Finding Mr. Right

No, I haven’t found him, yet. And from time to time, I don’t even think that he exists. Good thing I’m not the type of girl that wants to get married and start a family. I mean, I am good with kids, but I just don’t like them – at least most of the time. Except for my adorable godchild. I absolutely love that kid from the bottom of my heart. I did wish for a girl but we still have tons of fun when we’re together. He is two now and the moment I heard him say my name for the first time, I felt so proud and happy. But I also remember that one time, I tried to put him to bed (he was only a few months old).  It was horrible! He screamed as if I wanted to kill him. Moments like remind me of why I don’t want to have kids. I’ll have a dog and a couple more godchildren, instead. And a wedding would probably be wonderful – I have the whole thing planned in my head. But one guy for the rest of my life? I can’t even find one for a month! (Unfortunately, I am not kidding.) Can’t even remember when there was ‘someone’. But don’t feel sorry for me. Gladly, I don’t belong to the sort of women that need a man to feel complete. It just would be nice, from time to time, not to be alone.

As a single, I do feel a little discriminated, though. There is couple-stuff everywhere. Couple memberships, couple seats at the cinema (I want a special single seat ;) ), and I always have to stand alone in that stupid frame at weddings, to get my picture taken. But don’t pity me. I’m confident enough to handle it and am pretty fed up with guys, anyway. I’m just brilliant at picking douche bags. If that was a profession, I’d be head of the company, in a sec. And I’m tired of asking myself the same question, over and over again: Why can’t I find a man?

My mom thinks that I’m 1. too demanding and 2. shallow and that 3. I’m probably not even able to have a relationship. Thanks mom! :D 1. Demanding? Yeah right! Look at those jerks that I dated. For my own sake, I should’ve kept my standards higher. At least, I should start going for guys with a brain. Though, I tried that…I’m still single. 2. Yeah, I’m a little shallow. I like pretty boys – sue me! But they do have to offer a little more. I once dismissed a picture perfect model (I have whitnesses!) He was sooo hot…and the he opened his mouth. :D For once, I used my brain and walked away.  3. Well, I might not be the easiest person in the world, but how can I found out without anyone giving me a chance?! Well, I can’t force anyone, and being single has its advantages. But there are these moments, when you feel all alone and even though you have family and friends, it would be nice to have someone by your side that loves you for you and loves to be with you.

But I’m only 24 and I guess, somewhere in this world, there just has to someone who is willing to take the challenge of being my boyfriend. :)


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