I love to write and the thought of me writing

Is it writing that I love or is it the thought of me writing? Both. Without writing I feel as if my head would explode. It’s my way of organizing my chaotic thoughts. It’s my outlet that keeps me from going insane. I love to write and the thought of me writing. Sometimes I jot down notes and never touch them again. Sometimes I have no notes at all and just start. My impulsive writing is my best work. I write because I need it. When I don’t find the time, I feel miserable. I write for myself and for others. Why not share my work?! Others might be able to relate to it. When someone tells me that they felt my words it’s the greatest compliment. That’s what it’s about. Feelings. Emotions. My heart and soul. Not everyone gets it. Sometimes I don’t get myself either. That’s ok. Writing makes me see things clearer. I love to write and the thought of me writing. It keeps me sane. It gives me a voice. It gives me power. Thoughts become words and words become stories. Sometimes real and sometimes made up. What I write is what’s inside of me. I have nothing to hide. I don’t fear my own words or the thoughts of others. Because I love to write and the thought of me writing.

Typewriter Olympia

365 tries to make it right!

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⋅ 34 ⋅ a rollercoaster ride ⋅ undateable ⋅ dreamer ⋅ explorer ⋅ disney obsessed ⋅ ♥
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