Growing Up With Disney

When I think about my childhood, I feel like Disney has always been right there with me. And it has truly made a lasting impression on me. I’m 33 years old and still pretty much obsessed.

Disney 1

I’m pretty sure it’s because I spent part of my childhood growing up in the US, where Disney has always been pretty popular. Aside from watching Aladdin with my grandma at the movies in Germany and my uncle recording The Beauty and the Beast for me on VHS, I never really came across anything Disney in my home country. Neither have my friends. I kid you not, some of them never even so much as watched a Disney movie. How sad is that?!

When I was a few months old, we lived in the States for the first time. Sure, I can’t really remember anything, but of course, there are pictures, and I still have some things from that time. So back then, I had cute little Disney bathing bottoms, I had a huge Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and some others. I also had a cute little Daisy Duck which I still own and love. So having Disney in my life started early.


When we moved to the US again, I was six, and soon, the madness began. My first English movie was the Lion King, and it was magical. And back in the late 90s, Pocahontas was also very big for me. And 101 Dalmatians. I had so much merchandise from these three movies. Comforter, pillow, backpack, folder, blanket, games, pencils, and whatever you can think of. When I look at pictures, most of the time, I’m wearing something with a Disney character on it. And I’m happy to say that I still have a lot of my childhood Disney toys. I cherish everything from the 90s a lot.

I watched the movies and of course the Disney channel. Mickey Mouse Club was a really big show that I enjoyed a lot. When we went on vacation in San Diego, we also visited Disneyland California, and it was magical. Toontown is the best. My first CDs were Disney soundtracks, and I also had a Disney singalong CD with a songbook which I enjoyed so much. You get the point.


All of this had a big impact on me, which is still very present today. I adore Disney. I wrote papers about it at University – even my BA thesis. When I finished my A-levels, others went on fancy trips or got laptops or whatever. My mom took me to Disneyland Paris. I frequently order from the Disney Store because there are always beautiful new things I need to have.

After moving back to Germany many years ago, I don’t recall anyone being big on Disney. Gladly, today, you get things everywhere. Even though, there are no Disney Stores in Germany, anymore. So when I’m traveling to a city where there is one, I go completely nuts. Back in school, we went on a trip to Tuscany, and in Florence, I saw people walking around with Disney bags, and I gave it my all to hunt that shop down. It wasn’t so easy without smartphones, but of course, I managed. I’ve also spent lots of money in London, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New York, and Barcelona. And I’m sure, I’m even forgetting some other store locations.

Disney 2

My dream was always to have a room where I display all my Disney memorabilia. Others maybe want a walk-in closet, but I wanted a Disney room. And since moving into my apartment this year, I have it. It’s my office and library, with all my Disney stuff everywhere. And I can’t even begin to explain how much joy it brings me. I will never be too old for it, and I will continue to grow my collection. A new order is actually on its way to me right now.

Anyway, I didn’t plan on writing this much, but when it comes to Disney, I can just go on and on about it. I’m glad that I had so much Disney in my life as a child because it always made me happy, and it still does today. There is nothing the 100th viewing of Pocahontas can’t fix.

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