Currently… #1

A million years ago, I used to share some of these “Currently…” posts that just show my current mood, what’s going on in my life, etc. At some point, I deleted them during a clean-out of my blog, but I feel like reinstating this category, and maybe I’ll even put my old posts back online, as well. So in case you get an E-Mail with an old post,  you can just ignore it or find out what I was up to back in 2013/14/15.

Fall colors

  • listening: To the German Bachelorette trying to find the love of her life.
  • eating:  Frosted flakes and Doritos. Very nutritional.
  • drinking: Water – my number one drink.
  • wearing: Leggings – my favorite piece of clothing – a white long hoodie with a zipper, a basic longshirt underneath. I’m actually wearing the hood cause it’s cold. Definitely no bra.
  • feeling: Pretty stressed and tired cause I have lots going on.
  • weather: The weather is disgusting. I wanted a golden October, but instead, it feels like winter most of the time. It’s cold, windy, and the rain comes and goes.
  • wanting: The weekend to get here fast and Blogtober to end. It’s fun, but too much work.
  • needing: More than 24 hours in a day.
  • thinking: About my new apartment and what furniture I want to get.
  • enjoying: Some relaxed me-time with trash TV and blogging.

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Random Ramblings #5 – Covid Edition

Honestly, I didn’t know what to write about today. So I kinda had to choose a topic that would put me in a frenzy to get it all out. And covid makes my blood boil. So far, I refrained from making it a big topic on my blog. But there is just so much going on, and I just had to get these thoughts off my chest.

In this particular case, I don’t really care if you agree or disagree. Or actually, I guess, I do. I am absolutely judgemental when it comes to this crazy pandemic. If you think this is all a joke and you don’t wear a mask or whatever the hell you think you’re doing, I will not be the bigger person and just let it go. This is too important, and I can’t look past this level of stupidity.

Random Ramblings Covid Edition

    • How hard can it be for some people to wear a damn mask and keep their distance?!
    • No, Karen, being stupid and endangering others is not your right.
    • In situations like this, you see how dangerous stupidity is.
    • A big thank you to everyone who is not giving a shit for these crazy numbers everywhere. I hope you enjoyed your careless actions.
    • Yes, I know it can happen even when you’re careful, but you know the people I am talking about.
    • I believe in science.
    • Do I understand wanting to travel, party, or whatever? Yes. Do I think it’s essential? Absolutely not.
    • I have nothing to feel bad about, cause I was super careful pretty much all year.
    • Bring the damn lockdown, so we can maybe celebrate Christmas with our families.
    • I hope you enjoyed your vacations on packed beaches, in crowded clubs, or wherever the hell you thought was so important to go.
    • Yes, I’m judging, sorry not sorry.
    • My family and friends, their health and mine, are more important to me than anything else.
    • Why did this fall bring mostly sucky weather that makes it hard to meet outside?!
    • I understand and support a lockdown, but I will be sad if I can’t go picking out furniture for my new apartment.
    • I won’t join a protest because of it.
    • Oh yeah, protests. If the freaking German government continues allowing protests to happen, knowing that most of these people don’t give a damn about guidelines, I am gonna lose it.
    • No, in this case, I don’t care about your freedom of whatever. You’re a selfish moron. And if you catch and spread the damn virus, please just refuse treatment. You don’t deserve it. Or at least pay for it yourself.
    • Not to forget that Germany pays for the freaking tests, even if you willingly traveled to a high-risk country. Just throwing money around, and there are no consequences for the idiots.
    • I miss hugging my friends.
    • I do think that my country handled the first wave rather well, but currently, it’s going downhill.
    • No, I will not book any trips for next year because nobody knows what will happen, and yes, it’s possible to survive a year without a proper vacation. Deal with it.
    • Needing to cough feels so awkward.
    •  Let’s all hope that at least his mishandling of Corona will cost the orange man in the White House his job. Nothing else he has done or didn’t do seemed to scare off enough people. And yes, I did wish a lot of awful symptoms upon him.
    • However, nobody deserves to die from this terrible virus. But some people could use a little reminder that it’s actually real. And dangerous.
    • If you post pictures of big gatherings on your Instastory, I will judge you.
    • On the plus side: Ever since this whole mess started, I am a much more relaxed person.
    • There has never been a more perfect excuse for not leaving the house.
    • Hell yeah, will I get vaccinated. But I do feel like it’s being rushed, which gives me an uneasy feeling about it.
    • What a shitshow 2020 turned out to be.
    • I am grateful for having a job I can easily do from home.
    • Can we keep the distancing forever? Not a fan of people breathing down my neck while standing in line somewhere.
    • Of course, I feel bad for the economy, people losing their job, and everything this pandemic is causing. However, I think that a person’s life is more important than anything else.
    •  I could probably go on and on, but enough for today.

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Don’t Throw It Away – Have a Swap Party

For quite some time now, decluttering your life has been a pretty popular concept. From Marie Kondō, we learned to ask ourselves if an object in our possession gives us joy, and the ladies from the Home Edit make us fill our living space with labeled containers. And you know what, it is fun. And also hard. I’m a bit of a hoarder, or maybe a collector – I don’t know. I’ve just always had a lot of stuff.

For roughly five years now, I’ve been actively working on getting rid of things and only keeping what I really want to have in my life. I honestly can’t believe how much stuff I’ve given away, and I still have more. But I’ve come very close to only having things that I want to keep, and that makes me happy. And yes, it’s still plenty, and I will never be one for minimalism, but that’s ok. I love my things.

Swap Party

I sort out everything regularly and always have things I don’t need anymore. I’ve become much better at it, but what hurts is throwing things away. So only trash lands in the bin, and the rest, I sell, donate, give to people who have use for it, and so on. But one of my favorite things in the world are swap parties. A group of girls and I do it regularly. It’s not only highly entertaining, but it’s also a fab way to find new homes for things you once loved, and maybe even find new treasures to bring home.

The concept is pretty simple. Everyone brings stuff, and there is no limit. Clothes, toys, food, make-up, decorations – anything goes. We each take turns holding up an item, and the first person to say they want it, get’s it. You’d be surprised what items others may need. It’s usually the things you are sure nobody would ever want that find a new home. Everyone just loves and needs different things, and how great it is, if you can just get it for free.

I admit that there is always the chance of taking home new things as well, even though the plan is always to get rid of as much as possible and make room, but I’ve gotten pretty good at not taking home too much. And I can safely say that the majority of things I’ve said yes to have been put to good use. And I also don’t mind giving away more than I’m getting. I just like knowing that my things are in good hands and make someone else happy. Definitely better than throwing it away. Therefore, I highly recommend getting together a group of people and start swapping.

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The Face Behind the Blog Tag

Today is Sunday, I’m just chilling away and enjoying lots of me-time. So while that pretty much means that I’m in bed doing nothing but playing with my phone, the little voice in my head was like: “Ummm, you’re still doing Blogtober, so ya gotta post something.”

I scrolled a bit through Twitter, and I came across Helen from Crispy Confessions doing “The Face Behind the Blog” tag by Jan, who originally put it together for JanOnTheBlog. Basically, it’s a fun way to get to know a bit more about bloggers, so here I go.

Candy Museum Cologne


  1. Use “The Face Behind the Blog” tag to post a bit about yourself.
  2. Tag two or more blogs that you love or leave an open invitation.
  3. Be sure to mention this post and the original post on


Who am I?
I’m Hailey, which admittedly is not the name given to me at birth, but that’s about the only thing I’m a bit secretive about. I’m just really paranoid, sometimes. Anyway, I’m 32 years old, live in Germany, and I’m a journalist. I am also a sister, godmother, dog lover, overthinker, scrapbooker, creative thinker, and lots more. I have a crazy mind and a big heart, and I have more stuffed Disney animals than any 32-year-old should probably have.

Where am I from?
I am from Germany but have also lived in the US several times at different stages in my life. Good memories. Growing up, I always thought, I’d move back as an adult and try building a life there, but after a year as an au pair, I changed my mind pretty quickly. I had a great childhood in the States, but now that I’m much older, I am a lot more grateful for the country I was born in, and just don’t like the US as much as I used to.

What’s a perfect day?
I guess today is a perfect day. I got to sleep in with an extra hour cause of daylight saving, I have no plans that require leaving the house, and I’m just relaxing while listening to 90s music and raindrops hitting my window. I’m gonna do a bit of reading, writing, watch a movie and eat junk food. Now if that’s not perfect, I don’t know what is.

What do I do?
I am a journalist and work for a local newspaper. Yeah, we actually still produce print issues. So I do that, also lots of editing, interviews, writing articles, and so on.

Why do I blog?
Because I’ve always loved writing, need it as an outlet, and think it’s fascinating that with just one click, you can put out anything into the world. I also am a bit full of myself sometimes, and love to share things. Keeping everything in a notebook just wasn’t enough for me. It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve met great people because of it.


I honestly would love to read from just anyone who wants to give it a go, so I can learn more about other bloggers. But I always love reading from my girls Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots, Tina from Tea is for Tina, and Kristina from Royal Lifestyle by Honey.

Oh, and Helen wanted to know which word would describe me (or any person who does the tag after visiting her blog). I’d say a roller-coaster-ride, cause my emotions, interests, decisions, etc. are usually all over the place, and that’s just what the inside of my head always feels like.

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Thoughts I Had While Watching Hocus Pocus

Yesterday, I watched my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus for the millionth time. It’s just one of those classics you can’t watch too often. The movie is just iconic, and honestly, if they’ll film a sequel, I won’t mind. There is also this Hocus Pocus online event a day before Halloween, and I already bought my ticket. Now, I’m just hoping that my wi-fi connection will actually let me be a part of it.

Anyway, sometimes, I like to watch movies and write down all my thoughts. Obviously, as an adult, we watch movies differently than as a child, but I don’t love it any less. I may be more observant though.

Hocus Pocus

    • Every time, I’m surprised to see Timothy McGee from Navy CIS in the first scene.
    • I always thought his name was Zachery. Does anyone ever hear it clearly pronounced Thackery?
    • I love Sarah’s singing, and I would’ve totally followed her voice, as well.
    • Winifred Sanders – one of the most iconic characters ever.
    • “Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” Me everyday.
    • The eye on the book is disgusting.
    • I’ve always had a thing for witches.
    • Why can’t the cat speak after being cursed, but 300 years later, it can?!
    • Sarah is so entertainingly stupid.
    • It’s just one of the movies that really makes me want to visit Salem. Especially during Halloween. I just read an article about it, and it’s insane.
    • I admire how confident Max is.
    • The Dennison house is gorgeous. I want a little tower in my room.
    • Dani is so cute, but I get it. Younger siblings can be pretty annoying.
    • I wish Halloween was as popular in Germany, as it is in the US. I love it and would never mind going trick-or-treating.
    • Didn’t Max just give the candy bag to the bullies? Why is Dani carrying it?
    • I would’ve totally lit the black flame candle. It’s just too tempting.
    • I can relate to the witches. Often not a big fan of kids myself.
    • Oh, how I would love to have magical powers.
    • A black river. :D
    • Their special walk is just one of the best things in the whole movie.
    • It’s so funny how they get to know the modern world.
    • Oh, Sarah… How boy-crazy can a woman be?!
    • Why the hell would the man in the devil costume just invite three strangers into his house, have them fawn all over him, while his wife is sitting right there? That’s just weird. Men…!
    • Those little girls stealing the brooms. Who on earth does that?
    • How the hell can three witches be scared of a little dog?
    • Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!
    • Sarah even got jiggy with her sister’s boyfriend. I’m surprised Winnie let her live.
    • Mom’s Madonna costume is so on point.
    • “I put a spell on you” is such an amazing performance.
    • Why can kids in movies and TV shows just enter their school at any hour of the day?
    • And why is there this big oven thingy?
    • Mary flying on a vacuum cleaner is the best.
    • I should check if mine can fly.
    • YAAAAS, go Billie.
    • Why can they suddenly enter the cemetery? I don’t get it.
    • The potion flying through the air without spilling a drop does not make sense.
    • That went by too fast.
    • I miss watching things as a kid. You don’t see movie flaws or question everything. It’s just the way it is.

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