Blogtober Round 3 – Here I Go Again

Forest Germany

It’s October 1st which means you’re either ready for Blogtober or not. I’m not, but I’m still going to try this again. I’ve done it twice before, and it was pretty crazy both times. I’m just never properly prepared. I wanted to get some posts ready, but I just didn’t find the time. I’m planning on getting my writing on this weekend and smash this. Hopefully, it’s not just wishful thinking,

So why am I doing this? Honestly, I have no idea cause I know it will drive me insane. But I feel like I need to challenge myself once in a while. Out of all my hobbies, I’ve been slacking off with writing the most, and I miss it. I do have ideas, I simply don’t find enough time. Something just always has to give. I do hope it won’t mess up my new routine of going to bed and getting up early, which has always been hard for me, but I need to do for my well-being. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, Blogtober means that you post something every day throughout the month. That’s it. No rules or anything. So I won’t be focusing on one specific topic, which I’ve never have. I’m just interested in too many things. And yes, this introduction counts as post number one.

As usual, I hope to enjoy blogging again. Although I’m not sure if people actually still read blogs. It’s all about TikTok, isn’t it? Still haven’t signed up. I can barely manage Instagram. Anyway, I would love for you to stop by for a visit each day. You can also find all my posts from last year here.

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15 Responses to Blogtober Round 3 – Here I Go Again

  1. Ellie Phillips says:

    I wish i had the commitment to do blogtober but i don’t unfortunately, but cant wait to see all the content everyones uploading in October!


  2. Hi! I would like to send you my best wishes for Blogtober and commiserate on the lack of time for all the hobbies (and responsibilities I guess lol). There just aren’t enough hours in the day 😅 you got this!!
    😺 Kayslee | The Fangirl Fulfilled


  3. Happy Blogtober! this will be my first year participating. can’t wait to read more of your posts!


  4. Helen says:

    awesome!! it’s a great way to get back into writing everyday!

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  5. Saph says:

    Good luck! I think I attempted blogtober once on my old blog but I honestly can’t remember how I did…I would love to join in again one year but I’m struggling to blog once a week at the moment! Looking forward to reading your future blogtober posts.
    P.S. you should totally join TikTok!
    Saph x


    • Thanks so much! hardly manage a post once a month, so this will once again be pretty challenging. But I always feel so good when I actually make it. You should definitely try again sometime. :) Gonna think about TikTok. xx


  6. Helen says:

    good luck with blogtober!
    and people still definitely read blogs! though it can sometimes feel harder to compete with this very visual, interactive world we live in


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