All the Things I Miss About Traveling

If this was a normal year, I would’ve been on at least two, probably three awesome vacations by now, and I’m still sad that it all didn’t happen. For May, my best friend and I had a trip booked to Budapest, Hungary, and of course, with Corona and all, it did not happen. In June, my mom and I were gonna fly to Texas, USA, to visit our old home – a trip I wanted to make for over twenty years. Obviously, that didn’t happen as well, and with everything going on in the States, who knows when we’ll get the chance again. In September, I would’ve loved to visit Amsterdam, but I didn’t. This year, there will definitely be no traveling for me.

I know that lots of boarders are open again, and I see people being on holiday all over social media. However, personally, I find it irresponsible, and yes, I blame lots of these people for bringing back Corona and getting our numbers up again. I mean sure, go on a hiking or camping trip where you’re outside for the most part and don’t really often come into contact with people. Yes, visit your loved ones abroad. If you have to travel for work and have no choice, fine. All of that I get. But everyone who, for example, thought it was so important to fly to Mallorca or whatever, tanning on packed beaches, partying and whatnot, I can just shake my head at. Yes, I know how much it sucks to cancel a trip, but staying home isn’t the end of the world.

We all don’t know how long it will all be this way, but I doubt there will be much improvement by next year, and I don’t think I’ll do lots of traveling in 2021, as well. Just the thought of crowded airports and packed airplanes right now gives me the creeps. As much as I miss it, it’s not worth the risk, especially at the chance of getting the people I care deeply about sick. Therefore, I’ll stay home and think about all the wonderful places I will go, when all of this is over, or I don’t know, a bit safer, more known, you name it.

So here are all the big and little things I truly miss about traveling because, for me, it is one of the greatest privileges and joys in this world.

Travel Barbie

  • Deciding where to go, finding good offers, and getting everything booked.
  • Scanning travel guides and doing more research online.
  • Making a list of everything I want to do and see.
  • Packing, although usually, I’m not a big fan.
  • The anxiety of something possibly going wrong, but then everything just works out perfectly.
  • Grabbing all the gadgets from my travel box cause I like being prepared for everything.
  • The hustle and bustle at airports.
  • Buying water and a magazine after security check cause for some reason, I suddenly need a magazine for the trip, despite normally not reading any.
  • The overall excitement.
  • Rolling my eyes at people who don’t know that you take fluids and electronics out for security check, after standing in line forever and probably coming across several signs explaining everything.
  • Duty-free shopping.
  • Hanging out at the terminal while waiting for boarding.
  • Constantly being scared that someone will weigh my carry-on luggage.
  • Being on an airplane.
  • Chewing gum for take-off and landing, hoping it helps.
  • Checking the onboard catalog and maybe even buying something.
  • Holding my nose and then blowing to get the pressure off my ears.
  • Figuring out the best way of transportation and being so proud when you figure out the whole system.
  • Taking millions of beautiful photos.
  • Being out and about every day, although I tend to be more of a couch-potato.
  • The wonderful feeling of seeing and experiencing something for the first time.
  • Buying souvenirs I don’t need but love.
  • Always checking if there is enough toilet paper upon arrival at the place I’m staying.
  • Hearing all kinds of different languages.
  • Keeping absolutely everything from tickets to napkins for my travel scrapbook.
  • Just escaping everyday-life for a bit.
  • Going to supermarkets, exploring every aisle, and trying new things.
  • Saying a few words I picked up in the language of the country I’m in.
  • Visiting shops I don’t have back home.
  • Sharing all the wonderful memories on social media.
  • Forever talking about a fun trip when I’m back home.
  • Going through all the photos and keepsakes.
  • Planning the next adventure.

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6 Responses to All the Things I Miss About Traveling

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  2. I agree with you, I miss travelling (and we’re still pretty locked down here in Canada) but it feels irresponsible to go travelling to another country for the sake of travelling. Luckily, we have a lot of incredible parks here, so my husband and I were able to enjoy a number of relaxing camping trips this year. That being said, it just wasn’t the same… We have friends that we haven’t been able to see (including one with a new baby in the US). I would LOVE to get together with them again, but the restrictions don’t allow for it.


    • Yeah, I’m staying put as well. As much as I miss it and I also missed out on some great trips this year, it’s not worth the risk. My health and of course my family and friends are more important. I want everyone to be healthy. But good for you that you tried, even though it wasn’t the same. I hope you’ll soon have the chance to safely see your friends. I wish that for all of us. I mean, at some point, things just have to get better. xx


  3. These are the things I miss about traveling too. Btw, love your travel Barbie.


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