My Favorite Childhood Books

For as long as I can remember, I have loved books. As soon as I was able to read, it became a great hobby. I grew up with German and American stories because I lived in both countries, so I feel like I got the best of both worlds.

I still have most of my childhood books, and what can I say: I still think they’re amazing. I can hardly find one that I didn’t put stickers on, though. There are just so many cute stories that give me lots of joy, and once in a while, it’s exactly what I need. So here are the three books I love the most.


Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes
This book is a collection of many wonderful rhymes, and it is one of my favorite possessions. The edition I have is beautiful, with gold on the sides and adorable illustrations. It includes famous rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, or Three Blind Mice, and I’ve loved it as a child. Still do. English isn’t my first language. I started learning when I was six, so these rhymes were perfect to learn more and more.

The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin
Oh, how I loved that series. Still do. The idea of organizing that club sounded like so much fun. I still have a notebook somewhere, where I put in pictures of kids with names and all, and I pretended to have a BSC as well. But only in my head. Anyway, the stories are so much fun. The TV series is awesome, as well – old and new.

Pipi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgreen
Well, I know her as Pippi Langstrumpf because these stories I read in German. How cool is she? A young girl who lives all by herself, with a monkey and a horse, and she has all this gold she can pay with. Her two best friends live right next door, and they go on crazy adventures together. And Pippi is also super strong. I mean, how can you not like that as a kid?!

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  1. Aoife says:

    Oh, The Babysitter’s Club. It’s got such a special place in my heart.

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