If These Mattresses Could Talk

If these mattresses could talk, they would tell wonderful stories. Because these aren’t just mattresses. These are an important part of growing up, and they are full of memories. And now they are gone forever. Can you believe how dramatic I am over two mattresses?

There is a good reason for that. For over twenty years, and probably longer than any mattress should be kept, these two mattresses have been in our household. They were part of a bed that was easily put together and functioned as a guest bed. My parents bought it when we were living in the States, what feels like a million years ago, and have stayed with us ever since. The reason these mattresses are so special to me and the rest of the family is because pretty much every person we know has slept on them. And now we recently said goodbye to them, and I couldn’t help myself but take a photo and even cut out a piece of it. We’re selling the house next year, so lots of things just have to go. But seeing them lying there on the side of the road ready for pickup made me really sad, but also made me remember wonderful moments from the past 25 years.

These mattresses remind me of the wonderful times, my grandparents visited us in Texas. We always had the best time living there and experienced some great vacations together. And I’m sure I snuggled up to my grandma more than once. They also remind me of endless slumber parties with my friends because growing up, I always had people over. I think of all the times we stayed up late, just talking about everyone and everything. When I celebrated my birthdays, my whole room was usually covered in beds and it was always the best thing. Actually, in February, my best friend stayed over because we did a whole weekend of birthday fun for me, but nothing made me happier than making her a bed and talking until dozing off. Back then, I had no idea that it would be the last time. She always got a good night’s sleep on those mattresses and has so ever since we were kids.

Also, lots of hangovers were experienced on these mattresses, which were always there after a crazy night out. Even a friend from university and one from my year as an au pair have slept on them and I think that’s just lovely. My oldest godson spent a weekend at our house a while back and of course, I made sure he’d get a good night’s sleep on these mattresses.

You know, all of these people would always have a place to sleep in my bed, but there is just something about having a bed for yourself…

I have also slept a bit on these because twice in my life, our basement was flooded and unfortunately, that’s where my room is. The first time happened when I was a teenager and I ended up sleeping in the living room for a week. The second time was actually only five years ago, and I spent some nights bunking down in my brother’s room, and we actually didn’t kill each other. When we were younger, he used to grab one of the mattresses and spend the night in my room, where we used to play this game of humming and guessing songs. And I also demonstrated my mad rap skills. We still laugh about it.

Anyway, now they are gone and I cherish the memories they hold. I’m soon getting my own apartment and of course, I will always have a place for my friends and family to sleep, but I guess it’s going to be on a pull-out-couch and not on these beautiful pink mattresses who have done their deed.

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7 Responses to If These Mattresses Could Talk

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    But they’re so….pink.
    Hysterically pink. SO pink!
    And they still look so new 😱😳 luckily…the memories DO remain.


    • Yes, the colour made them so much better. 😂 Even after all these years they were still super comfy but we had to let them go. It was time but yeah, still sad. 😭 But I’ll make new memories with some other form of bed for my friends. 😊


  2. E.B. Rose says:

    I love this 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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