Education is Sexy!

We all know this situation: We see a hot guy, start talking to him and then he opens his mouth and you think NOOOOOOO! Better shut it again, sweety. If you don’t know it, consider yourself lucky. I have to admit, I did oversee this several times…stupid cloud number 9. Note to myself: When a guy, ever again, tells me that he has never read a book in his life, I should run as fast as I can.

I’m not a second Einstein either, but there are just some things people should know and I need a man with whom I can find interesting topics to talk about. Unfortunately, I often had to realize that intelligent women have problems finding a man who is not afraid of a lady with brains. WHY is that so??? I have to admit, I once did not mention, right away, that I go to college, which, looking back, was really stupid. If that is a threat, it’s not the right guy.

I don’t expect a man to have a college degree, I just expect him to know how to articulate himself properly and is able to talk about more than soccer or cars. (I bet when my friends read this, they’re gonna laugh and say: LOOK WHO’S TALKING :D ) Sometimes, it just takes a while to get your standards right, though we all know the rose-colored glasses. We should just try to stick to our standards and no woman in her right mind should hide her light under a bushel. I should tattoo that into my brain and so should you!


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