Goodbye Summer (July-September) 2021

Goodbye, summer,

and hello October aka fall. Man, time goes by so fast. I can’t even manage to put together a monthly round-up. But some things are just more important than putting out a blog post. I’m constantly trying my hardest to make it all happen, but I do have a 40-hour-work-week, I have nobody to share my household chores with, and I also have a dog, friends, and probably too many hobbies. And lately, I’ve been focusing a lot more on scrapbooking and reading. It brings me a lot of joy, and that is a good thing. But I’m doing Blogtober again, so expect a lot of new posts.

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And to be honest, during July and August, nothing exciting happened, anyway. I spent some time with friends and family but nothing spectacular. I finally got fully vaccinated, which I’m still very grateful for, and I was super obsessed with the Olympics. I’m not that much of a sports person, but I got very invested and knew everything about everyone. Loved it.

However, September was amazing. I’ve had so much fun, I hardly know where to start. Maybe with the time I took a ride on a helicopter. Now that was super fun. Too short, but still an amazing experience. Nature is so beautiful and to see it from above is lovely. I wasn’t scared at all, and it wasn’t bad in any way. In case I will ever be on the Bachelor, I am prepared. Definitely hoping to do this again sometime.

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Then I finally met up with a friend, whom I haven’t seen in a million years. We met at University back in 2009. First day, first class, first friend. I don’t know what took us so long to reunite, but we did and had so much fun. We took out cute doggies to a zoo, the weather was insanely good, and we talked and laughed and enjoyed obsessing over our little balls of fur.

And then the highlight of the month: After two and a half years, I finally went on a real vacation again. Mom, the doggy, and I drove to the North Sea, and I enjoyed the trip so much. Since there is still a pandemic going on, we didn’t want to fly or go abroad, so we stayed in Germany. It was a good choice, and I fell in love with where we stayed. I enjoyed the weather, the air, the food, the activities, and especially the ocean. I was super relaxed, and my vacation persona is just awesome. I wish it could always be like that. It was also the first long trip with my dog, and he did so well. We bonded even more if that is actually possible. So overall, it was great, I’m still pretty sad that I’m not there anymore, and I’m definitely going back there next year.

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This trip also gave me some things to think about, and I want to make some changes to my life that will hopefully make it better. Not that it’s terrible or anything, but there is always room for improvement, and I want to feel better, so I’m working on myself. And the first things I started with, is going to bed and getting up earlier. Also eating more regularly. It’s often the little things that go a long way.

So that’s the summary of the last three months. Nothing groundbreaking but some true highlights, and I hope there will be some more, before the year ends. Just know that I’m doing ok.

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Happiness occurs when you forget who you’re expected to be. And what you’re expected to do. Happiness is an accident of self-acceptance. It’s the warm breeze you feel when you open the door to who you are. – Matt Haig, The Comfort Book

Tons of love,

North Sea

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Matt Haig – The Comfort Book
Taylor Jenkins Reid – Malibu Rising
Liane Moriarty – Nine Perfect Strangers

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4 Responses to Goodbye Summer (July-September) 2021

  1. Saph says:

    September sounded so fun! I would love to ride in a helicopter one day, it seems so exciting.
    Hope October is just as fun for you!
    Saph x


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