Welcome To My Favorite Room

For the longest time, I’ve always dreamed of having my own apartment, with an extra room that I had very special plans for. But obviously, it’s not always that easy to find what you’re looking for. Especially, when you have to pay rent on your own. But I got lucky, and therefore, I was finally able to put together a room that means the world to me.

While I tried not to get most of my apartment too cluttered, there is one room where no rules apply. And it gives me joy, every time I step into it. My office. But is so much more than that. It’s my Disney room. My library. My creative space. My sanctuary.


I have my whole Disney collection on display, and I admit, that room could also belong to a child. My stuffed animals are everywhere, mugs, figures, and just everything. Also, souvenirs from all my trips, my shot glass collection, DVDs, CDs, things from my childhood, and all my books. I have a lot of them. Like 800 or so, and they all deserve a proper spot. And now, I can look at all these things, I find what I’m looking for, and it’s all properly displayed.

Even though there is a lot of stuff in that room, it’s actually pretty organized. I have so many office and craft supplies that are now put away in labeled boxes, and I always find exactly what I need. It’s lovely. I also integrated my beloved armchair. I wish I could say that I constantly sit in there and read, but to be honest, it’s mostly occupied by my dog. He loves that chair.


Since I work from home most of the time, I spend lots and lots of time in there, and I don’t mind at all. I sit behind the desk I inherited from my grandparents and which I refurbished last year, and enjoy my colorful surrounding. There are lots of pictures everywhere, cute things like pins on the pinboard above my workspace, and just lovely trinkets.

It is also my room for putting all the things in that don’t really belong anywhere or that I frequently need but which would mess up the rest of my living space. When packages arrive, they go in there. Chairs or a fan I needed during the summer, a hula hoop I’ve never used. It doesn’t get in the way of things in there, and it’s great to have a space like that.


So yeah, I just wanted to share this room with you because it means a lot to me, and it’s a place that makes me happy. My whole room used to pretty much look like that, but it got a little too much, so I’m happy to have it all in one place now, where I can close the door if I like. I love every single item in that room, but I don’t need it in every single corner of the apartment. So this is the perfect solution and a dream come true.


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