Building My Own Biosphere

I honestly don’t know if this was triggered by Corona and being stuck at home most of the time. Back in spring, when I was bombarded with ads everywhere and felt like doing major online shopping, I came across a kit that helps you build your own biosphere. It’s supposed to be for 8-year-olds, but since I’m a big kid at heart, I don’t care about these things at all. I was never really great at biology, so I thought I could learn something from this little project.

Building a Biosphere

I made such an effort. Layered rocks, sand, etc. properly and put it all together.

So one Saturday night, I sat down and assembled it, cause that’s what you do on a Saturday night when you’re 32. I was very excited and had high hopes. I unpacked everything, carefully read the instructions, grabbed whatever else I needed, and went for it. When the gloves from the kit didn’t fit me, it was probably a sign that I may be too old, after all.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed but thought, if kids can figure this out, I should be able to. But let me tell you, those instructions sucked. Some parts were honestly not properly explained, and I had to figure things out myself. Which I did. I layered everything properly, placed the seeds, looked for a spot where it got natural light, gave it water, and then waited for something to happen.

Building Biosphere

I gave it my all, and at times, it looked pretty good. I really thought it would last.

What can I tell you? Some days it went good, on others it didn’t. I thought that a biosphere kinda regulates itself, and occasionally, I just have to add a few drops of water or let some air in. That’s what the instructions said. I checked almost everyday, sometimes it was too dry, sometimes too wet. It was pretty frustrating. At some point, it actually looked really amazing though, but then I left it alone for like two days, and it ended up dead. I don’t know how, I don’t why, and I was highly disappointed. Still am. I gave it my all and that’s what I got.

What did I learn from all of this? Nothing really, cause I still don’t get it. I may give it another try sometime, when I have nothing else going on, and I can check on it, everyday. Maybe I’ll try finding an 8-year-old who knows what he’s doing and can explain things to me, but I doubt it. Cause I followed the instructions and don’t know what else to do. If anyone is an expert, let me know.

Building Biosphere

Well, this is the sad state it is currently in. I’ll try again someday, but it is obviously completely dead.

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5 Responses to Building My Own Biosphere

  1. Honey says:

    Oh that’s disappointing… I saw the ads for this and it looked very cool, but I’m not the type to actually try it out. And after seeing this, I’m sure I won’t do it haha
    However, I’m curious if it’ll work if you try again :)


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