Goodbye Summer (June-September) 2020

Goodbye summer, 

and hello fall and month of October. It’s obviously been a while, since sharing my last monthly round-up. I would like to say that I’ve been super busy and had the greatest summer ever, but with the shitshow that is 2020, that would obviously be a big fat lie. At least for me, cause I take this whole pandemic very seriously and therefore am even less active than before. All trips were canceled, I mostly hang out with the same people and preferably outside, and for me, it’s just all not that fun. Whenever I want to do something, I overthink and feel like “better safe than sorry” is a good way to go.

In a normal world, I could tell you about great vacations I went on, but I didn’t. So what the hell did I do? Definitely spend lots and lots of time with my doggy and went on walks with him and some of my friends — especially with my bestie and godson. Our little group also went to an animal park and had a good time. I’m up for anything that is outside. Although we did have breakfast at one of my friends’ house once. It felt weird at first but it actually was really nice. We still kept our distance though, cause that’s just the way things are now.

And after months of not seeing her, I also visited my grandma a few times. I was so scared at first, but she’s a tough cookie and I’m not out and about much, super careful, have my mask, disinfectant always at hand, and definitely keep my distance – something I hope people will continue doing forever. But it was nice spending some time with her, eating cake, chatting. And I also took a day off once to spend a whole day with her, driving her to shops were she needed specific things and well, that woman just amazes me at 91. We can hit the stores for hours and she just has the best time. And when I picked us up some food from McDonald’s at her request, she reminded me of a little kid. So full of joy, so excited and she ate a Big Mac and all the fries. It made me love her even more.

I also went to Frankfurt zoo once to meet up with my bff who doesn’t live in the area and afterward, we ended up just chilling in the sun in the middle of the city and doing some people watching. I could do that all day, everyday. I also did a quick Primark shop cause I usually do that once a year anyway in Frankfurt and sure, it was definitely not a necessity, but I loved it. That’s probably one of the most fun things I did during these past few months: shopping. I’m not a huge shopper and only jump into certain stores and don’t stay too long, but I’m very good at spending lots of money in very little time. Now I have lots of fun new things. What a summer.

I went to two outside swap parties, which I absolutely live for and I just love getting rid of things. I also have to – constantly. There is just too much of everything. And next year, the house will be sold and I’m finally getting my own apartment. I still have to find the right one though, which is being a pain, especially cause I want to find one that allows a dog. It’s a bit stressful cause everyone else already knows where they’ll live, except for me. But I’m still hopeful. Someone actually tried to scam me by promising an amazing apartment that never existed. Gladly, I’m a smart girl and know my way around the internet and found out before sending any money or so. But I was really bummed out. So wish me luck for finding the perfect place. SOON. And until then, I will organize lots and lots of things. I love all my storage boxes. They make me happy.

So I guess that’s about as interesting as it gets. Been hanging out lots with my mom, actually read several books, slept a lot, wasn’t as creative as I hoped to be, did lots of shopping – online and in stores – watched a lot of Disney+ and Netflix and more of those things. And the rest of my year won’t be much different. Still hoping for a golden October, but currently, the weather is awful. I’ll just try and make the best of it. Definitely planning on being more creative again and I guess doing Blogtober is a good start.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Focus on everything you have and not what you don’t have. Enjoy a rainy day by snuggling up and watching a good movie or reading a book you can’t put down. Buy something that brings you joy. Don’t let this burden that is 2020 constantly rain on your parade. Make every moment count. Smile. More. Often.

Tons of love,

Tierpark Herborn

Lovely life
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Books I’ve read and loved
“Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty
“YOU” and “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes
“The Kissing Booth 2” by Beth Reekles

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