It’s Time to Move Out

Today, I want to share something because I am over the moon, and I can hardly contain myself. I signed a rental agreement for my dream apartment, and I still can’t believe this is finally happening. It’s all I can think about now, and I’m just so incredibly happy.


The thing is, looking for a place to live isn’t as fun as one may think. And I’m not even talking about big cities cause that’s, as far as I know, absolutely horrible. Rent is crazy, five hundred people want it, and you basically have to go in like it’s a job interview. You have to be prepared, try to make someone like you, and convince them that there is nobody better than you. Although, I did that even in a small city with like 6000 people. It just sucks when everyone wants the same thing.

Since my parents decided to sell our house early next year, we all had to figure out where to live. I’m 32 now, and it’s about time I get my own place. It just never felt like the right moment, then things happened that postponed my plans, and living at home does have its perks. But I am so ready for my single girl apartment. Sure, it will probably be weird for a day, and then, I am absolutely certain that I will be living my best life. It’s the right time, and change can be so good.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a while, and it was frustrating from the getgo. When I found something nice, it was either already gone or too expensive. I had people not get back to me or someone showing me an apartment, although they actually already had a person they wanted to rent it to. I looked at one that I absolutely loved, carried my phone around for days – first for a time to look at the place, then again to find out, if I was the chosen one – only to not get it. The thing is, I know I’ll be a fab tenant, but the landlord has to believe it too.

I am a person that stresses out easily about these things. I like everything planned and organized, and when the clock is ticking with everyone knowing where they will live except for me, it sucks. I also like to constantly change my mind Every month, I wanted to live in a different town, which isn’t very helpful. My parents offered up some of their rooms for me to stay in, in case I wouldn’t find something, which is really sweet, but hell no. If I don’t leave now, I never will, and I really want and need this now.

Anyway, long story short: Finding my dream apartment turned out to be super easy. Not with getting to this point, but in this particular case, I got a number, I called, checked it out, and it was mine. As soon as I entered, I fell head over heels in love with it, and turning it down was just not an option. I still think it’s too good to be true because I am not one of these people who constantly get lucky. But I guess sometimes, it’s just the way it should be. I was so scared that something would happen that could take it away again, but I signed the contract, and now, I am the happiest person ever.

I shared the view from my future living room on Instagram and WhatsApp today, and what can I say: I’ve never in my life received so many heart-eye-emojis in a day. It’s just gorgeous. And it makes me so happy to see how many people are happy for me.

So now, I’m trying to figure out what to do first. Of course, I would love to start painting, decorating, and so on right away, but I still have to be patient, since the current tenant is still living there. I have to wait until December. But she’s nice, so I will call her soon and stop by to take some measurements and make a list of what I need cause furniture delivery can take months, and I want to get a headstart. In theory, I already planned most of it, but it obviously has to fit. It will be gorgeous. It’s also a very instagramable place, so maybe, I can finally up my social media game. Because that’s what matters, right?

By the length of this post, you can probably tell how excited I am. Once I’m all moved it, I’ll probably go crazy and share everything cause it’s so much fun. This is definitely not the last you’ve heard of it. Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. Yes, always the pessimist, but for now, I’ll just enjoy this flood of happiness.

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8 Responses to It’s Time to Move Out

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    And that view is already super gorgeous!
    Curious for the rest of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Everyone is so sweet about it, and that makes it even better. :) I can’t wait to share the rest, but I have to be a little patient. Once I’m in, you’ll probably won’t see anything else. :D xx


  2. Volker says:

    Whenever you need help, just let me know. I feel very happy for you. Never give up on your dreams🙂

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  3. deecbooks says:

    Congratulations 🎉 now that’s put of the way. I’m invested so that means I want details. Take us shopping, I want to see decorating etc. I hope you’re comfortable with sharing if not I understand. I’m happy for you. Congrats and wishing you nothing but the best 👍

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    • deecbooks says:



    • Thank you! :) It’s a great feeling. I will definitely share more of the journey. Probably lots on Instastories. But it all depends on how the whole covid situation continues. Currently waiting for what the government wants to do and what restrictions will be put in place. So I have no idea if I can go and look for furniture. Which makes a bit sad but the health of the people is more important and I will make the best of it. :) xx

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