Blogtober 2020 – That’s a Wrap

Oh my God, I can’t believe the last day of Blogtober is here, and I’m so happy about it. It has been a ride. I’m exhausted but also proud of pulling through, even though I felt like quitting several times. I mean, I work full time, I currently have so much going on cause my family and I are moving into three different households within the next few months, and it’s just a lot. And then sitting down everyday to write something, because I’m always poorly prepared, was a challenge.


But I feel like I put together a good mix of posts. Short and easy on lazy days, long and emotional on others. However, I feel like my photo game wasn’t the best. I’m not a fan of stock photos and always want to use my own, but was definitely lacking ideas. So using comic me was often the way to go. But I’m definitely planning on upping my photography game. If only the weather was better…

My views were ok, although I must say that I almost had the same views in April when I only published four posts. But I guess by now, people have found ways to manage quarantine/lockdown and just stay busy at home. I also suck at promoting my work. But, I really love the fact that I’ve met new bloggers, and I definitely connected a lot more. I also really want to post regularly again, just not everyday. I can’t handle that kind of stress right now.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading, leaving sweet comments, likes, etc. It always means a lot to me. And I now know that blogging is still something I love deeply, and I can’t give up, even when it’s stressful. I just have to regularly commit a bit more time.

xx Hailey ♡

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4 Responses to Blogtober 2020 – That’s a Wrap

  1. Helen says:

    Great job completing blogtober! I can’t believe it’s already the end of another month as well as blogtober. It went by super fast :)

    Liked by 1 person

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