Scrapbooking 101: What This Hobby Means To Me

It has definitely been too long since I shared some of my scrapbooking. I haven’t been very good with writing in general, but I have been better at pursuing one of my other favorite things in the world. And I would like to share my feelings when it comes to scrapbooking.

Once I sit down to start working on my books, it’s usually pretty hard for me to stop. I just keep going and going. It’s because scrapbooking always takes me down memory lane, and I love it. I mostly use it for my travels. I think it’s sad that so often, we take so many pictures which then just live on our phones or computers. Sure, you can put them into photo albums, but that’s not enough for me. I want the whole trip with everything that happened stored on paper, so I can always go back and look at everything.

TM 3

Therefore, I collect anything I can get my hands on when I’m on any kind of trip. The more I find, the happier it makes me because I know what it will do for the pages I create. I take home everything. Every ticket, sticker, map I can find. And also every receipt because they help me to recreate exactly what happened.

This summer, my project was to put to paper a whole travel month I did back in 2016. I worked as an au pair in the US for a year, and I had already finished those 12 months, but the whole month full of adventures that followed was still missing from the scrapbook. So I finally got going, and it was a lovely experience.

TM 2

While going through each day, so many memories came back to me. I looked through all the photos, watched the videos, and immediately felt like it had just been yesterday when I drove and flew cross country. I definitely got sentimental here and there and was happy and sad when I finished it all.

It all came back to me without a problem. Especially, because of all the things I saved from those wonderful weeks. Therefore, again, I can’t highlight enough, how much it helps when you take home everything you can find. That way, you can put it all into your scrapbook properly, even years later.

TM 1

I’m currently working on a trip to London I took back in 2019 and enjoying it very much. It’s such a great city, and there is no problem getting plenty of souvenirs that fit into a scrapbook. And after that, I will focus on my trip to the North Sea from this year, which I am excited about cause the trip was wonderful, and I brought home an incredible amount of stuff for the scrapbook. I never thought the places I went to would have so much to offer, but boy was I wrong. It’s gonna take me forever.

This hobby truly is very close to my heart, and whenever I finish a page, it gives me joy and makes me a bit proud. A lot of time and effort goes into my scrapbooks, and I absolutely enjoy looking through them. I also show them to people and get super excited every time. The memories kick in, and I could talk forever. And that’s why I love this hobby: it’s creative, it’s fun, and takes me to a lot of happy places.

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3 Responses to Scrapbooking 101: What This Hobby Means To Me

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  2. Caroline Martin/Artist & Blogger says:

    well done. I feel the same way. I love to combine my holidays with my art and craft work and both my sisters and i love scrapbooking our adventures too.


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