The Post-Vacation-Blues


Taking a break from everyday life, going on adventures, exploring new places… That, for me, is a fun vacation. But unfortunately, at some point, they must always come to an end.

I know people who are very happy to be back home from a vacation. I even know a person who hates going on a proper vacation so much that when he is forced, complains the whole time cause he wants to go home. When I come home after a fun vacation, I fall into a hole, feel miserable, and cry a lot. I call it the post-travel-blues.

I hate it. Pretty much every damn time. Sure, sleeping in your own bed is nice and all, but I never handle being back home very well. And there is a simple reason for that: I love the person I am on vacation. And that person pretty much vanishes as soon as I’m back home.

In my normal life, I am an overthinker, a pessimist, subconsciously always stressed, which takes a toll on my body and makes me feel terrible most of the time. Therefore, I like to stay in my little safe space, I’m antisocial, and if it wasn’t for the dog, I’d rarely leave the house.


On vacation, I am the exact opposite. I want to explore as much as possible, am out and about all day, think a lot less about what I’m eating (my body tends to often hate everything), I’m hardly on my phone, and I just enjoy life a lot more. I like that person. That person is super happy. At home, I miss that person.

But life is just not always carefree and easy. And I know I have some deeply rooted issues, but still, I know that I can be this fun person. I just lose her sometimes. And to be like that in everyday life is hard work. I have to fight my habits, my mind, my body really hard.

So yeah, my post-vacation-blues is real. I currently still feel it a bit cause I came home from a wonderful trip about two weeks ago, and boy was I sad. When the doggy and I went on our same old walks, I cried in the forest a few times. It’s better now, though.

I’m ok. I just have to continue working on myself and definitely make new plans to look forward to. And keep busy with things I love.

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