Don’t Throw It Away – Have a Swap Party

For quite some time now, decluttering your life has been a pretty popular concept. From Marie Kondō, we learned to ask ourselves if an object in our possession gives us joy, and the ladies from the Home Edit make us fill our living space with labeled containers. And you know what, it is fun. And also hard. I’m a bit of a hoarder, or maybe a collector – I don’t know. I’ve just always had a lot of stuff.

For roughly five years now, I’ve been actively working on getting rid of things and only keeping what I really want to have in my life. I honestly can’t believe how much stuff I’ve given away, and I still have more. But I’ve come very close to only having things that I want to keep, and that makes me happy. And yes, it’s still plenty, and I will never be one for minimalism, but that’s ok. I love my things.

Swap Party

I sort out everything regularly and always have things I don’t need anymore. I’ve become much better at it, but what hurts is throwing things away. So only trash lands in the bin, and the rest, I sell, donate, give to people who have use for it, and so on. But one of my favorite things in the world are swap parties. A group of girls and I do it regularly. It’s not only highly entertaining, but it’s also a fab way to find new homes for things you once loved, and maybe even find new treasures to bring home.

The concept is pretty simple. Everyone brings stuff, and there is no limit. Clothes, toys, food, make-up, decorations – anything goes. We each take turns holding up an item, and the first person to say they want it, get’s it. You’d be surprised what items others may need. It’s usually the things you are sure nobody would ever want that find a new home. Everyone just loves and needs different things, and how great it is, if you can just get it for free.

I admit that there is always the chance of taking home new things as well, even though the plan is always to get rid of as much as possible and make room, but I’ve gotten pretty good at not taking home too much. And I can safely say that the majority of things I’ve said yes to have been put to good use. And I also don’t mind giving away more than I’m getting. I just like knowing that my things are in good hands and make someone else happy. Definitely better than throwing it away. Therefore, I highly recommend getting together a group of people and start swapping.

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