Halloween Fun In Times Of Covid-19 – Blogger Style

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m pretty sure it will be completely different this year. However, not for me personally. It’s not really that big of a deal in Germany anyway. And it’s always my besties birthday, so I usually hang out with her. I wouldn’t mind a fab Halloween party though, like in the movies. Or some proper trick-or-treating.

Anyway, the lovely Helen from Crispy Confessions tagged me in her post, and you know what? A day before Blogtober ends, it’s just what I needed. My motivation is pretty much out the window, but I can manage to answer a few questions.



  • Thank the blogger who tagged you and link their post
  • Put the rules after an introduction, then answer the 13 questions
  • Tag 13 more bloggers to participate in the game
  • Use these same Halloween questions, or create new ones of your own


1. What’s your favorite thing about October or Halloween?
Fall is my favorite season, so pretty much everything. Especially nature. Trees in all those different colors are always a great sight to see. And I love cozy evenings and watching fun Halloween movies. I’m also a big fan of costumes,

2. How much do you spend on Halloween?
Pretty much nothing. It’s never really a big thing here, and I don’t feel the need to buy lots of Halloween stuff. Maybe that will change when I have my own apartment. This year I spent 10 Dollars on a ticket for an online-screening of the Hocus Pocus special. That’s it.

3. What do you think the average person spends on Halloween goodies & does it match what you spend?
I have no idea, and I don’t think it really matters.

4. Does social media influence how much you decorate for Halloween, causing you to spend more?
Not really. The thing with Halloween is, I love it, but it’s not really my color palette. I hate the color orange, and in no scenario ever would it match my room setup. But again, maybe I’ll give it a go when I have my own place. Still have some things from a Halloween party I threw a million years ago.

Bitmoji Halloween

5. Do you buy or create your Halloween costumes, and what was your favorite costume so far?
In Germany, we mostly celebrate “Karneval”, which is more colorful and cheery. I have a whole closet full of costumes, and I’m more of a buyer. But I’ll throw together a vampire costume in a sec. Always a classic go-to for me. However, I once dressed up as a mermaid, which was my favorite.

6. Share a trick you have played on someone on Halloween.
I think when I was a teenager, some girls and I did some doorbell pranks. But we also did those on random days, as well.

7. Do you have a favorite Halloween treat?
Nope. I just love candy in general.

8. What is something you can do with a pumpkin once Halloween is over?
I have no clue. It always landed in the bin. Maybe ask Cinderella for advice.

9. Do you consider pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

10. What is the scariest food you’ve ever eaten?
Not sure. I don’t really experiment a lot. If I don’t feel like eating something, I just don’t.

Bitmoji Halloween

11. Do you have a favorite Halloween drink?
Is that a thing? I mostly drink water every day of the year. But I like a nice cup of tea when I cozy up.

12. People usually spend money on Halloween, but have you ever made money related to this holiday?
Like how? Turn my house into a haunted mansion for the public? So, no.

13. Have you ever read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley or another frightening book?
I’ve read it at university but don’t recall it being that frightening. Overall, I’m not really one for thrillers.

My Nominees

Well, since Halloween is tomorrow, I think it’s a bit too late, and I usually like to leave tags open for anyone to do. Also, I found the questions a bit weird, and I don’t really know what this has to do with a Covid-19 Halloween. Also, I like being a little rulebreaker. Sorry, not sorry.

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6 Responses to Halloween Fun In Times Of Covid-19 – Blogger Style

  1. Helen says:

    I agree that Frankenstein really wasn’t that scary lol
    Karneval sounds awesome! I remember learning about it in my german classes in college. you dress up in your favorite costume and go to a festival right?


  2. Honey says:

    questions are a bit weird, I wondered if it was just me haha
    also, I totally don’t get the hype around it since we don’t celebrate Halloween either, not as much as Americans do anyway. To be honest, I would like to, because I like parties, but whatever haha we also pay our respects to the dead the next day so we don’t find it very appropriate… our carnival is in February.. :)


    • So weird, but I was too lazy to start a new post, so I just went with it. I actually love Halloween but mainly because I’ve experienced it in the US several times and it’s just a whole nother story over there. Here, it’s pretty much the same as for you. :)


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