FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

Not even a week ago, the soccer World Cup in Brazil kicked off and everyone is completely ecstatic about it. Well ok, not everyone, but most people. And why? Because it’s fun. We get together, we root for our favorite team, we celebrate. I am all geared up because in my opinion, you should at least have a small flag on your cheek or something. And how can one not have something that shows what team you’re rooting for? Merchandize is available in like every store. Unfortunately, some fans immediately started criticizing others for “suddenly being interested in soccer.” Oh come on. Stop feeling sooo cool just because you watch soccer, all year long. A World Cup is something different and it’s a great reason for a nation to get together and practice some “togetherness.” Personally, I am not a soccer expert, although I do watch soccer not only during huge tournaments like this. The only thing that does annoy me a little about everyone watching is the fact that some of these people ask questions throughout a whole game. Yes, sometimes I have a question but I can google it or wait until the game is over. For 90 minutes, I just want to watch and enjoy and not explain what offside is. And if you do ask me, I won’t even try to explain. If you are suddenly interested in soccer (for 4 weeks) just google the rules, or teams, or players and don’t begin to gather information during these important 90 minutes.

FIFA Worldcup 2014

Currently, we’re right in the middle of the knockout stage and some teams really surprised everyone in good and bad ways. Yes, I’m talking about you SPAIN! Personally, I am of course rooting for the German team, and boy did we make Christiano Ronaldo want to cry. And of course, My fingers are crossed for the US, as well. America is my second home, after all. Gladly, Klinsmann’s team had a great start, as well. I admit, I don’t have time to watch every single game. Seriously, who has time for that? But I try to watch as many as possible, especially those I’m interested in. And of course, I have my table where I record all the results. And yes, Germany is in first place sharing it with the Netherlands. And don’t be all “but they scored 5 goals.” I know, but Spain also scored once so technically, they’re on the same level. Everyone is still absolutely thrilled about Germany and their awesome game. I hope, they go on playing like that.

FIFA Worldcup 2014

So enough with the bla bla. I’m a woman and of course, I am not only interested in numbers and games. Let’s talk about the boys. Christiano Ronaldo, hot or not? I think women will never agree on him. Some love him, some hate him and I just think he is just too much. He is an animal! Seriously, his body is incredible and probably even his earlobe consists of muscles. For my taste, it’s all just too much and definitely not edgy enough. Still, I find him fascinating. Brazil offers cutie Neymar and I bet he is a real heartbreaker. He’s definitely hot but not exactly my type. I watched Ghana and the US yesterday and unfortunately,Kevin Prince Boateng only got to play for a few minutes. I guess it’s the bad boy thing, I just can’t help it. And did you see their keeper? I find Adam Kwarasey higly attractive. And Fabian Johnson was another cutie on the field, playing for the States. I’m also throwing in Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas from Spain. But my one true soccer-love will always be defender Mats Hummels from Germany. He’s tall, he’s smart, he is not too smooth and there is just something about him that makes me absolutely love him. If he ever gives up his girlfriend, I’d be happy to introduce myself. ;) I’d also love to include David Beckham but unfortunately, he’s not playing, anymore. So, what do you think? Feel free to throw in other players, because this is only my opinion.

Soccer Hotties FIFA Worldcup 2014

1st row: Hummels, Ronaldo, Neymar, Boateng 2nd row: Johnson, Fabregas, Kwarasey, Pique Not the best pictures but just google the boys and you see how hot they are! All pics from



Most Attractive Player: Always and forever Mats Hummels.
Most Unattractive Player: Lionel Messi (Yes, incredible player but you could offer me a million bucks and I’d say no), Wayne Rooney (definitely too white and he always reminds me of a pitbull), Arjen Rooben (just don’t let him get in front of the goal but if you do, you’re screwed! Can’t believe he’s only 30. He looks sooo old!)
Worst Free Kick: Christiano Ronaldo and the one-man-German-wall consisting of the shortest player the team has to offer. I laughed sooo hard! Overall, it was really not his game and his hair was never in place.
Greatest Goal: Robin van Persie. That dive was incredible!
Biggest Idiot: Pepe. He should definitely do anger-management. Seriously, how can he even be on the team? He could be the best player in the world and I would not let him play. Of course you get mad and frustrated when you lose, but as a professional, you should be able to control your nerves. And this was not the first time he crossed a line.
Biggest Surprise: The Netherlands beating Spain with 5:1.
Worst Corner Kick: Watching Wayne Rooney was hilarious. I could watch that Vine over and over again.
Greatest Jinx: I did feel sorry for Spain’s keeper Iker Casillas. It was really not his day and it was pretty sad to watch.

I hope the tournament will continue being exciting and of course, I want my team to win. Thinking about going public viewing on Saturday because the atmosphere is much greater with a huge crowd. Let’s all enjoy! :)

FIFA Worldcup 2014

FIFA Worldcup 2014

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