From Wendy to Peter

Dear Peter,

it’s Wendy. Do you remember me?
I’m the one who grew up and tried to forget about thee.
But memories remain and keep coming back,
Sometimes in color and sometimes in white and black.

Being an adult was never a part of your plan,
I did like that when our journey began.
But times change and we grow old,
Still I’ll never forget all the stories you told.

Thinking wonderful thoughts made us fly,
We had so much fun and never a reason to cry.
A story-teller is what you’ll always be,
But I want the truth and reality.

Now you say I’m too serious and that I should live my life,
Your hurtful words always cut me like a knife.
You’re a mean child, not able to trust,
The way you treat people fills me with disgust.

Yes I moved on and arrived in the real world,
My life is now ordered and not twirled.
That doesn’t mean I can’t be a child at heart,
I just know when it’s better to be smart.

“Once you’ve grown up you can never come back” is what you say,
That’s what you tell yourself everyday.
But growing up doesn’t mean to change who you are,
It means to move forward  and to find your shining star.

I do miss our adventures and holding your hand,
And I hope you’re happy all alone in Neverland.
But it’s never too late to change your mind,
Please stop being so ignorant and blind.

We had something special in the past,
But over the years, it just couldn’t last.
We both moved in different directions,
Our worlds didn’t match, nor did our actions.

Dear Peter, it’s Wendy. Do you remember me?
I’m the one who will never manage to forget about thee.
If you ever decide to change your plans,
Just come back and we’ll continue holding hands.

Peter Pan

About haileyjaderyan

⋅ 34 ⋅ a rollercoaster ride ⋅ undateable ⋅ dreamer ⋅ explorer ⋅ disney obsessed ⋅ ♥
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3 Responses to From Wendy to Peter

  1. This is super duper pretty and really well written xx


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