MTV EMAs Recap

MTV-EMA-2013Yesterday, the MTV Europe Music Awards took place in Amsterdam. Every year, I’m so excited for all the shows. All these awesome stars and cool performances. It’s a celebration of music, art and creativity and the artists are honored for their work. Well, at least this is what it should be. I have to say, the more I watch these shows, the more disappointed I am. I always had the feeling that the EMA’s are never as outrageous as the VMA’s but yesterday’s show was really almost completely lame. Even RedFoo couldn’t really do anything about it. I’m not his biggest fan but he tried his best to get the crowd pumped up. At some point though, I just found him annoying. Sorry!

First of all, I didn’t see one outfit that blew me away. Where was the wow effect? Everyone was either wearing black or slutty clothes, or both. Seriously Iggy Azalea? Why did you even wear something below your waist? It’s always the same. Oooops, I almost showed my lady parts. As if that wasn’t intended. Nice try! And Miley? Those hooker boots didn’t even match your bathing suit or whatever you want to call it. She is so beautiful and so talented and dresses sooo horribly. We all get it, you don’t like wearing much clothes but the little things that you do wear are not even pretty. I definitely expected more from Katy Perry. She has a banging body and wore such a boring dress. I mean, it was pretty and suited her, but these were the EMA’s, not tea at your Grandma’s house. After her performance though, she changed into something more exciting. Show your ass was definitely the motto of this show. Yes, I’m talking about you too, Ellie Goulding. She alway looks like she just stumbled out of bed (natural beauty) and then she turns around and boom, there is her butt. I don’t get it.

The overall carpet coverage didn’t show that many celebs, or they just all looked the same to me. But after looking at pictures online, I still didn’t find that WOW look. They were all a little boring or just completely without taste. However, I liked Ariana Grande in her pretty black and white dress and the two carpet hosts Louise Roe and Laura Whitmore looked beautiful, as well. The rest could have definitely done better.

I liked the space theme. The carpet area looked incredible. Everything was so shiny and cool. There wasn’t even a carpet. And all the aliens inside the dome were cool, as well. Then the show started with a little space shuttle delivering Miley Cyrus and it was one of the lamest openings ever. I’m really sorry but what was that supposed to be? But I have to say, her performance of “Wrecking Ball” was my favorite one of the night. Definitely not because of the outfit, but because of the beautiful song and her amazing voice. She is so freaking talented and it annoys me to death that she overshadows it with her actions. Smoking a joint on stage? She’s trying too hard. But her singing was great. Very emotional and I believed every word she sang. And I definitely didn’t miss her twerking. I also liked Katy Perry’s performance. Loved the colors and it’s also a beautiful song. Her performance was like a piece of art. Of course, Bruno Mars never disappoints. I loved the pole dancer during his performance. People on twitter, even MTV, declared her as a stripper. People, there is a huge difference between a stripper and a pole dancer. Of course, she might be a stripper in real life, but that pole dance was so athletic and sexy and she had more class and elegance while working that pole than some others. *Cough* Miley *Cough* Iggy… Eminem totally killed it on stage. But he’s Eminem. What else can you expect. His background rapper was totally annoying though. Then we had Imagine Dragons, The Kings of Leon and The Killers. All of them rocked the house. I especially loved when the Killers performed “Mr. Brightside”. Great song and Brandon was looking pretty sexy. There is just something about guys in rock bands… Snoop was cool, Icona Pop were cool but should’ve opened the show instead of closing it. Anyway, there was one more performance. Definitely the worst one of the night. Robin Thicke. I think I’m gonna unfollow him on twitter, that’s how annoyed I was. WHAT WAS THAT? He sucked at the VMA’s and now again? Maybe he should just skip the live performances. 1. I can’t listen to “Blurred Lines” anymore. 2. Why the hell was he sweating like he was in sauna? 3. He was off-key all the time. 4. Again, he can only perform with half-naked, young girls. I’m so over him! I totally missed the really big performances. Like Britney Spears in 1999 with her Baby “One More Time/Crazy” performance. Or Queen Bey in 2009 with “Sweet Dreams”. Now those were performances to remember. (In case you did forget them, watch the videos below) The ones from this show? Not so much. Except maybe for “Wrecking Ball” and the cameltoe.

The award winners were not really surprising. I would say that most of them were deserved. Not all of them were according to my vote but oh well. I would have loved to see Taylor Swift get an award though. But it’s ok. It’s not like she doesn’t have any. The one that surprised me most was the “Biggest Fan” award. Tokio Hotel? They’re from Germany and I always respected their work, but they were never taken too seriously. At least not by people beyond their teenager years. And until last year, when they were in the German Idol jury, nobody heard anything from them, anymore. Anyway, I can’t believe that their fans won against Beliebers, Directioners and Little Monsters. Btw, I love these fan group names! They must be huge somewhere in this world. I was surprised that they where even nominated and then they won. Crazy world. Katy was so cute, spitting her champagne back into her cup. That was still classier than smoking a joint on stage, but there is nothing that any of us can do about it. The States even cut that part from the show. We’ve all seen worse but ok. Definitely not Miley’s brightest moment. Coolest acceptance speech was definitely Eminem. Em: I LOVE AWARD! Will: I LOVE BREAD! Em: I LOVE MATH! Will: What do you think about Afrojack talking shit about you? Em: WHO? THAT’s how you react to something like that.

The winners of the night:

Best look: Harry Styles
Biggest Fans: Tokio Hotel
Best Song: Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
Best Hip Hop: Eminem
Best Alternative: 30 Seconds to Mars
Best Female: Katy Perry
Best New: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Best Rock: Green Day
Best Electronic: Avicii
Best Male: Justin Bieber
World Wide Act: Chris Lee
Global Icon Act: Eminem
Best Pop: One Direction
Best Live: Beyoncé
Best Video: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

For more information, pictures, videos etc. visit: (page available in many languages)



  • Wrecking Ball
  • space theme
  • Geordie Shore boys in suits
  • Ariana Grande
  • AmsterDAMAGE
  • many ladies who don’t wear size zero
  • DJ Afrojack’s music
  • pole dancer
  • fan group names
  • Snoop D O double G
  • guys in rock bands
  • ignoring haters
  • Jared Leto’s hair
  • Robin Thicke!!!
  • Ellie Goulding always looks the same
  • Iggy Azalea’s outfit, hair color etc.
  • this stupid fox song
  • boring outfits
  • weak opening
  • singing off-key
  • no WOW outfits
  • Eminem’s background rapper
  • slutty clothes

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