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Currently… #3

listening: To the girls from the Babysitter’s Club on Netflix. And unfortunately to my annoying neighbors who have family over, and they’re all ridiculous. eating:  Actually nothing, but I think I’m gonna cook myself some pasta later. drinking: Water. Water. … Continue reading

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The Get To Know Your Pet Tag

So today is my dog’s birthday, and I thought I would put together a little tag to get to know him better. And hopefully, other bloggers with pets will introduce theirs as well, cause I love getting to know other … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings #6

My thoughts are usually all over the place, so sometimes, a coherent post just isn’t possible. So I thought, I’ll share some random ramblings with you. You know, just getting it all off my chest. It’s Monday, and I hate … Continue reading

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Currently… #2

listening: To my annoying neighbors slamming doors. ALL. DAY. LONG. eating:  Toasties and a yogurt. drinking: Earl Grey tea with milk. Also lots of water. wearing: Leggings as usual and a long sweater. It has gotten cold. Definitely no bra. … Continue reading

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Blogtober Round 3 – Here I Go Again

It’s October 1st which means you’re either ready for Blogtober or not. I’m not, but I’m still going to try this again. I’ve done it twice before, and it was pretty crazy both times. I’m just never properly prepared. I … Continue reading

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