Oh my Tinder

tinder-appWhat happens when you leave me alone with my bff and some alcohol late at night? She makes me sign up for Tinder. So many people have told me about the app but I always refused to jump on the dating train. I never felt the urge to try online dating and I’m pretty sure that 95% of tinder users are looking for hookups and not for relationships, anyway. I think, I’m looking for neither. Furthermore, I’ve read so many crazy stories online and shook my head at screenshots plenty of times. I never thought that I would end up having this on my phone.

Anyway, here were the two of us getting tipsy and she told me about a friend of hers who uses the app and how much fun it is to just swipe and swipe and swipe. She pretty much forced me to get the app, but I admit that it didn’t take too long to convince me. Out of all my friends, I would have thought that she would actually tell me I was stupid, if I would have brought up the idea to get involved with Tinder. Well, maybe that’s what happens when people are in a relationship for I don’t know how many years – they get a little curious and crazy.

What annoyed me right from the start though is the fact that you can only sign up with Facebook. They want to have access to all kinds of information and I’m not big fan of that. I mean, I know that the app does this to prevent people from faking their profiles and they want to find similarities between you and random strangers, but seriously, these are just random strangers. My interests or friends are really not their damn business and they definitely can still fake their profile. My bff’s friend found out right that day that a guy she was texting with was 19 instead of 25 and his name was made up, as well. So, do I trust the app? No! Did I sign up after all? Of course! We installed the app and had a blast swiping the night away. Discussing the guys on there showed us once again that our tastes in men are super different. It also showed that I am super picky, super complicated and super single for a reason. The best thing about Tinder? We quickly found people that we know in real life and it totally cracked us up. I’m sorry, but I really had to swipe left on them. I also saw some people who I am sure of being in relationships. This just showed me once more why I am single.

I also find it annoying that you don’t get a proper introduction to how everything works and I have to say that touch screens are pretty dangerous when using an app like this. It took us, two girls with a Master’s degree, quite a while to figure it all out. Before we reached that point, I screamed at my friend a couple of times for accidentally swiping the wrong way or at myself after realizing that I have used the app completely wrong, as well. Of course I knew that it had to do with the direction in which you swipe, but since there were also buttons like a , an x and a , I thought I have to press those. And in the heat of the moment, when you swipe too fast on someone you find attractive, you try to get him back and forget that by swiping right, you actually like someone else.

I know, it sounds pretty complicated, so I did some research and here is what I learned. If you swipe left, you dismiss the person presented to you. If you swipe right, you give someone a like. I thought that the person can see that you liked him and then has the opportunity to match with you or dismiss you. WRONG! You only match with someone if two people like each other irrespective of each other’s choice. This would be great to know when you start using the app because I freaked out over liking people who I definitely didn’t want to like and I thought that they could see it. That moment my bff accidentally liked someone we actually knew, I wanted to die and I deleted the app, as fast as possible, to hopefully make it go away. Well, now I know more. If you want someone to know that you’re really into him though, you can give him a SUPERLIKE by pressing the star. My phone does this without me even doing anything and now, I’ve reached the app’s limit of giving out superlikes. How annoying. What if I find my prince charming and can’t match with him immediately? Thank you, super sensitive technology.

Also, I wish I could see who I liked, but you’re only reminded if you end up having a match. Oh well, I only found maybe five guys on there that I would consider communicating with, anyway. Actually, I do have a match but it’s just sitting there without anything happening. Like I’m gonna chat up some guy – no way. This started off as a joke, after all. I am just so off dating men and everything else involved that I overthink the whole thing in like 5 seconds and am over it. I might consider texting back if a hottie makes a move, though.

So, I admit that four days later, I still have the app installed on my phone and I’m already a little addicted. Unfortunately, after too much swiping, the selection decreases a lot which is such a bummer. I’m actually curious to see what happens on weekends. I assume that there is much more traffic on the app. I want to see more and swipe more, although I’m actually surprised that I haven’t seen enough, yet. Some pictures people upload are just hilarious. I’m sure the same goes for girls, but I can’t see their profiles so I can’t judge them. I guess some people just don’t get that the first impression counts but then again, every person in the world has different taste.

I know that you can always be wrong, but some profiles are just so obvious to what’s going on and some things I just don’t understand. I mean, at least upload a pretty picture. It doesn’t have to be some professional model photo, but those annoying “show-off-your-phone-in-the-mirror-selfies,” are just super terrible. People on Tinder, people on Facebook and people on Instagram,  WHYYYYY???? How is that a nice profile picture? Please someone explain it to me because I will never get it. Maybe I can deal with fashion bloggers showing off their outfit of the day, but other than that, it’s not cute. Sorry, not sorry. Also those car posers, dog and children presenters and guys who have other girls in the picture? Just no! I also love the tactic of having a friend in the picture who is hotter than you, or showing a really good-looking first one that doesn’t look at all like the other four photos that follow. Fakers and tinderellas everywhere. I know, this term is usually used for girls who use Tinder a lot, which once again shows discrimination par excellence. I will use the term for both female and male users, since both have the right to swipe, to date, to hook up as often as they want. And it’s a funny word.

I honestly wish I would have done a YouTube video with my best friend, while we went through Tinder profiles and laughed our butts off. People would probably think that I am the most superficial and annoying bitch in the world, which is true, but it was so hilarious. I’m still not 100% sure what to think of the app and what I am actually doing with it, but for know I think it’s funny so I’m keeping it. I have nothing to lose, after all. I’m just going to see where it takes me and if there is any progress, I will keep you informed.

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