No-Go-List for Guys

Of course, everyone has different opinions, and these are mine…and my friends agree. :) There are just some things that I cannot deal with. After all guys, you’re MEN!

  1. DUCKFACE – it’s not even a pretty thing when girls do it, though we sometimes just can’t help ourselves. But guys? When I see those pictures, it can make the prettiest man unattractive. Sorry guys, not sexy.
  2. GIRLY CAR – Yeah, sure, not everyone has the money to buy a fancy car, but that’s not the point. I’m a student who is constantly broke and I definitely drive a manlier car than some guys. I mean, it’s their decision but I don’t want to get picked up in a girly car.
  3. SCARF –  I’m not talking about those you wear in winter, when it’s cold. I’m talking about those that look like you stole them from your little sisters drawer. Love them on women but they shouldn’t even be produced for guys.
  4. SALAD – I’m a girl who can eat and I have no problem with that. I can’t understand those girls that order a salad on a first date, because they feel ashamed of eating. WTF?! Eating is not a crime. And then there are guys that order chicken salad with diet coke and I’m the one sitting there eating a huge pizza. Been there – done that! I mean sure, eat what you want, but I want to date guys that eat a steak and drink real coke. (Note to myself: don’t date fitness guys, anymore!)
  5. WINE – Well, it’s not actually a bad thing, but imagine sitting in a bar with some friends (age 22-24) and one of the guys orders something we call ‘Weinschorle’. It’s not even Wine, it’s wine mixed with mineral water. It’s even worse than a guy ordering diet coke. Do that when your 35, having dinner in a fancy restaurant and not with 22, in a bar. I prefer guys that drink coke or beer.
  6. I’M COLD – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re all emancipated etc. But ladies, do you really wanna be the one that gives your jacket away? NO! We want their arms around us and their jackets.
  7. I’M FAT – Yeah, get over it. That’s a girl thing to say, and most guys are annoyed by it, too. And most guys that say something like that often look really good. They just want girls to say “Nooo, you’re all muscles. You have a great body.”
  8. TICKETS – Once, I went on a date. We went to watch a movie. So we were walking toward the desk to get the tickets and suddenly, my date steps to the side and leaves me standing in front of the lady, who looks at me, expectantly. It took me few seconds to realize that I have to get the tickets. So I did, and payed for both. That was  not his plan but I felt stupid enough, already, so I didn’t want to split. The one moment where he said something though, was when the lady asked, if we would like a couple seat. He said. No! Can you believe that? I really don’t expect a guy to pay for everything, I earn my own money. But he should at least be able to get the tickets!
  9. CROSS TRAINER – It just looks wrong. I work at a gym and see it everyday. Seriously, don’t do it. If you wanna do cardio, please use the treadmill.
  10. EYEBROWS – I’m a fan of guys doing a little plucking. I really am! Can’t stand unibrows. But don’t overdo it. They should still be manly.
  11. SPIDERS – We want men to kill them, not run away from them.
  12. GLITTER SHIRTS – Just NO! If I had a boyfriend with glitter shirts in his closet, I would secretly burn them.
  13. WHITE PANTS – Just not my taste. I prefer blue jeans. White pants, in general, are something the world doesn’t need. Not many women can get away with looking good in white pants, as well.
  14. CLICK! – Some guys constantly take pictures of themselves. The worst pictures are the mirror pictures. I definitely know what mobile phones many other people have. I mean ok, take a new profile picture once in a while but leave the “duckface-glitter shirt, white pants-pictures” ;) to us girls.
  15. … to be continued!

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