Goodbye to all the months I missed writing about

Goodbye to the last I don’t even know how many months,

and, hello June. It has definitely been a hot second since anyone heard from me on my blog. After Blogtober last year, which I didn’t finish, I just stopped writing. I constantly thought about it, but it simply didn’t happen. But I want to try and get back into it.

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Anyway, I thought about giving a recap of each month I missed, but I’m not gonna do that. I mean, who the hell cares about how my Christmas was, now that we’ve reached June, right? FYI, it was great, and I’m still grateful that I finally got to spend it with the whole family again. I know that not everyone was as fortunate.

So, let’s focus on 2022. The biggest news first: I moved again. In March, I finally decided that I had enough. I was so unhappy in my previous apartment, and I decided to look for a new place. My neighbors were terrible, and I felt like slowly going insane. And there were a few more reasons why I needed to change something. As beautiful as the apartment was, it wasn’t worth hating everything else. I deserve happiness.

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I got lucky and found a new place rather quickly. The whole process was pretty emotional because I was sad about giving up my beautiful apartment, I sure wasn’t looking forward to moving, and because it all happened so fast, I was overwhelmed. What if I don’t feel at home in the new space? But at the end of the day, it just had to happen. So, April and May were mostly about getting the place painted, moving all my stuff, and fitting it into my new home. Which is smaller, and damn, downsizing is a bitch.

I also stayed with my parents, who now live within walking distance, for like a month. The dog and I loved it a little too much. But it just took me a while to feel the new apartment, make it livable, and I just wasn’t in a hurry. I was also a bit scared about whether or not I would like living there.

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When the place was ready for me to move in, I went on vacation and had a blast. I got my head straight, tried getting rid of my negativity and worries, and just enjoyed myself. I also ate a lot of waffles. It was amazing and helped so much. And when we came back, the doggy and I moved right in. So far, I can honestly say that it was a good decision.

Well, what else. It was my birthday in February, and I spent it in the Netherlands, where the doggy and I visited my best friend. I hate that she lives there now, but it was nice spending some time together. We didn’t do too much because of Covid, but my one exception was going super nuts at Primark, which I hadn’t done in too long, and I loved it.

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In January, my dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome, which wasn’t fun, but he’s fine and getting medication for all his diseases. I also went to see some doctors myself and was diagnosed with asthma, as well as vitamin D and B12 deficiency. It all sure explains lots of problems I’ve been having for a while, and I’m working on it.

So, I guess this year, I’m trying to be happier. Knowing what’s wrong with me and handling it, moving to a better place, focusing more on things that I love. I really hope that my life will improve – especially my mental health. It all takes time, but at least I’m starting to make helpful changes. And I guess that’s really what matters.

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Each of us has the power to enter a new world. All we have to do is change our mind. – Matt Haig, The Comfort Book

Tons of love,


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Marissa Stapley – Lucky

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  1. I need to start reading blogs more. I feel like they are more meaningful than IG, but IG is just so instant and simple. And we humans love instant gratification.


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