The Get To Know Your Pet Tag

So today is my dog’s birthday, and I thought I would put together a little tag to get to know him better. And hopefully, other bloggers with pets will introduce theirs as well, cause I love getting to know other people’s animals.

There are no rules. If you want, just answer the ten questions I put together and tag me in your post, so I can read all your answers. Feel free to tag other bloggers, so they can share everything about their darlings, as well.


01. What pet(s) do you have?
I have one dog, and he is a Havanese mix.

02. What is your pets name?
His name is Charlie, and he is the cutest.

03. How did you get your pet?
He belonged to my grandparents, and when they sadly passed away, my family and I adopted him. He’s been living with us for two years now, and since January, it’s just the two of us because I finally got my own apartment. I’ve always wanted to have a dog, again, but they’re a big responsibility. But then he was there, and we made it work.

04. Have you had other pets before?
I grew up with two dogs, and I loved it. When they were no longer with us, we had three cats, but to be honest, I’ve always been more of a dog person. And for many years, we also had some fish. I got my first aquarium when I was six or seven, and eventually, my parents got a big one and took mine away. I’m still mad about that. I’ve always wanted my own again and am still planning on getting one.

05. What fun things have you and your per experienced together?
While living with my grandparents, Charlie didn’t really have an active life. Not much contact with other dogs or walking, and no adventures. But the last two years have been rather eventful for him. Most of the time, I take him with me, wherever I go. He’s been in stores, restaurants, animal parks, has met lots of other dogs and people, and of course, we’re outside every day. The best thing we’ve done together was to go on vacation to the North Sea. We had the best time, and we’re definitely going again next year.


06. What does having a pet mean to you?
That little fur baby is the love of my life. He gives me comfort when I’m sad and makes me laugh all the time. I’m so glad that he is with me because, even though I love living alone, I don’t get lonely. There is always someone there who needs me, and that helps a lot – especially mentally. He also gets me out of the house, which is a good thing.

07. How pet crazy are you?
Well, my dog still has to walk on his own. I don’t carry him around or push him in a stroller. I obviously get him everything he needs, and yeah, he is a bit spoiled. Let’s say, whatever happens, I’ve got it covered. And yes, we also have some things that he doesn’t necessarily need, like a tie or a fun costume, but whatever. He’s my baby, and sometimes, I’m a little obsessed. Maybe, I monitor him too closely. But better safe than sorry. However, I don’t phone the vet over every little thing.

08. What do you love most about your pet?
He is very chill, and I can take him pretty much everywhere. He adapts very quickly to new surroundings, and he’s a true heartbreaker. Everybody loves him.

09. What is your favorite thing to do with your pet?
Cuddle time. We love to sleep in on weekends, and before we get up, a good cuddle makes the day immediately better. And yes, he’s allowed in my bed. I never thought I would do that, but I don’t care. He’s my baby, and he can chill wherever he wants to.

10. Is there anything that annoys you about your pet?
He loves eating things he shouldn’t and is pretty quick. So sometimes, I can’t keep him from it fast enough. Unfortunately, he has a sensitive stomach, and then he has problems and barks me out of bed several times a night. Not fun at all. He also hates rain, so it’s a bit of a pain getting him out of the house when the weather isn’t good, even though he has a little coat.

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