Random Ramblings #4

Apparently, the last time I posted some random ramblings was in 2016. WHAT?!?!?! Sometimes, I don’t understand myself. Because I love just throwing thoughts out there and not going further into detail, so this is perfect. I have to do this more often to get things off my chest and be done with it. So here we go – sorry, not sorry.

Random Ramblings

  • Why is it that there is never just one annoying thing happening? Like, when you’re car breaks down, your phone or whatever follows. Dear universe, why are you like this?
  • How the hell is Trump still president? And how has it been almost four years already?
  • Nothing more frustrating than being endlessly tired but not able to fall asleep.
  • Forever thinking about the right time to cut people out of my life who are clearly not worth the effort.
  • I honestly don’t know if I will ever find out what I really want in life.
  • Will I ever use all of my pretty notebooks?
  • 24 hours in a day are just not enough.
  • The one thing we can probably all agree on is that complaining about the weather is a universal language.
  • People who can’t be alone are exhausting.
  • I miss easier times.
  • If you don’t wear a mask, you are a disgusting and selfish human being.
  • I’m 32 and I still manage to buy the wrong toothpaste once in a while.
  • I always want to make lots of plans but also hide from the world as much as possible.
  • Will there be a day when I’ve read all the books I own?
  • The thought about dying and then people finding my diaries or other really personal things feels weird.
  • How does one become good at adulting?
  • It’s mostly wrong to judge parents, especially when you don’t have children, but sometimes, there is no way around it. Parenting often just seems insane, nowadays.
  • Being able to work from home is one of the best things in the world.
  • I have a whole bed to myself and still sleep on the edge.
  • Whenever I make an effort on Instagram, people just unfollow. That shit ain’t fair.
  • Technololgy drives me insane. It has too much control.
  • Trying to find your glasses while not wearing them is so messed up.
  • Kim would make a better president than Kanye.
  • Ugh, how much I hate the color orange.
  • So, when 2020 is over, the world is gonna go up in flames, right?!
  • I really love being organized, but the files on my computer are just ridiculous.
  • There is nothing wrong with buying a Barbie at age 32.
  • Now that masks are in session, nobody can see you talking to yourself. How amazing is that?! Found out today. It hadn’t occurred to me and I love it.
  • I don’t need a boyfriend. Just someone to tell me to fucking go to bed.
  • Oh, how I love when old guys want to explain life to young women.
  • Printers are the devil.

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5 Responses to Random Ramblings #4

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  3. Honey says:

    Haha! I loved this, may try it myself :D
    also, now I see why the Barbie is in the photos of the blog posts, great idea I have to admit :D


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