Goodbye to the last four months of my life

Goodbye to the last four months of my life,

and hello February, aka my birthday month. And also a belated happy new year. This is just sooo me – always late. Things have just been crazy for weeks and months, and I couldn’t really focus on any of the things I love. And I pretty much knew that once I made it through Blogtober, I would fall off the face of the earth. Because that was exhausting and I needed a break. Which has obviously lasted too long.

Insta monthsSo, what has happened in the past four months? Not many fun things, that’s for sure. By now, this pandemic is taking a toll on pretty much everyone I know – including myself. It’s just so frustrating to feel like there is no end in sight, and we’re just living from lockdown to lockdown, and it’s pretty much all shit. But I guess we all know that, so I’ll think of something else to write about.

The main thing happening was me finding an apartment in October, and by now, I’ve finally moved in. Our family home was sold, and four people had to move into three different households. WORST IDEA EVER! It has been one of the most stressful times of my life. And Covid made it even worse. We weren’t able to just have all the people we know help us, I had to get as many things as possible before shops had to close, my online ordering habits have become absolutely insane, and yeah, nothing was actually fun.

We did everything with family only. And even that turned out difficult, especially when someone close to me actually got tested positive for Covid, and quarantine guidelines, and so on. I will not go into detail, but it was not fun, but also not with a terrible outcome – which is all that matters. Anyway, it’s been packing, carrying, unpacking, buying, assembling, decorating, ordering, cleaning, etc. forever, and I just can’t take it anymore. So glad that I’m almost done because my body and soul are over it, and I just want to go back to doing fun things. And yes, I’ve been moaning forever and that must stop, as well.

Insta monthsWhat else. Christmas was nice. We canceled all plans and it was pleasantly relaxing. Good food and no stress – I could get used to it. But it will also be nice to be able to have family gatherings again at some point. Same for New Year’s. Which I’m usually not a fan of anyway. Except for this time, I was actually quite happy and looking forward to 2021 and moving into my new apartment.

Obviously, I didn’t have many encounters with friends. Some in October and November, but then it pretty much had to stop. Man, I miss my friends. Now I have this fabulous place and can’t entertain people. I used to see my bestie and my godson somewhat regularly but that stopped as well. It’s just all so difficult. So it’s mostly video chats, which are better than nothing, but we’re all over it. I’m just so glad that I have the doggy living with me. Otherwise, it would definitely be pretty lonely. And he adapted so well, I’m so proud of him.

Insta monthsAnyway, I guess this is more of a moaning post than anything else. There are just not many fun things to write about. Even the US election – although with an outcome I so hoped for – was so stressful and had me emotionally occupied for days. I guess we all hoped for a better start to 2021, but it’s just not happening any time soon. As much as I thought my country was handling things rather well in the spring, after the summer, everything just went downhill, and now it’s just a shitshow. Awesome. However, as mentioned above, after all the stress is more or less over now, I will try going back to things I actually enjoy and hope for spring to get here and maybe bring some form of relief. At least better weather would be nice, cause I absolutely hate winter. Enough moaning. Over and out.

At this point, I usually put down some positive words but honestly, just stay safe, everyone. Be careful and thoughtful. Stick to the rules. And know that there will always be people who have it better or worse than you. But no matter how big or small your problemd are, your feelings are always valid. We should not compare the severity of each others problems and support each other instead. All this has to be over at some point. It just has to.

Tons of love,

Winter wonderland

Songs I loved
Charlotte OC – Where It Stays
Dagny – Somebody
Little Mix – Sweet Melody

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