Goodbye Blogtober – Dropping Out Early

On Sunday, I decided to quit Blogtober early. At first, I was a bit disappointed in myself, but you know what? Putting too much pressure on yourself over something you don’t have to do while it doesn’t give you joy is stupid. Therefore, I threw in the towel a week early.


I really tried. But I was constantly scrambling for ideas and motivation. I just had so much going on, and I wasn’t able to focus most of the time. And when I wrote something, it often felt half-hearted, and I don’t like that. I prefer being a bit more passionate about writing and not just forcing something out of me. It also made me go to bed too late all the time, and that’s never good.

I hardly managed to share my work on social media, which usually gets more readers. Numbers could’ve been a lot better. But thanks to the person who one day decided to read my entire blog, whoever you are. Furthermore, I didn’t have time to read what other people were writing about and share some love on their blogs, which, for me, is also a part of Blogtober.

So overall, I just didn’t like it at all this year, and I feel a lot better since deciding to quit. There are more important things, and we should all do things that make us happy. But I do hope to write more regularly again – just not under pressure.

But totally have a read at what I did manage to put out there: Blogtober Round 3 – Here I Go Again // Goodbye Summer (July-September) 2021 // Learn From Mean Girls: Don’t Change Who You Are For Other People // Currently… #2 // The Post-Vacation-Blues // Photography: Ostfriesland – North Sea // Mixtape #26 – Late 90s/Early 00s Rock/Punk Music // “The Comfort Book” by Matt Haig: How It Actually Gives Me Comfort // Everything I Love About Fall // Goodbye Negative Nancy: Things That Make Me Feel Better On A Bad Day // Random Ramblings #6 // My Favorite Childhood Books // My Mid-Blogtober-Struggle – Happens Every Time // Growing Up With Disney // The Get To Know Your Pet Tag // Currently… #3 // It’s Ok Not To Be Busy And Productive All The Time // 30 Writing Prompts For Lifestyle Bloggers #4 // Welcome To My Favorite Room // Mixtape #27 – Cozy Fall Vibes // Scrapbooking 101: What This Hobby Means To Me // Currently… #4 // Books I’ve Read and Loved This Year

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