Random Ramblings #6

My thoughts are usually all over the place, so sometimes, a coherent post just isn’t possible. So I thought, I’ll share some random ramblings with you. You know, just getting it all off my chest.

Random Ramblings #6

  • It’s Monday, and I hate it with all my heart.
  • Having neighbors is the worst. I want a house in the woods, where I hear or see nobody. I don’t get how some people never learn basic things like that it is possible to close doors quietly.
  • Going to bed early is hard work for me.
  • How do some people do it all? I feel overwhelmed a lot, and I don’t even have kids. But I guess you can have lots on your plate without being a parent. I just feel bad about it sometimes.
  • I love drinking water so much.
  • How many advent calendars for an adult are acceptable? Asking for a friend.
  • It always makes me feel bad about myself when the sun is out, and I prefer staying indoors, just hanging out. Even though I know, it’s ok.
  • Getting a housekeeper as a single woman with an apartment, no kids, who mostly works from home would be ridiculous, right? Thinking about it a lot, though.
  • I’m still not over not being on vacation anymore. I want to go back so badly.
  • Writing every day really isn’t easy.
  • It’s insane how I feel when social media crashes, and I can’t mindlessly scroll through all the feeds.
  • I can get obsessed with something in a second, and it’s not healthy.
  • Does anybody else miss chatting on ICQ?
  • Musical episodes are the worst.
  • Saw a guy using a photo of Brian Littrell on Tinder. Ummm, does he really think women in their 30s won’t recognize a Backstreet Boy???
  • I wish I could do magic. I would make my neighbors miserable. They deserve it for being inconsiderate morons.
  • Bank holidays don’t work out well for employees this year.
  • Whenever I make plans, I regret it like five minutes later.
  • I don’t know why, but sometimes I read crazy posts by anti-vaxxers, and what can I say: If you’re not able to spell the word VIRUS correctly, just really shut the hell up.
  • I wonder if the Vengaboys ever made it to Ibiza alright.
  • Bought a hula hoop months ago. Haven’t used it since.
  • I often feel bad about not texting people or making plans. Then I remember that this is a two-way street.

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4 Responses to Random Ramblings #6

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  3. marlagro says:

    I’m an introvert and have some of your thoughts too! I’m going to follow you! 🙂


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