Goodbye Negative Nancy: Things That Make Me Feel Better On A Bad Day

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. I’m sure we all know that. And we all have bad days. I don’t believe people who tell you otherwise for a second. But I guess, at the end of the day, what matters is how you handle it.

I definitely have bad days. Sometimes something bad happens, or I’m just in a bad mood for no apparent reason, my mental health is down, and I just want to hide or cry, or whatever. Fighting that isn’t easy. And the whole “just go outside and get a breath of fresh air” isn’t a universal solution for everything.

I guess mindset matters as well. However, it’s ok to drown in misery. It is also ok to try and fight it. Find what works for you but don’t put yourself under too much pressure. We are entitled to our feelings, and if other people don’t get it, it says more about them than it does about you.

Anyway, when I feel low, I hardly ever feel like leaving the house, meeting with people. I kinda know that ultimately, it is actually helpful for me, but I just don’t feel the urge. Unless I had plans already, I most likely won’t make any. But I do have other things that help me feel better. And I think it’s good to know what works for you.


cuddling my dog: I truly believe that animals can feel when you’re not doing great and that they can make it a lot better. Cuddling with my little ball of fur always helps. I’m so happy to have him.

writing lists: I’m a list person. I write them for everything. Work, travel, shopping, daily errands, household chores, books, and so on. It helps me to be a lot more organized, and I love the feeling of checking things off.

working on my scrapbook: It is truly one of the most fun things in my life and such an amazing hobby. Whenever I finish putting together a new page, it makes me incredibly happy.

putting on good music: It just makes everything so much better. Also, maybe have a little dance party while you’re at it.

changing my sheets: Jumping into bed with fresh sheets on is one of my favorite feelings in the world. Even better when I’m freshly showered, as well.

reading a good book: Diving into other worlds is always a good idea. Trust me, Harry Potter can cure everything.

watching a Disney movie: I don’t think I need to explain this one. My favorite go-to will forever be Pocahontas.

picking up or making my favorite food: Stuffing my face with delicious goodness does work wonders.

calling someone, and having a good talk: In case I feel like talking, I mostly call my mom. Or my best friend because she always makes me feel better.

cleaning up my apartment: This is not the most fun activity, but it does help me feel better when everything is clean and tidy. And when I’m angry, it helps with blowing off some steam.

writing it down: Getting everything off my chest by putting it on paper has always worked wonders.

taking a shower: Oh the wonders it can do to feel all fresh and clean.

binge-watching my favorite TV shows: There is never a time when I don’t watch something. I have my shows that I watch season after season, and I always find something new for in between. I may have a slight addiction, but it’s ok. I manage. I just love it.

eating junk food: Chocolate is always a good idea. And chips, gummy bears, you name it.

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