13 situations in which I’m happy to be single

I’ve experienced so many disappointments when it comes to guys that being single is simply a personal decision I made for myself. It has been like this for a couple of years and I haven’t decided yet when I’m going to give love another chance. Here is a list of situations in which I am always very happy to be single. And just for the record: I’m not all anti every guy in the world. It will just take one hell of a guy to really sweep me of my feet and make me believe in love again.

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1. When my friends call because of trouble with their men
These calls can be about little fights that happen every other week or they can be about things you never even imagined to happen. Trust me, when a friend tells you she’s pregnant and that her boyfriend kicked her out because she wants to keep the baby, you are definitely happy to be single. Or that friend who tells you that her boyfriend, who broke up with someone else for her, didn’t actually break up and is now dating two people. And did I mention that they wanted to get married?! All of this is stored in my head and reminds me of why I stay away from guys. Also, I remember calling my best friend to tell her about finding out that my boyfriend was probably cheating on me and that he was thinking about leaving me and I really don’t want to make any more calls like that. It just hurts too much.

2. When I want to binge-watch TV shows or Disney movies for days
Yes, not every boyfriend gets it and it’s just something that I love to do. And there are many shows that I watch. Also, I like to do it on my own because I don’t want to talk or hear anything when I’m in the zone. Unless we are both fans, then it’s ok. I once had a boyfriend and all I wanted to do was watch “Friends” but he was there and it annoyed me. I just can’t deal with that.

3. When I work crazy hours
Which is pretty much always, no matter what job I currently have. Everyone always says that you will compromise if someone is really important to you, but it’s not like I work for fun. At least not yet. Once I find out what I want to do with my life and get an actual job, I hope it’s something that I really love. Either way, I can’t afford not to work a lot because I love to spend money and to be independent and I can’t imagine fitting in a guy, on top of family, friends and hobbies. I do need an hour here and there all to myself, as well.

4. When I feel like flirting
We all love to flirt a little once in a while. I don’t do it very often, but I could if I wanted to, whenever I feel like it. It is fun! Some people might argue that you can still flirt when you’re in a relationship, but you shouldn’t. If you’re committed, you don’t go around flirting with other people. That’s what relationships are about, right?

5. When guys who are taken hit on me
Sometimes, I feel like I am a magnet for guys who are taken. Everytime I ask myself what the hell it is about me that makes guys think I would like to be “the other woman?” I have a whole list of guys who hit on me, while being with someone else and some of them still text. Unfortunately, I know how it feels when your man does something like that. It’s a terrible feeling that always makes you ask yourself, why you are obviously not enough. Especially if they look like _______ (put in any animal you want). If you can’t stay away from other people, don’t be in a relationship.

6. When I want to go out with my girls
Yes, I know a relationship doesn’t prevent me from going out with my friends, but not being in one makes it so much easier. You can do whatever you want to and don’t have to justify any of it. Even when you do nothing wrong, someone may say you did. And this works both ways. I also don’t like the thought of my partner having a boys night out. Will I allow it? Of course because we should never stop having fun with our friends. Will I sit at home worried and stalk your Instagram? Probably. That’s just what happens after too many bad experiences. Oh, and I also want to be left alone when I have a major hangover the next day. NO, I will not stop by at your place to watch a movie, because I feel like shit.

7. When I’m thinking about what to do with my life
Right now, I really don’t know where my life is heading and I can’t make my future dependent on somebody else. I have to find my own way, wherever it will lead me. I always swore to myself that I will never compromise my life plans for a guy. I would be forever mad at myself if the relationship would end and I would have to realize that I gave up my dreams for nothing. That’s never going to happen. And besides, why should women always be the ones to give up things, right?

8. When I want to spend money on stupid things
I just love shopping and since I work hard for my money, I can buy with it whatever I want. Especially my Disney addiction is something that not everyone understands and I don’t need someone in my life who asks me annoying questions like “Do you really want to spend your money on that?” Yes, I do!

9. When I forget to take birth control
Which happens pretty often. I now have an alarm set to remind me everyday. But who cares, since I stay away from anything male.

10. When I don’t feel like shaving my legs
Let’s be honest, this includes at least 10 months of the year. Who actually shaves their legs during winter time when nobody sees them? After being in a relationship for years, you probably don’t care about it anymore but especially in the beginning, you do. I’ll shave my legs when I know I’m going to wear shorts or go to the pool or when I occasionally feel like it. Other than that, let it groooooow (sing it like it’s part of the “Frozen” soundtrack).

11. When I’m too lazy to shower for days
Who showers when they have no place to go? And who’s going to care? And even if you have to go somewhere, you can always wear a hat. If I knew my boyfriend was coming over though, I would probably get cleaned up and just the thought of having to shower on a free day, where I just want to do nothing, annoys me. Right now? Highly unshowered.

12. When I’m on my period
Guys will never understand how annoying this is for girls. We all know that they would die if they had to experience something like this, every four weeks. You feel bloated, your skin is bad, you are even moodier than usual and on really bad days, you just want to curl up in bed and eat chocolate. So who needs someone next to them, who still won’t stop bugging you about sex? Nobody!

13. When I go to IKEA
I’m pretty sure that a visit to IKEA is a nightmare for every guy, but let me tell you that it’s not nice for us girls, either. Boys don’t get how nice it is for girls to walk around and look at everything and how we like to buy a few things that we probably don’t need. They also don’t have imagination. While we see the whole room come together, guys just see things they find ugly. I recently bought white lace curtains, which look absolutely beautiful in my room, but a boyfriend would have probably freaked out. Speaking of curtains, in all the 17 years I’ve known my bff, I’ve seen her cry maybe two or three times, so it really doesn’t happen very often. She and her bf needed curtains so they went to IKEA and she ended up crying in the car. Being single definitely feels good when you redecorate.

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5 Responses to 13 situations in which I’m happy to be single

  1. Nummer 4, 5 und 7 treffen sowas von ins Schwarze :D Vor allem 5 ist das allerletzte, da verliert man schon den Glauben an die Menschheit. …
    Und jetzt plane und strukturiere ich innerlich schon einen eigenen Post zum Thema Single-sein und Beziehungen … oh well … :D

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  3. Jess Acorn says:

    This is actually pretty helpful when you’re going through a breakup! Also, you should look into the contraceptive implant if you’re not good at taking birth control everyday, I have it and it’s fantastic for me! xx


    • That is a good tip, thank you. I actually have an app on my phone now that reminds me to take the pill. :D Are you going through one? If so, I’m sorry to hear that. Breakups are always super hard but eventually, you’ll get to a good place. Glad this helps! :) xx

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