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Quick question: Do all women have this thing, where they freak out, when they finally get this ONE text message? I mean, it’s always the same little game. Often, us women, us super independent women, feel like the guy should make the first move. This childish approach is often supported by our female friends saying things like “Don’t text him first!” or “If he’s really into you, you’ll hear from him.” Technically speaking, that’s total bullshit. Because the reverse conclusion of that is that we’re just not that into the guy, if we can’t manage to send the first text. This truly sounds ridiculous and that’s just what it is.

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The problem is, that we like to get all emotional and super invested, pretty quickly, so even though all this should be obvious, everyone can lose their head, once in a while. We often tend to overthink everything. It’s my personal specialty. I am strong, independent and have a whole lot of self-confidence, but within seconds, I can transform into a giddy teenager, who analyzes every emoji, word, the time period of how long it takes a guy to send you a message. It’s insanity. I’m highly complicated when I like someone, even though it could be so easy. It’s my head.

We are scared of just putting ourselves out there, so we start playing games, thinking that in some way, it can protect us. And as soon as we like someone, an idea gets manifested into out heads that every word we send, makes it seem obvious that we’re into them. Which, of course, is not a bad thing, if that’s the case. I mean, how else should it work, if people don’t tell each other that they like each other, right? But why should we make it easy, if complicated is an option. What’s the fun in that?

Who else is guilty of plotting with their girlfriends in a situation like this? Discussions over every word and coming up with all kinds of scenarios is just part of the whole experience. No harm in feeling fifteen again. Sure, a waste of time, but also fun. Simply finding out where you’re at with someone would be too easy, after all.

But you know what the worst situation is? When the person you like is someone you’ve known for quite a while and feelings just suddenly changed. You could’ve been communicating with someone for years, but as soon as you had a change of heart, you start thinking about every single word. It always leaves me feeling like an idiot, when that happens.

But when that message you’ve been waiting for finally reaches your phone, it’s like your birthday and Christmas all at once. You can sit in front of your phone and wait forever, but it usually comes through, in that one moment you don’t think about it. But then it only takes one second to turn your whole world upside down. It can only be “Hi”, but when you’re really into someone, it’s all it takes. Giggling, shrieking and a little happy dance included. And not to forget immediately sharing it with your besties. Oh, I love that feeling. The excitement. If it’s too overwhelming, someone else may even have to read before I do. Man, I realize how stupid this sounds. But I’m sure a lot of you definitely know what I mean.

And what happens then? In my case: the logic of girls. Or no logic at all, for that matter. “Don’t text back immediately.” It’s the most stupid reaction, but also the most common one. Honestly, I hardly ever meet guys that I can start texting with, but if that ever happens again, I will try not to play these stupid games. I can’t promise anything, though, cause I feel like it’s also just part of the whole experience. What is life without a little teenage fun in it.

And you wanna know the truth? I was often told that guys don’t even get half of the things we think could be interpreted. They don’t think about all these things that us women tend to do, so ladies, just go for it and enjoy – especially that wonderful feeling, when your phone makes a sound and that message you’ve been waiting for finally enters your screen.

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4 Responses to One New Message

  1. Honey says:

    This is SO true! I’m definitely not the type for any games, or waiting some time before texting back. I’m also definitely not the type to take the initiative and text first cause I’m a coward, but if anyone texts me, I’ll text back as soon as I grab my phone. Also, I can totally relate to that when you have a change of heart about someone and you start paying attention to EVERYTHING, every move and every word. It’s SO freaking annoying, but it’s probably in our DNA >.<
    great post!
    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


    • We’re crazy, that’s what it is. :D I kinda miss feeling that, though. I haven’t in a million years and it would kinda be nice to meet someone, but that’s just not happening. It’s also my fault, but still. ;)


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