Would You Rather…? – Fashion Edition

I usually don’t write much about fashion, and I would say I don’t think too much about it either. Although this year, I did try to update my wardrobe a bit and not simply run around in leggings all day, every day. But I came across a fun post on the blog “3YellowDaisies”  and thought I’d give it a shot. Apparently, the only rules are that you have to actually make a decision, and “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer.

Fashion Edition

01. Wear the same outfit every day or only be allowed to wear neutrals for life?
Although I would definitely miss a colorful eyecatcher once in a while, I’d definitely wear neutrals for life. I could probably live in the same hoodie and leggings forever, but changing it up can’t hurt. And I mostly own black and gray anyway.

02. Be underdressed or overdressed for an event?
When I was younger, being underdressed was something I didn’t even know how to be. I definitely got more comfortable over the years, but it feels weird to me when everyone went all out and I didn’t. So I’m definitely gonna choose being overdressed.

03. Have an unlimited supply of perfect white t-shirts or perfect little black dresses?
Perfect little black dresses for sure. I mean, you can never really go wrong with that, and you can also combine it in so many ways.

04. Only be able to wear futuristic or old-timey clothing?
I love the fashion of the golden 20s, so that would totally be cool. I would definitely go for being a flapper and throwing Gatsby-parties.

05. Have a closet filled with only prints and bright colors or black clothes?
Black clothes forever. As a teenager, I was more Barbie, adult me goes more for Morticia Adams.

06. Wear leather jackets or denim jackets for the rest of your life?
This one is sooo easy. Leather jackets, preferably faux. It’s one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing, and it goes with everything and makes it a little edgy. And since I always wear a black one, it goes well with all the answers above.

07. Wear Chanel or Louis Vuitton?
I’ll go for Chanel. Although old school Chanel is probably a little too posh for me, I love the patterns and never say no to black and white. And they have cool modern pieces as well. I’d also love to own an actual Chanel purse someday. Which is also not really me, but I like to mix styles. Louis is a bit too over the top for me.

08. Wear only dresses or coordinating suits for all formal events?
Dresses for sure. So many beautiful options out there and deep down, I’m still a girly-girl.

09. Wear heels that are ugly and old, but super comfortable or gorgeous heels that everyone loves, but torture your feet and give you blisters?
Since I don’t wear heels often, the one time I do, I may as well make an effort and live through the pain. I’m definitely going for gorgeous heels on this one.

10. Shop more and pay less or shop less and live more?
Easy, shop less, and live more. No piece of clothing is worth more than spending money on fun like doing things with my friends, travel, or whatever else you can do with money.

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4 Responses to Would You Rather…? – Fashion Edition

  1. I loved reading your answers! And it would actually be fun to wear flappers.


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