The Halloween Tag

Tomorrow is Halloween and I thought it would be nice to put together a tag for the spooky season. These 15 questions are about the holiday, but also about the supernatural and more. If you love Halloween, also if not, feel free to answer them yourself. I’m curious to read your answers.

Halloween Vampire

01. What do you do for Halloween?
Unfortunately, nothing. I don’t know, I just don’t feel it on the countryside of Germany. I either want the real deal or nothing at all. On this day, I always miss not living in America, anymore. And it’s also my besties birthday, so I usually hang out with her.

02. What is your favorite Halloween movie?
Definitely Hocus Pocus. Nothing beats the Sanderson sisters and I never get tired of watching it. I just think that they are amazing characters.

03. What is the best costume you ever wore?
I have worn so many costumes throughout my life, I can’t even decide. We also celebrate carnival, which is definitely so much bigger in Germany, than Halloween. And I’ve been a Mermaid, a Genie, Belle and so many more. I’m also a big fan of being a vampire. All black outfit, a cape, some bat jewelery, blood and of course some red lips. A look, I would always go for.

04. What is your favorite candy?
How could I possibly decide?! I like most of it. Snickers, Twix, KitKat, Skittles, Gummy Bears, almost every kind of chocolate – my favorite is with nuts and raisins – and just all of it. I’m not super big on caramel though.

05. Do you put up decorations?
I don’t, but that’s mostly, because I still live at home. I have a whole box full of them from a party, I threw many years ago, but it just stays there. My family isn’t big on decorating for the seasons and they’re definitely not Halloween people.

06. How are your pumpkin carving skills?
I’ve done it before and it’s great fun. I’m not super great though. I do have a pumpkin carving set, but it has never been used. I really wanted to carve some this year, but there were just much more important things going on.

07. What kind of supernatural being would you like to be?
I’d love to be a witch like Sabrina, with her magic finger an all. Maybe a vampire, cause well, they’re just the coolest and I’m a night person, so that works. Also a ghost. But one, who can fly and go through walls and spy on everyone and everything.

Halloween Childhood Witch

Well, I look like I sniffed one too many potions.

08. What is your favorite monster or villain?
Maleficent just looks so amazing and I would absolutely love to have her costume. Also Poison Ivy. Love her.

09. What do you prefer: Halloween party or trick-or-treating?
Honestly, trick-or-treating. I think it’s so much more fun to check out decorated houses, collect tons of candy and just have a good time. I’m just still a big kid.

10. Has anything creepy ever happend to you, while being home alone?
I’m not sure, if there was some big thing. I tend to get pretty paranoid when I’m home alone. I hate going to the bathroom, when the shower curtain is drawn. I always hear a lot more noises, when I’m all by myself. I constantly think, there is someone in the house, but so far, I’ve never found anybody.

11. Would you visit a graveyard at night?
Not, if I didn’t have to. I mean, what’s the point anyway? There is something truly creepy about this. I guess, it’s just all the things that happen there in movies. They get to me.

12. Have you ever been to a haunted house. If not, would you go?
No, but I’ve always wanted to go. Not sure if that would be a good idea, though. I recently went to an amusement park and they had this The Walking Dead walk through, where everything is dark and zombies come out of the corners and scare you. I screamed a lot and it wasn’t fun. I would still try it, but maybe die.

13. Do you know the dance moves to Thriller?
Hell to the yes. They’re seriously not that hard and well, you need to know. If not, go to YouTube right away, and give it a shot.

14. Do you believe in ghosts, witches etc.?
I think, I do. I do believe that there is more out there than just us human beings and I truly think that ghosts are a thing. Maybe even witches. However, I don’t believe in zombies.

15. Vampire or werewolf?
These two species always seem to be the opposing ones. Back in the Twilight days, I was always Team Edward because well, for a brief second, all of us thought a glittering Robert Pattinson was pure perfection, right? And on Vampire Diaries, I’d say both. I mean Tyler or Damon? Come on. But if I was forced to answer, I’d definitely go with vampire. There is just something about them that I find very thrilling.

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6 Responses to The Halloween Tag

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  3. Honey says:

    Too bad I haven’t seen this sooner, I would have definitely done this tag…
    OK, not a Halloween person, and we don’t celebrate it, but we also have a carnival sometime in February so we dress up for that…
    when I came to 10th question, I’m so with you on that one! I hate being alone at night and I always hear some noises too. I get like 2 weeks alone each year and I honestly hate those nights. I always invite friends or my grandparents to stay with me… :D
    also, I was always team Jacob, but then Damon came and it all changed. I love Tyler too, but Salvatores are still my favorite. ♥


    • Yeah, I should’ve published this one a bit earlier. Blogtober was just so stressful and I didn’t properly plan anything. Save it for next year. :)

      The thing is, I actually love being home alone sooo much, but also get paranoid. But I just keep my mind off creepy things with TV etc. Team Jacob? REALLY??? Man, I never understood that. :D


  4. I love Halloween and I would have loved to have done this tag if my blog hadn’t decided to stop working for a while! But I love the mix of questions for it!


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