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Mind Your Own Business

If the last few weeks have taught me one thing, it’s that people who constantly have to get in other people’s business make my blood boil. Sure, we all love our fair share of gossip. But there is a difference … Continue reading

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The Face Behind the Blog Tag

Today is Sunday, I’m just chilling away and enjoying lots of me-time. So while that pretty much means that I’m in bed doing nothing but playing with my phone, the little voice in my head was like: “Ummm, you’re still … Continue reading

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Would You Rather…? – Fashion Edition

I usually don’t write much about fashion, and I would say I don’t think too much about it either. Although this year, I did try to update my wardrobe a bit and not simply run around in leggings all day, … Continue reading

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The Autumn Reading Tag

It’s day 8 of Blogtober and to be honest, my brain feels pretty fried today. Why do I never properly prepare for things like this? Anyway, I thought about doing a fun tag because answering questions is what I need … Continue reading

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The Halloween Tag

Tomorrow is Halloween and I thought it would be nice to put together a tag for the spooky season. These 15 questions are about the holiday, but also about the supernatural and more. If you love Halloween, also if not, … Continue reading

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