Goodbye February and March

Goodbye, February and March,

and hello, April and SPRING!!! Surprise, surprise, the world is still a shitshow, but at least the weather is nice. Sometimes at least. It just can’t make up its mind. But sunshine does make everything a lot better. And I really don’t want to see snow anymore. We had enough of that. Or ice. Do you know what happens when suddenly everything is frozen? Yup, idiot me forgets about it and falls on her balcony. I sure as hell got lucky. But it’s been almost two months, and there is still a small wound left. But I survived. Although I have to say, it’s scary realizing that if something happens to me, I’m living by myself now. Oh well, clumsy me just has to be a bit more careful.

Feb-Mar 2021 1

Well, I’m again at a point where I want to tell you about my interesting life, but there is just nothing going on. The only people I mostly see are my parents. Occasionally a friend to go for a walk or something. Which, when the sun is out, and you can actually talk face to face, feels so good. I still miss hugging them. Overall, I guess it’s still the little things. Like a trip to a shop. One that is NOT a supermarket. But with the lockdown rules constantly changing, I honestly have no idea where I’m allowed to go, which shops are open, what is forbidden – it’s all very confusing. But yeah, I managed a trip to a shopping mall and was allowed to enter some stores, which was just lovely. And when you have the store pretty much to yourself, it’s weird but also nice. Just roaming through a bookshop, taking in the smells at Rituals, looking for some more bits and pieces for my apartment, and not having to order online was simply wonderful.

My birthday was in February. I am usually a total fan. And yeah, it was nice but also nothing special. It’s just the way life is now. I had my parents over, ate yummy cake, got lots of fab presents. I also didn’t cry. I tend to get into a weird mood on the actual day, and I can never really explain why. It just happens. But this year was ok. My expectations are always too high, and every year, I feel like like I have to do something special. Well, not an option this year. So everything was chill, I was on some fun calls with my girls and shared cuddles with my doggy.

Feb-Mar 2021 2

In general, I try to practice more self-care. It’s so important. And since I’m finally done with the apartment – pictures are on the walls, plants have found their place, everything is where it belongs – I have so much time for all the things I love. Lots of binge-watching TV shows – currently watching Scandal and YASSS, Olivia Pope, you go, girl! – reading lovely books, skincare, good food, much sleep, nice walks, sitting in the sun, and so on. I definitely have my down days here and there, but I get up again and focus on what is good for me. Not always easy. But we all have our moments. Overall, I’m doing ok. As long as my loved ones and I are healthy, it’s all fine. More or less.

I also took a covid test for the first time. Still not sure if I now have a hole in my brain or not. Anyway – it was negative. In Germany, you can now get tested once a week for free, even without symptoms. And I like being on the safe side, so I will do that regularly. I also learned that you can remove fresh ink stains from your sofa with hairspray. And I’m thinking about paying someone to clean my apartment cause I hate it, and it’s just too freakin’ big. Not actually gonna happen, but the thought is nice.

Feb-Mar 2021 3

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m now gonna continue enjoying this long Easter weekend. Sleep a lot, eat a lot, read a lot. Spend some time with my parents and the rest is all quality me-time. Unfortunately, it has gotten pretty cold again, but I’ll survive. I’m still having a good time, and hopefully, so will you.

Continue staying safe. Make sure you are doing ok. If not, that is ok too. Struggling is nothing to be ashamed of. Find the little things that put a smile on your face. Enjoy every ray of sunshine. Read good books. Eat plenty of ice cream. Hang in there. It must get better at some point.

Tons of love,

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