whatever else I needed, and went for it. When the gloves from the kit didn’t fit me, it was probably a sign that I may be too old, after all.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed but thought, if kids can figure this out, I should be able to. But let me tell you, those instructions sucked. Some parts were honestly not properly explained, and I had to figure things out myself. Which I did. I layered everything properly, placed the seeds, looked for a spot where it got natural light, gave it water, and then waited for something to happen.

Building Biosphere

I gave it my all, and at times, it looked pretty good. I really thought it would last.

What can I tell you? Some days it went good, on others it didn’t. I thought that a biosphere kinda regulates itself, and occasionally, I just have to add a few drops of water or let some air in. That’s what the instructions said. I checked almost everyday, sometimes it was too dry, sometimes too wet. It was pretty frustrating. At some point, it actually looked really amazing though, but then I left it alone for like two days, and it ended up dead. I don’t know how, I don’t why, and I was highly disappointed. Still am. I gave it my all and that’s what I got.

What did I learn from all of this? Nothing really, cause I still don’t get it. I may give it another try sometime, when I have nothing else going on, and I can check on it, everyday. Maybe I’ll try finding an 8-year-old who knows what he’s doing and can explain things to me, but I doubt it. Cause I followed the instructions and don’t know what else to do. If anyone is an expert, let me know.

Building Biosphere

Well, this is the sad state it is currently in. I’ll try again someday, but it is obviously completely dead.

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All the Things I Want to Be

Ever since I was a little girl, my head has always been full of ideas. Therefore, I never had just that one game plan in mind of what I wanted to be. Even when I went to university, I didn’t fully know where I was heading. Thankfully, a plan did develop along the way, and today, I work as a journalist, and it is definitely a good job for me since it’s pretty versatile.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t catch myself in those “in another life…” moments, where I think about all the other things I would like to be. There are a few that seem so much fun, or I know I’d be pretty good at, and I do hope that I’ll live many more lives to try them all out.

Bitmoji Jobs

Marine Biologist: I’ve always been pretty fascinated by life under the sea, and I would absolutely love to discover all of it. Maybe I just watched too many mermaid movies, but something just draws me in. The problem is, I’m actually a bit scared of the open sea which isn’t very convenient for the job. And I was also not very good in biology class, so it wouldn’t have been a proper subject at uni for me. All of it just doesn’t go together very well. So I just visit lots of aquariums.

Rapper: Yeah, this one may sound weird, but boy, I would love to be a rapper. They are so talented and intelligent with words, and the music is fun. Now, I can’t say I have zero talent, cause I’m good with lyrics and can talk fast and all, but I don’t think it sounds great. I’ll rap “Butterfly” from Crazy Town or “Shoop” by Salt n Pepa perfectly, but I don’t really sound like a superstar. I think. I don’t rap much in front of others. I’m a good singer, though.

Detective/Agent: It doesn’t matter if a private detective, for the police, or maybe an agent for the CIA, or whatever. Out of all the jobs in the world, this is the one thing I would love being the most. I watch so many crime shows and really want to be involved. It’s so interesting and I love snooping around, doing research, etc. This probably is a glorified version of the real deal, I know, but in my head, it’s exactly what I want to be. Analyzing evidence, following clues, solving crimes and mysteries are totally up my ally.

Wedding/Party Planner: Do you have any idea how great I would be at shouting into a headset for people to get things done? I would definitely make sure that everything was in place to get the party started. Personally, I don’t want to get married, which is actually a shame, cause I would love to plan my wedding and it would be amazing. In my friend group, I’ve always been the organizer of everything and threw so many parties that I feel like I don’t really need actual training. But I probably do. Anyway, I love organizing and planning, giving orders, crossing things off my to-do-list, so this would be perfect.

Carrie Bradshaw: I know that this isn’t a job, but anyone who watched Sex and the City knows exactly what I’m talking about. She’s an author, a columnist, and surely, I would love to be exactly that. Which technically could still be possible. Being flexible with everything, getting paid for an article here and there, selling your own books, etc. And she can afford an apartment in New York and lots and lots of Manolo Blahnik’s with all of it. Sure, it’s very unrealistic, but a girl can dream, right?!

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